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Ticket Specs

Reporting tickets can be very tricky if you are doing it for the first time. In some cases users unwillingly put to much or to little information about a bug or a new feature and as a result the ticket handling process extends. That is why we have placed some recommendations about every ticket field to help you understand more about ticket reporting.

If you follow these recommendations you will help us to speed up the ticket handling process and in this way your request will be settled faster.

Short summary

In this field the reporter should place a short summary about the ticket. If possible the reporter should put the name of the browser in which a new bug has occurred or in which a new feature is requested, in the beginning of the summary. Of course if the reported problem is found in every browser you don't have to put anything in the beginning of the field.


IE: The sampleposteddata pages are not wrapping the "Value" column

Safari: objects are not selectable

FF3 : Content "flashing" on load


This field is used for choosing the type of the ticket. You can choose from:

  • Bug - if you found that something isn't working properly in FCKeditor or in our other projects
  • New Feature - when you want to make a request for something new to be added to any of our project
  • Task - tasks are usually used by FCKeditor core development team to specify "things that should be done" which aren't related to Bug and New Feature. So generally we don't recommend to use this type by reporters.

Full description

The Full description field is the most important field in creating a new ticket. Its content allows our team to know with what kind of problem the reporter is dealing with. There are a few tips that the reporter should now about when filling this field.

Every bug or a new feature must be confirmed by someone from our core development team. When it comes to confirming new features we just check if the request is valid and possible to be implemented or not. When it comes to bugs the things aren't so easy because we must reproduce the bug. Sometimes it is very hard to be done because of lack of the information that the reporter is providing. So besides the bug description we recommend to write a step by step instruction for reproducing the bug.

It is also essential to write what kind of browser or browsers the reporter is using when finding the bug e.g. IE, Firefox; what is the browser version and also what kind of operating system the reporter is using e.g. MAC, Linux, Vista.


The following example will show you a full description regarding all the necessary data:

 When pasting a large image from Word by using "Paste from Word" and
 highlighting it in the PfW window, the frame of the image goes outside the
 window area

 Steps to reproduce:
  1. Copy a big image from Word using CTRL+C (the picture should be bigger
 than the "Paste from Word" window.
  2. Go to FCKeditor and open "Paste from Word"
  3. Paste the image into the window.
  4. Click on the image so it is highlighted
  5. You will see that the image frame is outside the window.
  Browser: IE 6.0.2900.2180 OS: Windows XP with SP2

Ticket Properties


This option allows us to segregate the most important issues from the least important ones.

We recommend the to set the priority to Normal and not to use the High and Low options. Of course it is a very important for us to know what Bugs/New Features we should deal with firstly. That is why every ticket is reviewed by someone from the core development team, which sets its priority due to its importance.


This option is used by the core development team for targeting Bugs and New Features. So for example, if we have confirmed a bug and someone has began fixing it, we set the Milestone to specify what version will be free of this bug e.g. FCKeditor 2.7 .

We recommend no to use this option by reporters and leave this setting for developers. However there are two exception for this recommendation.

The reporter is allowed to set the Milestone to Opera Compatibility and Safari Compatibility if a Bug or a New Feature regards specifically to Opera and Safari browsers, so you can use this Milestones when something isn't working or should be done only in those browsers.

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