22:01 Ticket #2704 (an <x> and <o> tags in <ebmed> and <object> tags) closed by alfonsoml
invalid: That's some protection on your server. It's not due to FCKeditor, so this …
21:57 Ticket #2658 (paste of image in clipboard.) closed by alfonsoml
wontfix: No browser allows to read the binary data from the clipboard. Even getting …
17:19 Ticket #2708 (FCK_link.js Email Protection) created by Yellowmind
When using email protection when creating an email link. You get an …
13:57 Ticket #2707 (Problems with using with Joomla ver 1.58) created by anthonym
We have used FCK editer with vers 1.56 and 1.57 with Joomla but when we us …
11:50 Ticket #2706 (Complete context sensitivity logic of Link dialog) created by martinkou
Currently, target, popup and advanced attributes pages in the Link dialog …
11:47 Ticket #2705 (Fix Link dialog in IE) created by martinkou
The selection code in the Link dialog of CKEditor v3 is currently broken …
11:36 Changeset [2754] by martinkou
Fixed the issue where trying to focus text fields in dialog onShow() would …
11:15 Changeset [2753] by martinkou
Made the info page in the Link dialog context sensitive.
10:16 Ticket #2704 (an <x> and <o> tags in <ebmed> and <object> tags) created by orax
I am using the last stable version (2.6.3) and I do not know how to avoid …


19:42 Ticket #2703 (FCKeditor objects rename proposal) created by saul11
When scripting around the editor I create a bunch of references to the …
01:55 Ticket #2702 (reset undo history) created by cperkins
a Simple function to reset the undo history so that you can reuse an …


13:45 Ticket #2701 (I have been having a bit of a problem in using numbered lists in ...) created by anderson.gomes
I can create multiple lines of text, then select this text and click on …
12:02 Changeset [2752] by martinkou
Added support for disabled toolbar buttons. Disabled commands should not …
11:37 Changeset [2751] by martinkou
Added CKEDITOR.tools.bind(). Added CKEDITOR.dialog.validate namespace to …


23:57 Ticket #2700 (Problem with document.domain automatic fix script asp.net c#) created by maliakkas
I am developing a project using FCKEditor. The project was on …
16:00 Ticket #2699 ('OK' button in table dialog disappears) created by tallyce
Steps to reproduce: 1. Place cursor in editable area 2. Click on table …
10:41 Ticket #2698 (Postback then history back) created by McX
When using a postback from a page with FCKEditor then navigating back with …
00:34 Ticket #2697 (Page Break in the middle of paragraph closes opening 'p' tag before <hr> ...) created by cbarretto
1. To reproduce add the following to 'Source' window (this is simulating a …


18:44 Ticket #2696 (Fix autogrow in Firefox) created by slessard
Autogrow doesn't work in Firefox
13:25 Ticket #2695 (Don't convert newline characters into <BR /> inside <PRE>...</PRE>) created by ensjo
I use FCKeditor at Seedwiki. When I type, say, a computer program inside …
13:06 Ticket #2694 (Search&Replace dialog problem on FF3 with FCK in modal dialog) created by kaitnieks
If FCKEditor is used in modal dialog window in FF3, opening Search&Replace …
11:47 Ticket #2693 (div boxes not sizing correctly) closed by alfonsoml
invalid: That's due to Quirks mode differences. You should use the same Doctype in …
11:28 Changeset [2750] by martinkou
Fixed dialogs in IE7 quirks mode. Separated dialog definition into JS …


23:50 Ticket #2693 (div boxes not sizing correctly) created by garyhoff1
see modified sample01.aspx that is attached. There are two simple examples …
14:35 cla edited by sharepointuk
10:28 Changeset [2749] by martinkou
Fixed the bridge bug under quirks mode for all supported browsers.
10:06 Ticket #2691 (install on godaddy shared hosting) closed by wwalc
invalid: It looks like either you have removed too much code/files from FCKeditor …
10:03 Changeset [2748] by martinkou
Fixed bridge bug between tabs bar and content area in dialogs under …
09:47 Changeset [2747] by martinkou
Tentative fix to the bridge bar bug between tabs and content area (does …
02:19 Ticket #2692 (Style tags are deleted by Google Chrome) created by l3cc
When using Google Chrome ( to open a field containing <style> …
01:50 Ticket #2691 (install on godaddy shared hosting) created by antseo
I've uploaded the dir on my shared hosting with godaddy and placed the …


15:51 Changeset [2746] by arczi
Added missing table/plugin.js
08:28 Ticket #2690 (Second-level context menus are selectable) created by thiloplanz
[144] fixes SF bug 1660456 (context menus are selectable). However, the …


21:11 Changeset [2745] by mosipov
removed doc TODO
00:58 Changeset [2744] by mosipov
Added xlinks


23:48 Changeset [2743] by mosipov
Improved JavaDocs
23:28 Changeset [2742] by mosipov
Yet more JavaDocs
15:06 Changeset [2741] by mosipov
another huge JavaDocs overhaul
11:40 Ticket #2673 (Pipe Symbol i.e | is converted to %7c) closed by arczi
invalid: I think it is not a bug because: -Links […] loads the same page: …
11:09 Changeset [2740] by arczi
Added Table plugin
06:13 Ticket #2689 (URLs are encoded incorrectly when connectors pass back URLs for File ...) created by surfacepatterns
When the file browser is used to fetch files and folders, an optional …
00:29 Changeset [2739] by mosipov
- Extended JavaDocs - Removed usage of deprecated methods


