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#16723 confirmed Bug

[Umbrella] Plugin items that use contenteditable=false have cursor issues

Reported by: Vern Jensen Owned by:
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Component: Core : Selection Version: 4.6.0
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It's easiest to see using the link below, as the placeholder plugin goes through Widget, which uses contenteditable=false to make the yellow placeholder? items behave as a single unit:

However, the bugs I'm about to report apply to ANY item in ckeditor that uses contenteditable=false to behave as a single unit.

There are several issues that end up confusing users. Steps to replicate included:

1) In the link above, delete the period after "Hotline number?." so that Hotline number? is the last element on that line. With the insertion point at the end of the line (to the right of Hotline number?), click and drag from the end of the line to the left. Current behavior: NO selection is made. Expected behavior: it should select the element as you drag to the left. Put a period back at the end of the line to observe expected behavior.

2) Use the toolbar button "Insert/Remove Bulleted List" Make at least 3 bullet items. Copy and paste placeholder? items so they are the last element on each row of the bulleted list. Ensure that no other characters come after the placeholder? item (such as periods or spaces).

Now click to the right of the end of each line for each bullet point. In some cases, the insertion point appears at the far right side of the editor area, instead of immediately to the right of the placeholder? item. I haven't yet figured out how to reliable reproduce this, however. Sometimes the cursor appears in the correct location.

3) Copy and paste any bullet point line, including both some plain text, and your template? item, to create a new, identical bullet point. Use this using the keyboard commands Command-C and Command-V. Hit return and repeat. You'll find you can't, because during the paste process, somehow the document is no longer in focus -- the insertion point seems to be "gone" after paste.

Change History (5)

comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by Vern Jensen

Sorry, the placeholder? text should read as [[placeholder]] -- same for template? -- that should read as [[template]]. Sorry for the confusion!

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by Vern Jensen

Update: I was able to consistently reproduce issue #2 above by doing the following (turns out you don't need bullet points at all):

1) Erase the entire document (select all, delete). 2) Hit Enter several times to create several blank lines 3) Click on one of the middle lines. 4) Type some random text (I used "asdf") 5) Use the [P] button to add a placeholder. I typed "Vern" into mine. 6) After closing the placeholder dialog, click once to the right of the placeholder.

Notice that your cursor DISAPPEARS.

Now click to the right of the placeholder again. Now you'll see the cursor blinking at the FAR RIGHT of ckeditor's document.

The user would expect to see the cursor right next to the Vern? item, since it's the last item on the line, but instead it blinks on the far right.

In many other cases, it WILL show up in the correct location.

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by Vern Jensen

Ugh, the "Vern?" above was supposed to read as [[Vern]]

comment:4 Changed 7 years ago by Vern Jensen

Notice after repeating the bug described in the comment above (right after Step #6), if you then start typing with your keyboard, the text will appear in the correct place (immediately to the right of your placeholder item), which is confusing, because this is NOT where the cursor had just been blinking!

comment:5 Changed 7 years ago by kkrzton

Status: newconfirmed
Summary: Plugin items that use contenteditable=false have cursor issues[Umbrella] Plugin items that use contenteditable=false have cursor issues

Tested with CKEditor 4.6.1 in Chrome:

  1. Confirmed. Instead of selection the caret is just moved with the cursor without selecting anything.
  2. Confirmed. I just created a list with placeholder as an item, after clicking after the placeholder, the caret appears at the far right.
  3. Confirmed. Happens when copy/paste list item with placeholder at the end. After pasting editor somehow loses selection.

Some similar issues: #14722.

Before we start working on some of those issue it will be good to extract each on to the separate tasks.

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