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MediaWiki+FCKeditor : shared images not working

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Component: Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor Version: FCKeditor 2.5.1
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I use 3 wiki for multilingual purposes: 1 french, 1 dutch and 1 global that is configured shared upload of images

The code for the images of the existing images is transformed when i preview or clik on the wikitext button

Steps to reproduce: open a page in the wiki: the image are correctly shown click on edit: i still see the images click on the wikitext button to see the "source" code:

the link for the first image was :


and it becomes: [[Image:|Image:But_harm_afwezig.png]]

Moreover when i try to place a new image, the dialog box does'nt let me access tio the shared folder of images but still in the local images

parameters in LocalSettings.php: $wgUploadNavigationUrl="http://localhost/mediawiki/index.php/Special:Upload"; ##to use pool's wiki file in language wiki

$wgUseSharedUploads = true; $wgSharedUploadPath = 'http://localhost/mediawiki/images'; $wgSharedUploadDirectory= 'C:
'; $wgHashedSharedUploadDirectory = true;

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comment:1 Changed 17 years ago by barns

Please check ticket 1293 for first issue.

comment:2 Changed 17 years ago by barns

On MW website, it contradicts your setting:


Set this setting to false especially if you have a set of files that need to be accessible by all wikis, and you do not want to use the hash (path/a/aa/) directory layout.

It's true though that the Ajax call in FCK is only looking at the DB for the file, not the shared directory.

comment:3 Changed 16 years ago by cvh

To avoid the problem described,I tried to stop sharing the images and to create 2 totally independant wiki's. I made 2 folders: wikif & wikin, 2 databases: wikif & wikin. in the folders images of /wikin and /wikif I made a copy of the shared folder images (every images copied twice). Then I executed the script to create the image pages updating the tables page, revision and text. I managed to do it but I still had a problem: wiki could not find the text of the image pages. May be an error in my script or may be I forgot to take in account another table I place the script in attachment for your curiosity, any feedback is welcome.

to understand this script: the database has been copied in db wikif and contains

  • without prefixe: the pool tables (containing image pages)
  • with prefixe fr_ the tables of the french wiki
/* insert image pages from the pool to the fr_ table */
	insert into wikif.fr_page
	 `page_namespace`, `page_title`, `page_restrictions`, `page_counter`, `page_is_redirect`, `page_is_new`, `page_random`, `page_touched`, `page_latest`, `page_len`
	 `page_namespace`, `page_title`, `page_restrictions`, `page_counter`, `page_is_redirect`, `page_is_new`, `page_random`, `page_touched`, `page_latest`, `page_len`
	from where page_namespace=6;

select * from wikif.revision where rev_page in 
	(select page_id from where page_namespace=6);

/** creation of the table to keep link between pool's page_id's and the pages i,serted in fr_page **/
create temporary table wikif.tempage (page_id int, text_id int, new_page_id int);

insert into wikif.tempage (page_id, text_id , new_page_id )
	select rev_page, rev_text_id ,0 from wikif.revision
	where rev_page in (select page_id from where page_namespace=6);

update wikif.tempage as t, fr_page as fp, page as ep
	set t.new_page_id= fp.page_id where fp.page_title=ep.page_title and t.page_id=ep.page_id;

select * from wikif.tempage;

CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE  wikif.temp_revision_table LIKE wikif.revision;

insert into wikif.temp_revision_table select revision.* from wikif.revision
	join on revision.rev_page=page.page_id where page_namespace=6;

update wikif.temp_revision_table , wikif.tempage
	set rev_page= new_page_id where temp_revision_table.rev_page=tempage.page_id;

select * from wikif.temp_revision_table;
/********creation of new id's for fr_text******************/
create temporary table wikif.temp_text (compteur int AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, old_id int , new_old_id int);

insert into wikif.temp_text (old_id, new_old_id)
SELECT text.old_id,0
FROM wikif.text
JOIN wikif.revision AS r ON text.old_id = r.rev_text_id
JOIN ON r.rev_page = page.page_id
WHERE page_namespace =6
order by old_id asc;

create temporary table wikif.tempmax (maxi int);
insert into wikif.tempmax (maxi) select max(old_id) from fr_text;

select * from wikif.tempmax ;

/** on va creer les nouveaux id de text **/
update  wikif.temp_text, wikif.tempmax set new_old_id = maxi +compteur;
select * from wikif.temp_text;

