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Project : CKBuilder (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#10734 icon strip generated in local builder includes all the icons Bug confirmed 08/18/13
#11673 Builder ignores languages set for plugins Bug confirmed 03/14/14
#9590 Optimize the browser specific css New Feature confirmed 11/10/12
#10049 CKBuilder page could better differentiate Basic/Standard/Full plugins New Feature confirmed 02/08/13
#10104 Add CKBuilder to Maven New Feature confirmed 02/21/13
#10697 CKBuilder: add a flag to mark parts of code needed in release version for tests New Feature confirmed 08/06/13
#10961 Optional loading of dependent js/css files New Feature confirmed 10/08/13
#12174 It should be possible to detect CKEditor version on the server side New Feature new 07/07/14

Project : CKLangTool (1 match)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#6040 CKLangtool should accept double quotes Bug wwalc assigned 07/28/10

Project : CKPackager (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#5993 [CKPackager] JavaScript delete statement breaks minified code Bug confirmed 07/20/10
#8897 CKPackager: possible issue with variable declarations Bug confirmed 04/16/12
#3701 Add option to exclude some files from javascript compression New Feature wwalc confirmed 06/10/09

Project : CKReleaser (1 match)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#5754 Fixlineneds: allow file-specific configuration Task confirmed 05/28/10

QA (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#6354 The i() function takes a lot more time in 3.4.1 than in 3.4.0 Bug confirmed 09/27/10
#8878 Missing docs for dialog.definition.fieldset Bug confirmed 04/06/12
#11254 Tests mocking CKEDITOR.editor should be rewritten Bug confirmed 12/04/13
#3627 Performance testing New Feature garry.yao assigned 05/29/09
#4252 Establish testing APIs for editor UI New Feature garry.yao assigned 08/17/09
#4362 Fire event when floatpanel opened New Feature confirmed 09/01/09
#4712 API Search Functionality New Feature confirmed 11/24/09
#3013 V3: New functional tests Task confirmed 03/02/09
#5317 Create tool to improve detection of non released memory Task pending 03/09/10

Server : ASP.Net (14 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#7078 Integration VB WebBrowser control and CKEditor Problem Bug confirmed 01/27/11
#7925 CKEditor for .NET not being able to save Bug kaga review 05/26/11
#8137 IE: Toolbar combos don't open on second click on modal dialogs Bug confirmed 06/29/11
#8712 CKEditor.NET 3.6.1: ASP.NET MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback=true does not work for links after update panel if CKEditor is present on page Bug kaga review 02/01/12
#8924 Problem with ckEditor inside div with visible=false Bug confirmed 04/23/12
#8936 CKEditor does not handle some properties of ASP.NET TextBox Control Bug confirmed 04/30/12
#9227 OnTextChanged event required for CKEditor ASP.NET control doesn't fire Bug confirmed 08/27/12
#9788 ASP.NET 3.6.4 & HTMLEncodeOutput=False will not postback correctly Bug confirmed 12/07/12
#10711 ResizeDir = ResizeDir.Both not working Bug confirmed 08/09/13
#11278 ASP.NET validation does not read the right value of CKEditor Bug pending 12/08/13
#11994 ASP.NET control ContentsCss doesn't correctly support Web application root operator (~) Bug new 05/22/14
#12249 [Android] Textarea with "visibility: hidden" in CKEditor for ASP.NET in place of CKEditor Bug new 07/24/14
#8355 ASP.Net WebPages (Razor) Helper New Feature confirmed 09/06/11
#8597 CKEditor.NET 3.6.2 editor not displayed after postback (RadAjaxPanel) Task confirmed 12/14/11

Server : Java (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#2283 Support for Java Facelets New Feature confirmed 06/17/08
#3371 Spring based Connector servlet New Feature confirmed 04/16/09

Server : Perl (1 match)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#1259 Perl connector does not conform to our standards Bug confirmed 09/17/07

Server : PHP (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#1946 Subsequently creating same folder is responded with error code 0 Bug confirmed 02/28/08
#2176 php connector: apache_lookup_uri failure not handled Bug confirmed 05/06/08
#2378 Search for better options than EncodeConfig Bug wwalc assigned 07/17/08
#8886 htmlspecialchars() calls will return an empty string under certain conditions Bug confirmed 04/11/12
#6019 PHP FTP Connector for CKFinder 2.x New Feature confirmed 07/24/10

Server : Python (1 match)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#1059 Complete the Python integration Task confirmed 08/11/07

