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    11Hello.  I have a javascript that truly encrypts email addresses (from Germany javascript developer) however your email linking sends an error message "wrong value" or something like that when I try to implement it.  Is there a way to circumvent this so that the email address can be encrypted?  The mailto tag is an open invintation to harvesters and the result here in the U.S. at least is over $29 billion dollars of damage.  The mailto tag is a monster of a bug and I am reporting it here to you.  It's an easy, easy fix.  It just needs to be done, is all.
     41. Please check attached files.
     52. What @altoman wants is a new feature; where it is possible to define custom encrypt/decrypt functions to be used by the editor.
     71. If we are going to take different approach and use only the functions provided by @altoman there will have to be some config option introduced (to use this method or not) so that developer can force usage of it and user "can't bypass it".
     82. There would have to be some documentation explaining that decrypt function has to be used on resulting page. Perhaps editor could insert it.
     93. If editor is to insert it (see point above) then perhaps these n vales could also be configurable {{{ if( n >= 8364 ) {n = 128; } }}} as now they are constant and such constant code can be implemented by spambot.
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