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The CKEditor Project

Welcome to the development web site of CKEditor. For our main web site, please go to

Common Tasks

  • Register Now: to be able to open tickets or add comments to tickets in this site, you are required to register and login.
  • Reporting Bugs: bug reports are precious for software development. Let us know about every single issue you may find in CKEditor.
  • Request Features: come up with your needs and ideas to make CKEditor even more powerful.


  • Documentation : the official web site with full documentation for our projects.
  • Forums : get (and give) support, socialize and exchange your ideas with our community.
  • Ticket tips : how to work and contribute in this site.


  • SVN : where to find the code to work with, what you will find there and how to work with it.
  • Compatibility : the compatibility we must provide now, and what we want to provide in the future.

Project Management

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