/** we adapt the id from table text into temporary REVISION  temp_revision_table **/
update wikif.temp_revision_table , wikif.temp_text set rev_text_id= new_old_id where rev_text_id= old_id;
select * from wikif.temp_revision_table;

/** we add the texts with the new Id's and put it in a temporary table tempo; **/
CREATE temporary TABLE wikif.tempo_text (
  `old_id` int(8) unsigned NOT NULL ,
  `old_text` mediumblob NOT NULL,
  `old_flags` tinyblob NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`old_id`)
) ENGINE=MyISAM  DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 COLLATE=latin1_general_ci  ;

insert into wikif.tempo_text
select tt.new_old_id, t.old_text, t.old_flags from wikif.text as t join temp_text as tt on tt.old_id=t.old_id;
select * from wikif.tempo_text;
/** le stade final on va effectivement remplir la tables fr_text ******/

insert into wikif.fr_text (old_id, old_text, old_flags)
select old_id, old_text, old_flags from wikif.tempo_text;

/** final stage we add the revisions fr_revision without the id ******/
insert into wikif.fr_revision
(rev_page, rev_text_id, rev_comment, rev_user, rev_user_text, rev_timestamp, rev_minor_edit,rev_deleted)
select rev_page, rev_text_id,rev_comment, rev_user, rev_user_text, rev_timestamp, rev_minor_edit,rev_deleted from wikif.temp_revision_table;
/* copy images in table fr_image **/
delete from fr_image where img_name in (select distinct img_name from image);
insert into fr_image select * from image;
select * from fr_image;
delete tables without prefixe (pool's table) 

drop table archive  ;
drop table categorylinks;
drop table externallinks 	;
drop table filearchive;
drop table hitcounter;
drop table image;
drop table imagelinks;
drop table interwiki;
drop table ipblocks;
drop table job;
drop table langlinks;
drop table logging;
drop table math;
drop table objectcache;
drop table oldimage;
drop table page;
drop table pagelinks;
drop table page_restrictions;
drop table querycache;
drop table querycachetwo;
drop table querycache_info;
drop table recentchanges;
drop table redirect;
drop table revision;
drop table searchindex;
drop table site_stats;
drop table templatelinks;
drop table text;
drop table trackbacks;
drop table transcache;
drop table user;
drop table user_groups;
drop table user_newtalk;
drop table watchlist

comment:4 Changed 16 years ago by RaceRay

Cc: admin@… added
Priority: NormalHigh
Resolution: worksforme
Status: newclosed
Version: FCKeditor 2.5.1

Found the solution:

Assume, you only want to search your pool wiki for images, you have to set the praefix for the right table. Look for

"$res = $db->select( 'page', 'page_title',"

in FCKeditoSajax.body.php (line 74) and rename it to:

"$res = $db->select( 'YOUR_POOL_PRAEFIX_page', 'page_title',"

So it is done, FCKeditor find the right images. It is only a little bit hardcoded by me :-)

regards RaceRay

comment:5 Changed 16 years ago by RaceRay

Resolution: worksforme
Status: closedreopened

comment:6 Changed 16 years ago by RaceRay

Keywords: shared tables interwiki added
Resolution: worksforme
Status: reopenedclosed

I found a way to let the FCK editor files untouched:

When you use shared wikis, you have to replace some code in the database.php and modify the function tableName() in localSettings.php:

function tableName( $name ) {

global $wgSharedDB; global $wgSharedTables; global $wgSharedPrefix; # Skip quoted literals] if ( $name{0} != '`' ) {

$found = 0; if ( $this->mTablePrefix !== && strpos( '.', $name ) === false ) {

$name = "{$this->mTablePrefix}$name";


if ( isset( $wgSharedDB ) ) {

foreach ($wgSharedTables as $fromshared) {

if ($name == $fromshared) {

$name = "$wgSharedDB.$name"; #you may add $wgSharedPrefix here $found = 1;




if ($found == 0) {

# Standard quoting $name = "$name";


} return $name;


In LocalSettings.php:

$wgSharedDB = 'wiki'; set to your shared db name $wgSharedTables = array( 'user', 'user_groups', 'interwiki', 'ipblocks'); some examples of useful shared tables

$wgSharedPrefix = ; change it to the correct prefix. In my case it would be "pool_"

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