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-- (SF) is the world's largest Open Source software development web site. It is well recognized and is a reference when searching OSS. The pages for the FCKeditor project can be found at:

Many project management and development tools are offered by SF. The following are the main pages used by FCKeditor:

  • Main Report Trackers: Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Patches
  • Contribution Trackers: Plugins and Skins.
  • Public Forums
  • Downloads
  • Public SVN Repository

Main Report Trackers

These are the most important resources we have from our community.

We are aware that there are more complete and advanced (and maybe confusing) bug tracking solutions out there (Bugzilla, for example), but the activity on those trackers are essential for our "ranking" (see bellow). In general, the SF tools are ok in this area.

Note: (dec/2006) The trackers have lots of reports, many of them should be closed as they are related to fixed problems or are duplicate of another ones: Cleaning SF Trackers?.

Contribution Trackers

The Plugins and Skins trackers should have higher visibility so new users (and not so new) can see how to extend the editor and avoid frustration.

Public Forums

Today our Forums are available at SF. There system is quite limited and our community is not happy with it.

Even if the forums seam to be considered in the "ranking" (see bellow), we have decided to move them out of there. The following tasks must be done to complete this move:

  • Export the current forums threads. (Done: a program has been created. It "spiders" the SF forums and generates a XML file from it).
  • Decide which Forum software to use. You should go OSS over PHP. The most obvious choice is phpBB, but comments are appreciated about it.
  • Import the old forums in the new one.
  • Publish the new forums at our server.
  • Create ways for SF users to recover their accounts at the new forum system. So, yours who have contributed in the past can continue posting with their SF name, and have older posts linked to their account.


SF servers handle all file releases gigabytes of downloads, giving us nice statistics about it:


Public SVN access to the under-development version of FCKeditor packages are available at: (browsable)


At SF, you may found many "ranking" based listing. The most important is the "Most Active Projects" listing. The project activity is also shown in the project main page (we are usually at 99.99%). Check out our statistics:

This ranking is very important to promote the project and we should work to always maintain it as high as possible.

The ranking algorithm can be found here:

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