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FCKeditor Project

Welcome to the development web site of FCKeditor (for the main web site, go to


  • SVN : where to find the code to work with, what you will find there and how to work with it.
  • Testing? : how to test and create test cases for your code.
  • Compatibility : the compatibility we must provide now, and what we want to provide in the future.
  • Components? : the main components that compose the project and their relative maintainers.


  • Mailing Lists? : the most effective way for development communications and to watch the project.
  • Trac Site : how to work and contribute in this site.

Project Management

  • Roadmap? : an overview of our objectives (more descriptive than the "Roadmap" link found in the toolbar").
  • Ideas Bin? : a brainstorming place to throw our ideas and discuss about them.

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