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    11From the ticket #8437 you can see that same thing can be reproduced when pasting from Word.
    3 IMO if CKEditor could wisely switch spans from
     4There are couple of solution here:
     61. Since this is correct HTML and it does what it is told, we can tell users to use HTML in such order to get what they want. Not very user friendly
     82. CKEditor could wisely switch spans from
    510<span style="background:lime;">
    18 Problem would be solved .
     23But what if someone actually wanted something like that- not a good idea.
     253. Perhaps best solution would me merging span tags into one. When one wants to add style new rule would have to be added to span and when one wants to remove certain style, only this style would have to be removed and not whole span. [[BR]] There is still problem with bold/underline/italics. By default these are represented by strong/em/u. We can't expect editor to merge put these inside span. Either users should know what to use first and what second (can be described in docs) or devs creating apps with CKEditor should set these styles to use spans instead of default tags so as to get merging effect.
     27This isn't easy issue and there are many cases to be considered. Some of them have been described: #8045, #7498, #8686.
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