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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Owner Status Created
#13786 iOS widget copy paste fails. General CKEditor 4.5.6 confirmed 10/01/15
#13787 iOS notifications skewed to the left when zoomed out. General new 10/01/15
#13788 Pasting multi-block content on top of itself adds extra blocks Core : Editable confirmed 10/01/15
#13798 Changing paragraph format causes cursor to move on Firefox 41 Core : Focus CKEditor 4.5.6 t.jakut review 10/06/15
#13800 Focusing a widget and then defocusing the editor creates an undo step UI : Widgets confirmed 10/07/15
#13801 Japanese Multi-Byte Character doesn't work after Clicking Bold or any other CKE operation General CKEditor 4.5.6 t.jakut assigned 10/07/15
#13802 Whitespace removed for button tag General confirmed 10/08/15
#13804 Disabling content filter does not stop <object> tags from being converted to <cke:object> tags Core : Parser new 10/08/15
#13806 Removing bookmark around a widget causes an runtime error Core : Undo & Redo new 10/09/15
#13807 ReadOnly editor does not fire focus events Core : Editable new 10/09/15
#13812 When aborting file upload the placeholder for image is left. General CKEditor 4.5.6 Tade0 assigned 10/09/15
#13813 When calling CKEDITOR.replace with two extra Plugins twice, the editor does not load on the second time General pending 10/10/15
#13818 Allow to link widget style definitions, so applying one style might disable the other General CKEditor 4.6.0 s.kups review 10/12/15
#13820 backspace to beginning of line causes text to subsequently lose some formats General CKEditor 4.5.6 s.kups assigned 10/12/15
#13821 Background color may be lost when changing Font Size Core : Styles CKEditor 4.5.6 t.jakut assigned 10/12/15
#13824 Notification is displayed too late. General CKEditor 4.5.6 confirmed 10/13/15
#13826 [FF] Wrong caret position after removing characters General confirmed 10/13/15
#13829 Add class based on widget type to the widget wrapper General CKEditor 4.6.0 s.kups review 10/13/15
#13830 Inconsistencies in removing inline styles (or text) with backspace key General confirmed 10/14/15
#13833 Styles dropdown doesn't work correctly for tables with border=0 Core : Tables CKEditor 4.5.6 confirmed 10/14/15
#13839 Incorrect tab navigation behavior with radio buttons inside the dialog General confirmed 10/16/15
#13840 Automatic Paragraph Closing Creates Empty Paragraph General confirmed 10/16/15
#13841 Elements path selection and deletion work unexpectedly General confirmed 10/17/15
#13842 List Plugin adds extra <br> when making styled text a list Core : Lists CKEditor 4.5.6 t.jakut assigned 10/17/15
#13844 Add a contribution guide to the repository General Anna assigned 10/19/15
#13845 Editor screen collapse after switching from full screen mode to normal mode General pending 10/19/15
#13846 [iOS] Inline editor does not stick when scrolled off screen General new 10/19/15
#13860 [Chrome] Text formatting like text color or background color are removed on copy&paste General confirmed 10/23/15
#13862 Notifications aren't visible if called from a Dialog UI : Dialogs new 10/25/15
#13866 Content Loses Formatting When Copied From Citrix Session into Local CKEditor Instance Core : Pasting pending 10/26/15
#13870 IE11: span witch css-class turns into em-tag Core : Selection new 10/27/15
#13871 Dialog's control access keys are not discoverable Accessibility new 10/27/15
#13876 tab plugin does not support keyTabTools if tabSpaces > 0 Core : Keystrokes new 10/28/15
#13877 Copy paste from google doc forces bold - removes underline and italics General confirmed 10/28/15
#13884 Copy/paste table in Firefox results in just first cell being pasted General CKEditor 4.5.6 m.lewandowski assigned 10/30/15
#13886 Invalid handling of CKEDITOR.style instance with "styles" property by CKEDITOR.filter General CKEditor 4.5.6 confirmed 10/30/15
#13888 image2: editor.config.image2_captionedClass is not removed when going from captioned to uncaptioned with Drupal's extended image2 General new 10/31/15
#13889 Error on drag/drop images in inline editor inside an iframe Core : Editable confirmed 11/01/15
#13893 Chrome://accessibility mode : on -> not working ckeditor. General new 11/02/15
#13894 [EDGE] Adding a textbox causes the editor to refresh General new 11/02/15
#13896 reset of the toolbar in a multi-byte language(in ie11) General new 11/03/15
#13897 No cachebust added to icons.png and icons_hidpi.png Project : CKBuilder new 11/03/15
#13898 Make ACF more robust, and document it better General confirmed 11/03/15
#13899 problem with plugin widget in inline mode of CKEditor General confirmed 11/04/15
