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Feb 1, 2017, 2:17:23 PM (4 years ago)
Jakub Ś

This option is still available in latest Safari.

There is an extra problem with opening new link in editor body. When you are on nightly and you are trying to load you are getting Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'SameOrigin'.. This is happening because most likely our server is set to its default SAMEORIGIN - (checkout in Apache section).
This causes a series of problems because when you hover over editor area, you are getting a ton of errors saying Sandbox access violation: Blocked a frame at "" from accessing a frame at "". The frame being accessed is sandboxed and lacks the "allow-same-origin" flag.. When you try to press any button you are getting this.document.getWindow().$.getSelection is not a function. (In 'this.document.getWindow().$.getSelection()', 'this.document.getWindow().$.getSelection' is undefined). All this makes editor not usable after attempting to open a link.

Unfortunately all the above is beyond editor control. As @m.lewandowski has pointed out we can only warn user with the dialog but if he decides to open the page anyway he will lose editor contents.


  • Ticket #14540

    • Property Status changed from assigned to confirmed
    • Property Summary changed from Safari: Opening browser context menu on a link & selecting Open Link option making editor unusable to Opening native context menu on a link & selecting "Open Link" results in new page loaded in content area
    • Property Type changed from Bug to New Feature
  • Ticket #14540 – Description

    v1 v4  
    664. Click on Open Link in Browser context menu
    8 == Issue==
    9 Entire CK Editor replaced by the CK Editor page and can't go back to editor body or click on any options in toolbar
    11 == Browser - Safari 9, OS MAC ==
     9== Expected result ==
     10EDIT: Since we can't change browser behaviour, there should be dialog displayed (fired on beforeunload event) asking if user wants to leave the page or not.
     12== Actual result ==
     13Entire CKEditor content area is replaced by the CKEditor page and can't go back to editor body or click on any options in toolbar.
     16== Other details (browser, OS, CKEditor version, installed plugins) ==
     17Safari, OS MAC
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