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#11365 Blink crashes if right clicking on mapped image UI : Context Menu confirmed 01/04/14
#11343 Drag&drop: inline widgets disappear when forcePasteAsPlainText is set General confirmed 12/19/13
#11342 [IE11] Extra paragraphs added when showing/hiding divs with CKEditor General confirmed 12/19/13
#11340 End of the range is enlarged randomly. General confirmed 12/19/13
#11323 [FF] preview does not display images General confirmed 12/17/13
#11318 An error should be thrown if loading resources failed General confirmed 12/16/13
#11294 Font size is not preserved when pasting content from Word 2010 Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 12/11/13
#11286 Panels are too narrow General confirmed 12/10/13
#11280 [IE] Selection not refreshed or incorrect if clicked outside body Core : Selection confirmed 12/08/13
#11275 [IE8] Widget: it is possible to use native drag handler UI : Widgets confirmed 12/06/13
#11274 Flash placeholder change size after copy and paste in image2 sample General confirmed 12/06/13
#11272 [Blink] Two paragraphs after one enter before <hr> UI : Enter Key confirmed 12/06/13
#11271 [IE9-11] INDEX_SIZE_ERR thrown after closing find dialog General confirmed 12/06/13
#11270 Delete pressed in table cell causes an error when magicline is visible General confirmed 12/06/13
#11269 [Webkit] Several elementspath issues General confirmed 12/06/13
#11261 [Blink] Problem with textarea in paragraph General confirmed 12/05/13
#11259 Pressing down arrow when menu containing richcobmo is focused, will not move focus to first potion UI : Toolbar confirmed 12/05/13
#11254 Tests mocking CKEDITOR.editor should be rewritten QA confirmed 12/04/13
#11248 [FF] Permission denied is thrown when preview is used for page with document.domain General confirmed 12/04/13
#11247 Dead code in htmldataprocessor.html TC General m.lewandowski assigned 12/04/13
#11242 [IE8] Ignored tests related to fake selection have to be checked General confirmed 12/03/13
#11234 IE 11 doesn't like links with display:inline-block General confirmed 11/29/13
#11221 Incorrect result of table/list deletion General confirmed 11/27/13
#11212 [FF] It is impossible to exit styled list with Enter Key. General confirmed 11/25/13
#11199 [Image2, ACF] Content of figcaption remain once the tag is stripped out in a widget General new 11/21/13
#11185 Zero-width space entity gets doubled General confirmed 11/19/13
#11180 [Blink/Webkit] Ctrl+A does not work if widget is first or last element Core : Selection confirmed 11/18/13
#11162 "Ctrl + A" and then "Del" works differently in FF and Chrome General confirmed 11/14/13
#11158 [IE10@Win8] Dnd of inline widgets throw an exception in Win8 UI : Widgets confirmed 11/14/13
#11154 Cannot disable list in blockque Core : Lists confirmed 11/14/13
#11141 [IE8-10] Focus is lost when undoing to empty inline blockless editor General confirmed 11/13/13
#11122 [IE] Widgets exception after native context menu + widget blur UI : Widgets confirmed 11/12/13
#11118 Widgets drag handler is marked in selection when it's not visible UI : Widgets new 11/08/13
#11117 Widget editables - does not prevent from dropping unsuportted markup General confirmed 11/08/13
#11115 Widgets are not filtered by ACF when pasting General confirmed 11/08/13
#11114 Unable to access context menu with menu key when widget is focused UI : Context Menu confirmed 11/08/13
#11113 [IE] Elementspath does not display valid path for first click after selectall General confirmed 11/08/13
#11112 [Chrome] Copy + apply list + change list type -> break inline wdget General confirmed 11/08/13
#11111 Range.enlarge test failing in Safari 7.0 and Chrome 37 General confirmed 11/08/13
#11095 [IE8] Copying single widget does not work when using toolbar button UI : Widgets confirmed 11/06/13
#11094 [IE8] Editor loses focus when moving focus from nested editable to widget UI : Widgets confirmed 11/06/13
#11064 [Blink/Webkit] Can not select all when widget is last element General confirmed 10/31/13
#11060 [IE11+] Selection is not placed right above the cursor when clicking below body General confirmed 10/30/13
#11055 Image2 is not focused after pasting General confirmed 10/30/13
#11039 [Webkit/Blink] Link created in nested editable is not being selected General confirmed 10/24/13
#11038 [IE] Click on MathJax/Image widget wrapped with link causes location change General confirmed 10/24/13
#11037 No link&unlink option in context menu opened on widget General m.lewandowski assigned 10/24/13
#11035 Deleting one of two subsequent spaces should leave normal space General confirmed 10/24/13
#11034 IframeDialog has very small content in CKEditor 4 continued. General confirmed 10/24/13
#11022 [Webkit&Blink] Nested editable does not get focus in certain situations General confirmed 10/22/13
