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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#13332 IE: collapsed selection and inline style exchange wrapping inline element. confirmed Bug Normal
#13357 [IE11][Firefox] List dropped from MS Word is not a real list confirmed Bug Normal
#13359 [Chrome android] Copying and pasting image2 results uploading image confirmed Bug Normal
#13361 images fail when site path includes parentheses because background-image path in ckeditor.js needs single-quotes around url value confirmed Bug Normal
#13362 Wrong focus after creating link in caption using enhanced image widget confirmed Bug Normal
#13367 Selection Dialog: Field value field is missing read-only styles. review a.nowodzinski Bug Normal
#13368 [FF] Resizing tooltip in Bidi mode aligned to the right confirmed Bug Normal
#13372 CkEditor zoom plugin scroll confirmed Bug Normal
#13377 Widget plugin issue (typing Korean) assigned scofalik Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13380 Alert messages in RTL mode are not mirrored pending Bug Normal
#13384 Accessibility checker editor content table is broken and causes errors. new Bug Normal
#13389 editor.getData() fails, when cursor is next to a HR tag confirmed Bug Normal
#13399 Wrong element is dropped on D&D after D&D widget new Bug Normal
#13402 Application Error Disclosure pending Bug Normal
#13404 With enter mode as <br>, decreasing indent will cause different lines form back into 1 single line confirmed Bug Normal
#13405 Text Area not working properly during resizing of dialog window when using paste plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#13407 The window still resizes following mouse movement after letting go of the mouse click confirmed Bug Normal
#13413 [Autoembed] Multiple embedding actions are registered in a single undo step. confirmed Bug Normal
#13417 [autoembed][pastetext] Paste as plain text will upcast link into a widget confirmed Bug Normal
#13425 Autoembed: breaking the link before embed loads pending Bug Normal
#13427 Persistent formatting in list contents immune to Remove Formatting confirmed Bug Normal
#13428 Moono does not look perfectly on Safari confirmed Bug Normal
#13430 Autoembed: undo deletes content typed after pasting autoembeddable link confirmed Bug Normal
#13432 [D&D] From outside into nested editable not working new Bug Normal
#13433 Error in console after D&D widget right after itself on empty content. new Bug Normal
#13435 [D&D] Image into nested editable throws error new Bug Normal
#13436 [D&D] Inline image from inline editor new Bug Normal
#13437 [D&D] Image2 broken in half when drag and dropped. new Bug Normal
#13438 Image2 undo & redo during upload new Bug Normal
#13442 Editor scrolls to the top after paste when contained in absolute positioned element confirmed Bug Normal
#13443 Content is drop at wrong position new Bug Normal
#13446 It is possible to type in unfocused inline editor confirmed Bug Normal
#13450 CKEditor leaving stray markup in style sheet pending Bug Normal
#13452 Resize of CKEditor in Chrome results in weird artifacts confirmed Bug Normal
#13456 [IE] Error in console after C&P and then D&D. new Bug Normal
#13466 CKBuilder fails on ES6 Promises assigned a.delura Bug Normal
#13473 [FF] Help icon is not mirrored in RTL CKEditor confirmed Bug Normal
#13479 CKEditor to doesn't work in Firefox 38.0.5 pending Bug Normal
#13481 Nested dialog hides parent dialog on Maximized editor. confirmed Bug Normal
#13485 LESS files of samples and toolbar configurator should not be included in the build version assigned wwalc Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.1
#13488 Documentation Bug: dev_files not found confirmed Bug Normal
#13500 Delay before seeing upload notifications after pasting image from MS Paint. confirmed Bug Normal
#13504 [IE9-10]:Inline styles are not always removed confirmed Bug Normal
#13509 [IE11] It is not possible to type in Japanese in right aligned table confirmed Bug Normal
#13511 iOS selection UI obscures ckeditor toolbar new Bug Normal
#13513 Divarea and getData throw error when image is only data in editor. review scofalik Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13516 CKEditor removes empty html5 anchors without name attribute assigned Reinmar Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13522 CKEditor & iPad Safari issue new Bug Normal
#13524 Misaligned icons in Rails pending Bug Normal
#13527 System does not copy paste MS Visual Studio formatting into CKEditor new Bug Normal