UI : Context Menu (25 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#5009 Context sub-menu items should not hide other context menu items Bug new 01/14/10
#5115 ARROW-RIGHT executes context menu entry Bug confirmed 02/10/10
#5564 ContextMenu partially invisible if diaplyed above the cursor Bug confirmed 04/21/10
#5812 Image properties can't be loaded when image's container has certain styles in IE (at least IE8) Bug confirmed 06/08/10
#7644 Right Click when in full screen not working Bug confirmed 04/19/11
#7794 Editor missing or placed wrong, after fullscreen enabled Bug confirmed 05/04/11
#7856 Built-in contextMenu doesn't behave correctly Bug confirmed 05/16/11
#7974 IE: "Image properties" not available in the context menu in a floating element Bug confirmed 06/02/11
#8030 Opera: can not activate menu entries with enter Bug confirmed 06/10/11
#8311 [iOS] There is no way to open the context menu Bug confirmed 08/30/11
#8525 Not possible to edit selected element Bug confirmed 11/12/11
#8787 Context menu skips first child of td Bug confirmed 03/07/12
#8817 IE: Context menu doesn't show on second click Bug confirmed 03/19/12
#8919 IE: right-click Paste greyed out Bug garry.yao review 04/23/12
#9361 Context menu not displayed in correct position when invoked using keyboard shortcut (Shift + F10 or application key) Bug a.nowodzinski review_failed 09/20/12
#10373 Context menu items can be dragged into the editor Bug confirmed 04/23/13
#10499 [Webkit] Content gone while copying via context menu with keyboard. Bug confirmed 06/04/13
#10583 [iOS] CKeditor 4.1.2 is not working in ipad 6.1.3 Bug new 07/01/13
#11114 Unable to access context menu with menu key when widget is focused Bug confirmed 11/08/13
#11365 Blink crashes if right clicking on mapped image Bug confirmed 01/04/14
#11380 Chrome crashes when right clicking on an option within a multiple select box Bug confirmed 01/09/14
#11465 [OSX][Linux][Webkit] Error thrown in while right-clicking a nested editable Bug confirmed 01/20/14
#11506 Image inside floating DIV looses selection with Context Menu on IE Bug confirmed 01/28/14
#11538 Flying option menu when anchor present in URL Bug confirmed 02/06/14
#7142 Allow users to create their own keyboard shortcuts for context menu items New Feature confirmed 02/08/11

UI : Dialogs (30 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#7853 List Item Properties Dialog New Feature confirmed 05/16/11
#2716 Image upload dialog freezes on IE when uploaded file is missing (or server response is invalid) Bug confirmed 12/11/08
#3542 Dialog tabs change width after selection Bug confirmed 05/18/09
#3979 IE+Quirks: Dialogs are smaller Bug confirmed 07/17/09
#3998 It is impossible to remove Preview from Image dialog Bug confirmed 07/20/09
#3999 It is impossible to remove Preview from Flash dialog Bug confirmed 07/20/09
#4000 It is impossible to remove Lock Ratio and Reset buttons from Image dialog Bug confirmed 07/20/09
#4173 [IE] loading long text in text input streatching dialog Bug confirmed 07/31/09
#4529 Link dialog - when selecting an anchor, selection fields are centered Bug confirmed 10/15/09
#4785 Incorrect tab key order for table properties dialog Bug brooks review_failed 12/14/09
#5116 IE: dialog checkboxes have no visual clue for keyboard navigation Bug confirmed 02/10/10
#5187 api_dialog sample : There is too much space before My Custom Field Bug confirmed 02/19/10
#5922 Invalid height of a dialog in IE7 Bug confirmed 07/02/10
#5942 Link plugin not registering a selected link when <br> is inside <a> Bug confirmed 07/06/10
#6064 WebKit: Active dialog tab should have higher z-order Bug confirmed 07/29/10
#6076 [IE Quirks] Dialogs are not wide enough for their contents / Templates Dialog Bug confirmed 07/30/10
#6196 flash edit dialog show url(源文件) uncorrectly Bug confirmed 08/25/10
#6486 IE bug: Many smiles in the smiley dialog do not fit into surrounding TD tag Bug pending 10/19/10
#6581 Invalid background color triggers js error in IE and erratic behavior in others Bug confirmed 10/31/10
#6583 IE: Caret disappears in dialogs at the right side in LTR Bug confirmed 10/31/10
#6650 IE: Text fields in Table dialog not displaying correct values Bug confirmed 11/08/10
#6725 Mismatch between dialog::resize and dialog::getSize Bug new 11/25/10
#6775 Right and bottom margins are not being respected on dialog move Bug confirmed 12/06/10
#6801 Dialog size should fit the screen in case it's bigger than the view pane Bug confirmed 12/08/10
#6803 Image dialog error with border of zero Bug confirmed 12/08/10
#6808 [IE] dialog field content lost Bug tobiasz.cudnik assigned 12/09/10
#6835 A few dialogs' content is not resiable Bug Saare review_failed 12/12/10
#6871 Add <other> option to the Image Link's target field Bug confirmed 12/16/10
#6965 Filebrowser in the "image button" dialog opens general browser Bug confirmed 01/11/11
#7022 [IE] % in image URL breaks dialog close Bug confirmed 01/24/11
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