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Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#12613 Show user that he can not drop on toolbar/ui on dragover New Feature confirmed 11/03/14
#12614 Gray out images witch are not fully uploaded New Feature confirmed 11/03/14
#12616 Smart drop position plugin New Feature confirmed 11/03/14
#12682 Add a return value for scrollIntoView New Feature m.lewandowski review_failed 11/19/14
#12701 Image2 could have limiter for resizing image to specified maximum, New Feature confirmed 11/23/14
#12716 TableTools should be made available from toolbar when context menu isn't used. New Feature confirmed 12/01/14
#12724 Use notifications in upload widget New Feature confirmed 12/03/14
#12743 Task list: let the user enter a list of checkboxes, that are actionable. New Feature pending 12/09/14
#12744 Numbered bulleted list improvements New Feature confirmed 12/09/14
#12746 Config option to hide image2's resizer New Feature a.delura review 12/09/14
#12748 Editing element attributes and properties for any html element in CKEditor New Feature confirmed 12/10/14
#12779 There should be a way to drag&drop widget into a table cell New Feature confirmed 12/23/14
#12805 Manual tests for drag&drop and upload New Feature confirmed 01/09/15
#12806 Integrate new get and delete selected HTML methods with drag&drop and paste New Feature confirmed 01/09/15
#12814 Copy single table cell into multiple selected cells New Feature confirmed 01/14/15
#2317 All HTML files must pass W3C validation Task confirmed 06/24/08
#2549 Create an information protocol to automate checks for FCKeditor updates Task confirmed 09/11/08
#3358 Optimize 'CKEDITOR.dom.range.enlarge' on block unit Task new 04/14/09
#3699 Create documentation for development tools Task wwalc confirmed 06/10/09
#5025 Approach for backward compatibility Task new 01/16/10
#5998 Sample config.js file (config.sample.js perhaps) Task new 07/21/10
#6773 Releaser should delete plugins/dialog/dialogDefinition.js Task confirmed 12/05/10
#7103 api_dialog sample could be improved Task confirmed 01/31/11
#9400 Magicline out of the editable Task a.nowodzinski confirmed 09/28/12
#9403 Popup plugin should return the handler Task confirmed 09/29/12
#9729 Merge internal plugins Task confirmed 11/28/12
#10017 Remove obsolete _translationstatus.txt files Task confirmed 02/01/13
#10273 Finish integrating dialogs with ACF Task confirmed 03/27/13
#10597 Event sample Task confirmed 07/08/13
#10628 Samples for basics makes no sense Task confirmed 07/12/13
#10748 Prevent save event instead of submit Task confirmed 08/22/13
#10944 Remove the selection observer in widget system Task Reinmar assigned 10/03/13
#11023 Blocks and objects names should be taken from DTD in core/style.js Task confirmed 10/22/13
#11403 Create tests for menubutton aria support Task m.lewandowski assigned 01/14/14
#11473 Remove deprecated ieXCompat Task confirmed 01/21/14
#11479 env.ieQuirks Task pjasiun review 01/22/14
#11596 [Umbrella] MathJax plugin improvements Task confirmed 02/20/14
#11665 Include the showborders plugin in the Standard preset Task Reinmar assigned 03/13/14
#11709 Update ACF documentation with wildcards and blacklisting Task Reinmar assigned 03/24/14
#11745 Maximize should use position:fixed instead of changing entire page styling Task confirmed 03/31/14
#12004 Use BASE_PATH in tests Task confirmed 05/23/14
#12023 Improve performance of element.find() and element.findOne() Task confirmed 05/27/14
#12189 Link plugin dialog does not display subject of email links if subject parameter is not lowercase Task new 07/10/14
#12191 Create tests and docs for node.getNextSourceNode and node.getPreviousSourceNode methods Task m.lewandowski assigned 07/10/14
#12234 Missing dialog#iframeAdded event Task confirmed 07/22/14
#12294 Extend the list of entries in lang.common Task confirmed 08/11/14
#12392 Put downcasted widget into data transfer for drag and drop Task confirmed 09/03/14
#12478 [IE10] Unstable core/ckeditor/basepathglobal test Task new 09/24/14
#12721 Adopt the CKEditor Boilerplate project Task Reinmar assigned 12/03/14
#12732 Lack of somet tests in enterkey plugin Task confirmed 12/05/14
#12852 How disable filters when copy-past text Task pending 01/22/15
#171 Unable to set textfield char width to 20 Bug martinkou review_failed 03/03/07
#2578 Opera browser fit to width loses edit area Bug confirmed 10/03/08
#5471 Insert 'Div' result wrong in enterMode=BR Bug confirmed 04/07/10
