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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#10448 [Bidi] Lack of scrollbar in the RTL text direction Tade0 Bug Normal Core : BiDi 3.0
#12440 Configuration option to hide the 'Automatic' option in the color picker Tade0 New Feature Normal General 4.4.4
#12707 Table CAPTION output below THEAD kkrzton Bug Normal Core : Tables 3.5.3
#13756 Context menus are cut-off in Microsoft Edge Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal General 4.5.0
#14531 [Blink] Test autoparagraphing in nested editable fails Tade0 Bug Normal General 4.5.7
#14553 Missing manual test for 'enableAutomatic' colorpicker option. kkrzton Task Normal General
#14559 Cannot confirm table dialog in quirks mode when headers set - regression. kkrzton Bug Normal General 4.5.8
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