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#14603 Function "contains " in elementpath don't exclude root element if it is search from top General confirmed 04/21/16
#14606 Problem with TableResizer General confirmed 04/22/16
#14608 The inline editor is not scrolling inside scrollable div General confirmed 04/25/16
#14613 race issue loading plugins when editor already destroyed General Tade0 review 04/29/16
#14614 Whitespace is removed when pasting content in visual mode Core : Pasting confirmed 05/01/16
#14615 protected source in attributes modified in custom html elements General confirmed 05/01/16
#14616 [EDGE] Loss of focus on touch devices (randomly) Core : Focus new 05/02/16
#14619 Unable to resize editor on mobile General Tade0 confirmed 05/04/16
#14622 Borders lost when pasting from libre office calc from Chrome Windows - config.allowedContent off or with ACF filters General confirmed 05/05/16
#14624 Applying toolbar buttons should keep focus when pressed Accessibility confirmed 05/06/16
#14629 IE11/EDGE: extra SPAN gets added everytime Find dialog identifies the word in the editor General beata_delura review_failed 05/10/16
#14630 Failing magicline test on hidpi screen General CKEditor 4.7.1 confirmed 05/10/16
#14631 [IE/Edge] Colordialog - focus moves to colors on "clear" button click General confirmed 05/11/16
#14632 Tabbing through table merged cells creates invalid rows General confirmed 05/12/16
#14634 getSelectedText omits <br> characters in IE General confirmed 05/13/16
#14636 Clicking at the end of text in table cell results in some menu options being disabled. General confirmed 05/13/16
#14640 user agent Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '1' of null General confirmed 05/17/16
#14642 Shift+Enter after pressing backspace inserts two br's instead of one General confirmed 05/17/16
#14643 [Chrome][Android][AC] Pop-up window misplaced when view enlarged General confirmed 05/18/16
#14644 [Safari][iOS][AC] Minimized AC window hides under virtual keyboard. General confirmed 05/18/16
#14646 Text de-select problem on IE11 General confirmed 05/20/16
#14648 config.allowedContent doesn't work when BBCode plugin active General confirmed 05/20/16
#14652 Bidi - Replace Icon in Arabic UI is not correctly mirrored Core : BiDi confirmed 05/22/16
#14653 Bidi - Template window in Arabic UI should be translated into arabic Core : BiDi confirmed 05/22/16
#14654 [Webkit/Blink] Empty line is removed when changing selection after inline widget removal. General confirmed 05/23/16
#14655 When merging header cell with body cell, table tools options for merge should be disabled General confirmed 05/23/16
#14657 Bidi - Arabic UI - Image Properties window Perview section not translated into Arabic Core : BiDi confirmed 05/24/16
#14658 BBCode adds extra nodes when toggling modes in default sample. General confirmed 05/24/16
#14661 Bidi - Arabic UI - Some Icons are missed Mirroring Core : BiDi confirmed 05/25/16
#14675 On change event is not fired on first content remove after D'n'D General confirmed 06/03/16
#14676 P tag pollution in lists after a table Core : Lists confirmed 06/06/16
#14683 Deleting table column leaves wrong rowspan Core : Tables confirmed 06/09/16
#14693 When applying a header style to a paragraph in OSX Chrome, the paragraph below will also be a header General confirmed 06/15/16
#14698 Vertical scrollbar flashes during auto grow General Tade0 review 06/22/16
#14699 Pressing outdent merges first list item with previous line if enter mode is BR General confirmed 06/23/16
#14703 FF: Adding extra paragraphs or space when text pasted General confirmed 06/27/16
#14704 IE11: Japanese Kanji character breaks when you repeatedly typing Japanese General confirmed 06/27/16
#14705 Inserting list inside widget focused empty editable area causes error General confirmed 06/27/16
#14711 Toolbar configurator buttons are not accessible with keyboard. Accessibility confirmed 07/01/16
#14712 adding template without replacing content - removing code from template General confirmed 07/01/16
#14716 Scrollbar in the Styles drop-down list disappears after initial display General Tade0 confirmed 07/04/16
#14722 Block Widget inside Lists disappear on enter. General confirmed 07/06/16
#14727 Clear Format doesn't remove strikethrough General confirmed 07/06/16
#14733 setting Italic fails for Japanese character, in Japanese locale General pending 07/08/16
#14739 APPHOST9602 Error when using CKEditor in native Windows App General confirmed 07/12/16
#14744 [Safari] Failing embedbase tests General k.krzton assigned 07/13/16
#14752 Autogrow & fullPage - body elements gets modified. General confirmed 07/16/16
#14754 Removing anchor doesn't remove link's id attribute General confirmed 07/19/16
#14759 Big images makes editor scroll top on input in iPad with iOS 9.3.2 General confirmed 07/21/16
#14760 ScrollIntoView also expands selection to entire paragraph General confirmed 07/21/16
#14761 Missing "`startDisabled: 1`" in table-related commands definition General confirmed 07/21/16
#14765 Copying from IE divarea editor to Chrome/Firefox in results in full nodes path. General confirmed 07/22/16
