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Jul 7, 2011, 11:48:25 AM (12 years ago)
Anna Tomanek

The correct definitions, as per Unicode names, should be "Rightwards arrow" (for →) and "Rightwards double arrow" (for ⇒).

The error, however, stems from the fact that the editor does not differentiate between spellings with different case.

For arrows there should be two separate definitions for that in the specialchar/lang/en.js file and the editor should take letter case (rarr vs rArr) into account. This is a general problem, however, and more definitions are affected, like Œ and œ (Latin capital ligature oe and Latin small ligature oe) etc., so I am updating the ticket title.

We also seem to be missing the definitions for capital letters, or, in other words, all symbols with entities containing a capital letter (Ugrave, OElig) are missing from the lang/en.js file.


  • Ticket #8155

    • Property Status changed from new to confirmed
    • Property Version changed from to 3.5
    • Property Summary changed from Both special characters have same label on Special Character dialog to Special Character dialog window shows the same tooltip for symbols with different spelling case
  • Ticket #8155 – Description

    initial v2  
    552. Hover your mouse over the two icons next to bullet in last row
    7 '''Issue:''' They both have same label '''Rightwards double arrow'''. This has to be changed label for first arrow should be changed to '''Rightwards single arrow'''
     7'''Issue:''' They both have same label '''Rightwards double arrow'''.
     9The same goes for some pairs of letters, capital & small, like Œ and    œ, for example.
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