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    1 It has been working like that even in CKEditor 3.x. The benefit of such approach is that you can simply click into area with a given font, select font from the list to remove that font from whole area.
    3 The only problem which I see here, is the one you have mentioned in comment:1. We should be doing like MS Word does - when there is more than one font selected or there is "font text font" in selection, we should not auto highlight the font in dropdown.
    5 Probably also some extra fixes will be needed to remove all nested fonts from selection and apply new one outside.
     1The toggling nature of dropdown buttons has been a feature at least since CKEditor 3.0.
     2I however agree that for the case where you have {{{font in comic sans | plain text}}} and you want to apply Comic Sans to all text, you will first need to disable Comic Sans and then apply it again. This is the room for improvement – if selection has not only text styled in Comic Sans then dropdown option should not be selected.
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