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     3= Ticket Specs =
     5Reporting tickets can be very tricky if you are doing it for the first time. In some cases users unwillingly put to much or to little information about a bug or a new feature.
     7To help you understand more about ticket reporting at our developers site we have placed some recommendations about every ticket field below:
     9== Short summary ==
     11In this field the reporter should place a short summary about the ticket. If possible the reporter should put the name of the browser in which a new bug has occurred or in which a new feature is requested, in the beginning of the summary. Of course if the reported problem is found in every browser you don't have to put anything in the beginning of the field.
     13=== Examples ===
     15IE: The sampleposteddata pages are not wrapping the "Value" collumn
     17Safari: objects are not selectable
     19FF3 : Content "flashing" on load
     21== Type ==
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