#13900 Drag line for widgets is misaligned when paragraphs have margins UI : Widgets new 11/04/15
#13902 SetData gets slower and slower General new 11/04/15
#13903 IndexSizeError in Chrome on getData() after delete widget General new 11/04/15
#13908 Focus not being set in Upload tab after Upload Image button is pressed General confirmed 11/06/15
#13909 Bleeding test for fake selection General CKEditor 4.5.6 t.jakut review 11/06/15
#13911 [IE11] Console errors during context menu test execution General new 11/09/15
#13916 [IE9] tests/core/selection/fake test is not passing on IE9 when console window is opened. General CKEditor 4.5.6 s.kups review 11/09/15
#13917 [IE9] tests/core/log tests are not passing on IE9 when console window is opened. General CKEditor 4.5.6 s.kups review 11/09/15
#13921 [Edge] image2/editing test works unstable General CKEditor 4.5.6 t.jakut review 11/10/15
#13922 Autogrow plugin failure to make the editable area grow properly if the zoom plugin is set to value greater than 100 % General confirmed 11/11/15
#13924 IE11 - Typing is slow after pasting for the second time into editor. General CKEditor 4.5.6 Tade0 assigned 11/12/15
#13925 [WSC] Error when clicking "Finish Checking" UI : Spell Checker CKEditor 4.5.6 confirmed 11/12/15
#13926 Copying table using context menu strips off styles on Android General confirmed 11/12/15
#13927 [IE 11 CM] Manual test for preventing drop fails. General new 11/12/15
#13928 [IE11 CM] Icon not visible in manual test. General new 11/12/15
#13929 [IE11 CM] Polyfill for classList throws error in manual test. General CKEditor 4.5.6 t.jakut review 11/12/15
#13930 [iOS] MT for 13883 fails General new 11/12/15
#13931 [IE11 CM] Test for notification agreggator not working. General new 11/12/15
#13932 Can't change font in inline editor General confirmed 11/12/15
#13937 Clearing "mouseup" timeouts on destroy in clipboard plugin General new 11/13/15
#13943 When custom config is missing, the default config gets loaded twice. General confirmed 11/17/15
#13946 [Edge] Drag and drop on styled elements within editor does nothing General new 11/19/15
#13958 Selection ranges sometimes calculates out of bounds indexes. General pending 11/20/15
#13960 Focus is lost for blind users of the Voiceover screen reader while editing text General new 11/21/15
#13961 Text overlap on iPhone 6S in landscape QA new 11/22/15
#13963 Shared Space not working with configuration in config.js UI : Toolbar new 11/23/15
#13964 esthetic - page design problem General new 11/24/15
#13965 Combo boxes don't display with duplicate id's General new 11/24/15
#13966 Japanese Multi-Byte Character doesn't work after some breaks General new 11/24/15
#13967 sharedspace create div's with duplicated ids General new 11/25/15
#13968 Content is not pasted as it is General new 11/25/15
#13969 forcepasteasplaintext CTRL + V not working General new 11/26/15

New Feature (24 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Owner Status Created
#66 HTML Tidy for XHTML processing General confirmed 01/18/07
#103 Auto Image File Sizing General confirmed 02/22/07
#158 Enable find in source view mode UI : Source View garry.yao review 03/01/07
#228 Clean HTML function (separate from Clean From Word function) General confirmed 03/10/07
#241 Make FCKConfig.TemplatesXmlPath an array General confirmed 03/14/07
#352 Enforce output sanitizing General confirmed 04/12/07
#397 MaxLength functionality General confirmed 04/18/07
#425 Table tags to support enhanced table design by class style General confirmed 04/24/07
#495 custom file browser function as a setting General confirmed 05/18/07
#513 Implement source view with rich text area (designMode=on) UI : Source View new 05/26/07
#532 modify spell check to use pspell or a web service. General confirmed 06/04/07
#545 Optional Larger Icons for the Visually Impaired UI : Toolbar confirmed 06/08/07
#547 Add CLASS and ID properties to tags General confirmed 06/08/07
#554 MathML editor plug-in for FCKeditor General confirmed 06/11/07
#590 Cluster toolbar items into dropdowns General new 06/21/07
#591 Unique Style Set for each Toolbar Set UI : Toolbar confirmed 06/21/07
#594 onresize(end) event for images General confirmed 06/21/07
#595 Change the bgcolor and bordercolor of a table General confirmed 06/21/07
#597 WAI Accessibility standards implemented General confirmed 06/21/07
#599 Timestamp General confirmed 06/21/07
#602 Syntax highlight and go to line UI : Source View confirmed 06/21/07
#606 ActiveX/OCX/DLL component General confirmed 06/21/07
#607 Show "Basic" toolbar when colapsed. General confirmed 06/21/07
#608 Styles XML file support for element="*" Core : Styles confirmed 06/21/07
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