#13533 No progress during upload review s.kups Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13537 Comments between LI confirmed Bug Normal
#13544 Facebook links don't work with media embed. confirmed Bug Normal
#13545 Error is thrown when creating one embed content on another. confirmed Bug Normal
#13548 IE: Clicking on element's path disables cut/copy icons. confirmed Bug Normal
#13552 this.$.currentStyle is null or not an object (In IE 8,9,10) pending Bug Normal
#13553 Dropdowns shouldn’t show any option when multiple styles, fonts or formats are selected confirmed Bug Normal
#13561 Formatting text can remove empty lines confirmed Bug Normal
#13563 Dragging an image can delete it and throw an error new Bug Normal
#13569 Drag and drop link pastes URL in plain text confirmed Bug Normal
#13573 Any style from selectbox in toolbar can`t be applied to the selected text in CKEditor with divarea plugin in Safari browser in iOS confirmed Bug Normal
#13575 IE11: Typing in Korean with Enter Mode BR moves cursor to previous line. assigned scofalik Bug Normal
#13577 [Edge] Copying a widget scrolls the viewport review scofalik Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13579 [Chrome] ALT+0 does not open accessibility help if using Hiragana (IME) confirmed Bug Normal
#13585 Cannot read property 'equals' of null when trying to wrap div elements in another div. confirmed Bug Normal
#13591 Dragging broken on inline widget new Bug Normal
#13592 Inline and block simplebox widgets editable by clicking near bottom of widget new Bug Normal
#13593 [iOS, Android, WP] Fire editor#selectionChange on selection changes caused by touch events assigned a.nowodzinski Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13595 Drag and drop image into editor does not work in IE11 confirmed Bug Normal
#13597 IE11 Undo event bug pending Bug Normal
#13598 [Lineutils] Incorrect width of the line confirmed Bug Normal
#13600 Autoembedded content inserted after link deleted during load. confirmed Bug Normal
#13602 [Edge] Drag and drop within editor(s) throws an error or removes too much text confirmed Bug Normal
#13604 Notifications are not visible when editor is placed in a absolutely positioned div with high z-index review Tade0 Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13610 [Safari, Lineutils] Problems rendering lineutils confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13611 IE11 selectRanges -> nativeRange setStart indexSizeError pending Bug Normal
#13612 [mathjax] long formula causes dialog window to go out of the viewport confirmed Bug Normal
#13615 [Chrome][Android] Dropdown options positioned incorrectly. new Bug Normal
#13619 SourceDialog html is empty for Inline editors in chrome pending Bug Normal
#13620 insertElement and insertHtml fail if widget is first in editor (Chrome) new Bug Normal
#13621 Problem with Android Browser 534 new Bug Normal
#13625 Numbered List adds items when switching from Source to Preview Mode confirmed Bug Normal
#13626 Bidi: Table actions indicators are not properly mirrored in table new Bug Normal
#13627 [bidi] Structure text is not supported in URL fields in Insert image dialogs pending Bug Normal
#13628 config.floatSpacePinnedOffsetY not working correctly with inline ckeditor pending Bug Normal
#13629 Editor strips span tags when copy&paste a table with embedded artifacts pending Bug Normal
#13630 IE11: Focus issues when editor gets loaded confirmed Bug Normal
#13633 Selection should stay when switching between modes new Bug Normal
#13639 Unable to create a new line on Firefox Mobile confirmed Bug Normal
#13644 CKEditor shows no content anymore when character '<' is used in html comment confirmed Bug Normal
#13647 [IE@WP] Page is scrolled to the end when I press enter new Bug Normal
#13648 [IE@WP] Table is inserted at the end of the document new Bug Normal
#13651 Unable to paste unicode characters confirmed Bug Normal
#13664 Select all not working in source mode in ie new Bug Normal
#13666 buggy copy + paste confirmed Bug Normal
#13667 Context menu does not appear when clicking below the body confirmed Bug Normal
#13668 CKBuilder shows warnings when creating CKEditor package: WARNING - unreachable code review Tade0 Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13672 Valid characters for Anchor name new Bug Normal
#13677 Toolbar button icons (icons_hidpi.png) are mangled in some zoom levels in Blink-based browsers (Chrome/Opera) on a Retina Mac. confirmed Bug Normal
#13678 No AJAX spinner when uploading build-config.js ? new Bug Normal
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