#11010 Fix memory leaks caused by CKEDITOR.filter.instances storing nested editables' filters forever UI : Widgets confirmed 10/18/13
#10993 Delete columns when rows are splitted Core : Tables confirmed 10/14/13
#10989 [Webkit/Blink] Widgets and content after them disappear when pargraphs are merged using backspace General confirmed 10/14/13
#10988 [FF] Widgets: Caret goes outside of contenteditable on home/end keys General confirmed 10/14/13
#10970 [IE] Not able to remove row in inline General confirmed 10/09/13
#10952 Various issues when choosing inactive option in context menu Accessibility confirmed 10/04/13
#10946 [FF] Cursor stuck in widget General confirmed 10/03/13
#10942 Image2: Introduce a proper visual indicator of selected resizable image UI : Widgets confirmed 10/03/13
#10889 Language plugin: removing formatting is too tricky General confirmed 09/18/13
#10885 Broken path to an anchor when CKEditor is located in a directory with a space General confirmed 09/18/13
#10872 Unexpected bold when breaking a line after Removing Format on collapsed selection Core : Styles confirmed 09/16/13
#10847 Firefox: Incorrect cursor position on backspace General confirmed 09/13/13
#10839 Image2: align center then align left/right throughs error General confirmed 09/12/13
#10834 Image2: The caption should not allow <p> and <br> (disable ENTER) General confirmed 09/12/13
#10824 Languages plugin - can't nest language markup General confirmed 09/11/13
#10820 [iOS] Calling insertText switches CKEditor into "Read Only" mode General new 09/11/13
#10819 [iOS] Hitting return will cause all text below cursor to delete General new 09/11/13
#10796 [IE] Text selection to end of caption causes JS error General confirmed 09/05/13
#10795 [IE10 Quirks Mode]Not code formating in source mode General confirmed 09/05/13
#10794 [IE10 Quirks Mode]Toolbar for RTL languages looks bad General confirmed 09/05/13
#10788 [Safari] Pressing ESC when in opened color platte/combo moves focus to editable. UI : Toolbar confirmed 09/04/13
#10785 Editor content's stylesheet is removed from document after another editor's editable is reattached General confirmed 09/04/13
#10767 Webkit removes whole table General confirmed 08/28/13
#10766 [Webkit] Irresistible content when pasting into entirely selected editable Core : Pasting confirmed 08/28/13
#10765 Broken form submit with inline-textarea General confirmed 08/28/13
#10749 [Webkit/Blink] Loading URL with a # causes page to scroll General confirmed 08/22/13
#10745 [FF&Inline] Cells selection is lost when merging cells Core : Selection confirmed 08/20/13
#10734 icon strip generated in local builder includes all the icons Project : CKBuilder confirmed 08/18/13
#10712 Editor.insertElement will insert passed element into every range in the selection General confirmed 08/09/13
#10679 IE complains if "@" is used right after comment start General confirmed 07/29/13
#10660 Menu Button may be missing default mode General confirmed 07/19/13
#10657 Config.removeButtons isn't mentioned in Toolbar configuration guide Documentation & Samples Anna assigned 07/19/13
#10655 TAB leaves the editable when cannot indent anything General confirmed 07/18/13
#10645 Preview tab in DocProps plugin is missing utf-8 meta tag. General confirmed 07/17/13
#10643 Differences between Ctrl+V and pasting from pastefromword dialog Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 07/17/13
#10641 Find considers elements with display: none General confirmed 07/16/13
#10636 Error thrown when in/outdenting inside of a list element (caret in a paragraph) Core : Lists confirmed 07/15/13
#10627 Removing form element removes whole paragraph General confirmed 07/12/13
#10617 [IE]: BIDI button breaks toolbar when in compatibility mode General confirmed 07/11/13
#10616 IE11 numbers lists from zero IN COMPATIBILITY MODE General confirmed 07/11/13
#10607 Remove "indentlist" require from "list" Core : Lists confirmed 07/09/13
#10595 Wrong caret position after ENTER on list item with sub-list UI : Enter Key confirmed 07/05/13
#10594 Error when replacing element with <br> in HTML filter General confirmed 07/05/13
#10584 IE8 throws error on delete General confirmed 07/02/13
#10557 [IE8] Delete creates unordered list from ordered list General confirmed 06/20/13
#10555 It is not possible to catch key event when deleting list General confirmed 06/19/13
#10536 API imporevements General confirmed 06/12/13
#10527 IE8 - Link not preserved on double-click in inline editor. General confirmed 06/10/13
#10511 [Chrome] Shift+F10 opens editor and browser native context menu. General confirmed 06/05/13
#10502 [FF]Right click on some elements causes Error: Permission denied to access property 'nodeType' General confirmed 06/04/13
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