#7614 [HC] buttons and textarea go outside editor when it's resized in IE9 Bug confirmed 04/15/11
#8019 Webkit: "Focus border smaller than the editing area border" in paste as plain text dialog Bug confirmed 06/09/11
#8079 Copy/Cut buttons are not enabled when selecting text. Bug confirmed 06/16/11
#9395 [magicline] line style differs from top to bottom Bug confirmed 09/27/12
#9677 [FF3.x] Autogrow fails in case of continuous massive content creation Bug confirmed 11/20/12
#9678 [FF3.x] Tabindex requires double TAB key press to highlight an editor Bug confirmed 11/20/12
#9687 [Safari] Open font-name combo in <pre> crashes browser Bug confirmed 11/21/12
#10121 [FF] Sourcearea is 1px lower than wysiwygarea Bug confirmed 02/25/13
#10366 IE: Resize handles appear on top of context menu Bug IE Oracle confirmed 04/23/13
#10444 The order of several events differs among creators Bug confirmed 05/16/13
#11334 CKEditor adds a space after the "cke_dialog_ui_input_textarea" class Bug confirmed 12/18/13
#11442 [Blink, Webkit, IE11] Comments inside iframe tags get messed up Bug Reinmar confirmed 01/18/14
#11639 Image2's resizer is displayed far from image if image has a margin Bug confirmed 03/04/14
#11958 HTML in head title is changed to cke_protected Bug confirmed 05/14/14
#2930 embed audio? New Feature confirmed 02/19/09
#9964 Font combos do not always reflect font stylings New Feature confirmed 01/18/13
#10005 Offer a simpler way to enable external plugins New Feature confirmed 01/31/13

Performance (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#7067 about getIndex method performance Bug confirmed 01/27/11
#8322 IE: Performance problems with nested documents Bug confirmed 08/31/11
#9520 Shorter way for node's type check Bug confirmed 10/29/12
#11714 [iOS] Slowness when CKEditor is within an inline-block element on iPad Bug pending 03/24/14
#12307 CKEditor instance object is not released from memory on destroy Bug confirmed 08/13/14
#12749 iOS 8 iPad screen scrolls back to top when typing into CKEditor Bug new 12/11/14
#9823 Consider getClientRect in magicline getSize Task confirmed 12/13/12

Plugin : Paste from Word (22 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#2507 PasteFromWord doesn't detect pasting part of paragraph Bug confirmed 08/28/08
#3336 Extra blank row added top of the Content which copied from Micrsoft word Bug garry.yao assigned 04/09/09
#6115 BIDI: when we apply RTL direction to a pasted Table, Borders are missing on one side. Bug confirmed 08/09/10
#6342 pastefromword fails to transform into custom style with attribute Bug confirmed 09/23/10
#6457 Word pasting is extremely slow in IE7 and IE8 Bug confirmed 10/13/10
#6608 pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles configuration doesn't work with font bgcolor Bug confirmed 11/03/10
#6789 Pasting: mso-list: ignore not handled properly Bug confirmed 12/07/10
#7209 Ordered list with 3 levels not pasted from word correctly Bug confirmed 02/17/11
#7262 Paste from word - lists in pre formatted body disappear. Bug confirmed 03/02/11
#7291 Wrong aligned tables from Word Bug confirmed 03/10/11
#7484 Indented text copied from word is not displaying properly when pasted into the editor. (depends on the Word mark-up) Bug confirmed 03/31/11
#7646 Paste with CKEDITOR.config.pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles = false Bug garry.yao review 04/19/11
#7662 Opera : Extra empty number/bullet shown in editor body when editing pasted Multilevel list Bug confirmed 04/20/11
#7807 Last item in list not converted to LI after pasting from word Bug confirmed 05/05/11
#7835 [FF] Word metadata not cleaned when pasting from word without cleanup Bug confirmed 05/11/11
#7950 IE Text Pasted differently from other browsers Bug confirmed 05/30/11
#7954 Editing pasted Numbered list with different Start Value not working properly Bug confirmed 05/31/11
#7982 Multi-level lists get split into smaller ones Bug confirmed 06/03/11
#8009 Paste From Word creates <a> tags with no attributes wherever contents are "highlighted" by Comments Bug confirmed 06/09/11
#8186 If copied MS-Word text contains a text box, then text does not display correctly in the editor Bug confirmed 07/14/11
#8231 Paste or PaasteFromWord with CKEditor in Webkit and Opera inserts empty paragraphs. Bug confirmed 08/01/11
#8266 Chrome: Paste from Word inserts blank line at top. Bug confirmed 08/16/11
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