#14766 Deleting columns with merged cells results in columns being left behind. Core : Tables confirmed 07/22/16
#14767 Browser becomes unresponsive at the input of the multi-byte character General confirmed 07/22/16
#14782 [Chrome] Dropdown elements(Styles) are scrolled to top Core : Styles confirmed 07/29/16
#14797 [iPad Mini] Unable to scroll horizontally in CKEditor General confirmed 08/11/16
#14800 Pressing Down or Right arrow on a page with a DIV contained CKEditor, steals focus and places it in the RTE. General confirmed 08/11/16
#14812 Editor calls setData twice at load General new 08/17/16
#14818 Using Safari's history back when editor is maximised fails to remove CSS from HTML and Body elements. General confirmed 08/22/16
#14827 [Edge] Editor viewport is scrolled back to the top when focusing editor for the first time. General confirmed 08/25/16
#14829 Can't open image dialog when double-clicking on image in mobile Environment General new 08/26/16
#14833 Font set on multi-line text then numbered list causes extra line breaks in numbered list Core : Lists confirmed 08/31/16
#14836 Editor content scrolls when pasting data from clipboard (iOS) General confirmed 09/01/16
#14837 Can't tab through table inside a widget. General confirmed 09/01/16
#14838 The color FF00FF (or F0F) is not named as Fuchsia (or Magenta) recognized by HTML/CSS and X11. UI : Toolbar confirmed 09/02/16
#14844 [WebKit] Image2 throws IndexSizeError while undoing deletion of partially uploaded image General confirmed 09/06/16
#14845 Using justify in BR mode doesn't remove trailing BR's in IE thus resulting in new line General confirmed 09/06/16
#14847 [Safari] Scrolls editor viewport to the top and changes selection after confirming cancelling changes in a dialog General confirmed 09/07/16
#14848 [IE8] link plugin test fails General confirmed 09/07/16
#14849 [QM] Editor does not load up in IE9 QM General confirmed 09/07/16
#14851 trailing slash is removed from meta tag General confirmed 09/08/16
#14860 Whole viewport is scrolled in the inline editor on dialog close action General confirmed 09/14/16
#14862 Inline editor replacing textarea doesn't handle [required] General confirmed 09/15/16
#14866 Deleting bullet list does not work Core : Lists confirmed 09/16/16
#14872 [Firefox] Insert cell before then after General confirmed 09/20/16
#14880 One style with a class + another with two classes which one is used be the first style, then both are selected in style combo menu. Core : Styles confirmed 09/27/16
#14884 Divarea - It is possible to type after opening dialog without input field. General confirmed 09/27/16
#14892 [Edge Only] : CkEditor Bold/Italic/underline does not work. If we do not give <!DOCTYPE HTML> in the html page. File Browser confirmed 09/30/16
#14895 Uncaught IndexSizeError JS error General confirmed 09/30/16
#14900 Drop of inline widget in a span, splits the span in two UI : Widgets confirmed 10/04/16
#14901 Dragging an inline widget outside of span, carries leftover span around UI : Widgets confirmed 10/04/16
#14902 CHROME: Empty paragraphs lost when copied & pasted from Notepad General confirmed 10/05/16
#14905 Initiating widget can add blank space General confirmed 10/05/16
#14907 Drop down list of toolbar inside a dialog is not moving with scrollbar of the dialog. General confirmed 10/06/16
#14911 Table cell lose formatting on tab switch an new text General pending 10/07/16
#14919 hitting enter in a ckeditor when multiple ckeditors are on the page, scrolls randomly down the page in IE 11 only General pending 10/10/16
#14921 Copy paste content in WYSIWYG 4.5.11 removes styles created using WYSIWYG, version 4.4.7 works fine Core : Pasting confirmed 10/11/16
#14922 event listeners leak between each setData Performance confirmed 10/11/16
#14923 Copy paste from word does not retain font size for first <li> tag Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 10/12/16
#14924 Dialog tab is disabled if has content elements of html type only (same as ticket 13193) General confirmed 10/12/16
#14933 Buggy behaviour when getting current selected node indexes Core : Selection new 10/13/16
#16391 CKEditor: Clipboard is pasted multiple times General pending 10/21/16
#16444 Inline Editor Not fully destroyed with .destroy() method General confirmed 10/24/16
#16451 Inserting table after resize fails with error " Unable to get property 'checkReadOnly' of undefined or null reference" General pending 10/25/16
#16454 Pasted plain text should have the same format where it is pasted in CKEditor Core : Pasting confirmed 10/25/16
#16471 Update hidpi settings when it changes General confirmed 10/26/16
#16472 [IE/Edge] Bold (and other style tags) are applied multiple times Core : Styles confirmed 10/26/16
#16491 Moono-lisa Image dialog - invisible preview border General confirmed 10/27/16
#16500 Copy/Paste list doesn't paste first bullet. General confirmed 10/27/16
#16608 Removing paragraph below nested widget and moving the nested widget removes main widget editable General confirmed 11/04/16
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