23:53 Changeset [2738] by mosipov
Completed JavaDocs
21:52 Changeset [2737] by mosipov
- The names can remain the same - It is not necessary to check the …
17:46 Changeset [2736] by fredck
Introducing the support for context sensitiveness in the toolbar. Still …
12:57 Ticket #2688 (fck_paste.html: paste from word fails with ++ in url) created by zagy
The offending line is 138: […] It takes the window location as regexp …
12:26 Ticket #2687 (Customize contextmenu using plugin) created by mardiros
Plugins system is very cool, but actually you cannot write one …
11:33 Changeset [2735] by martinkou
Massive line ending fix to make M symbols in some files to disappear in …
10:33 Ticket #2683 (onChange in radio group elements does not work) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed by [2734].
10:32 Changeset [2734] by martinkou
Fixed misaligned dialog buttons in IE7. Fixed invalid onChange calls and …
07:52 Ticket #2666 (Review and refresh the documentation for the dialog system.) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2733].
07:45 Changeset [2733] by martinkou
Finished the rest of the UI elements definition documentation.
03:08 Ticket #2686 (Input Japanese for Mac Firefox) created by tomofu10
===================================== Macbook: MB402J OS: Mac …


22:33 Changeset [2732] by mosipov
Methods replaced to UtilsResponse
22:25 Changeset [2731] by mosipov
TLD improved, sync problem seems to be gone.
20:50 Changeset [2730] by mosipov
- Addressed todos to fix UserPathsBuilder#getUserFilesPath - …
16:43 Changeset [2729] by mosipov
Properties calls centralized and wrapped with methods.
16:14 Ticket #2685 (Integrate the SpellChecker.net "Web Spell Checker") created by fredck
We are partnering with SpellChecker.net to …
13:31 Ticket #2684 (pagebreak not working) created by shayleon
Using drupal 5.11 Installed latest version of FCKeditor + Paging module, …
11:33 Changeset [2728] by martinkou
Deleted unnecessary arguments from …
11:31 Changeset [2727] by martinkou
Added documentations on the element definition fields for hbox, vbox, …
10:36 Changeset [2726] by martinkou
onLoad handlers for hiding/showing specific pages and fields in the Links …
09:53 Ticket #2683 (onChange in radio group elements does not work) created by martinkou
This problem was discovered while reviewing and writing API documentations …
09:37 Changeset [2725] by arczi
Unneeded tabs are hidden- Link tab from ImageButton dialog and Upload if …
08:50 Changeset [2724] by arczi
Fixed IE "restoreSelection()" bug
02:33 Ticket #2682 (Setting and clearing background colour does not work with 'non-canonical' ...) created by thiloplanz
When setting and clearing background colour settings, it is necessary to …


22:06 Changeset [2723] by arczi
Added SpecialCharacter plugin
19:02 Changeset [2722] by arczi
Added missing translations
18:44 Changeset [2721] by arczi
Fixed convention of ImageDialog selectors.
18:32 Changeset [2720] by arczi
Added Reset and LockRatio images with styles
18:23 Ticket #2681 (V3 - New plugins) created by arczi
Dialogs to do: -Special Character -Insert/Edit Table -Insert/Edit Flash
15:06 Ticket #2680 (Image Upload: if the file browser window is stilll open in background, it ...) created by blogbold
So the file-browser window is hidden. (If the user forgot about moving it …
14:36 Ticket #2679 (Indent causes infinite loop) created by dqbai
== Steps to reproduce == 1. Load following code into source view: […] …
10:24 Ticket #2664 (Make a textarea input element and a multiple-choice select box element for ...) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2715] - [2719].
10:18 Changeset [2719] by martinkou
Made it possible to create select boxes with multiple selection and size > …
10:02 Changeset [2718] by martinkou
Fixed JavaScript error when trying to upload a file via the file input UI …
09:54 Changeset [2717] by martinkou
The IE6 hack fix should only be applied to IE6, otherwise file inputs …
09:15 Changeset [2716] by martinkou
Made CKEDITOR.ui.dialog.uiElement::setValue() calls fire up the onChange …
08:36 Changeset [2715] by martinkou
Fix for #2664 : Added textarea input and worked around/fixed various …


20:47 Ticket #2678 (Allow the ability to see protected tags as plain text in the regular view ...) created by azebchuk
Allow the addition of tags to be protected so that they're not modified by …
19:11 Ticket #2676 (FCKeditor 2.6.3 Directory Traversal) closed by alfonsoml
invalid: This is a problem in one integration of FCKeditor with Joomla. The default …
19:04 Ticket #2677 (How to Integrate with Zend Framework) closed by wwalc
invalid: It's not the right place for support requests, please use …
17:45 Ticket #2677 (How to Integrate with Zend Framework) created by gadgroup
Hi, We have an app written in Zend Framework. How do integrate the …
15:19 Changeset [2714] by mosipov
corrected date by -1
03:33 Ticket #2676 (FCKeditor 2.6.3 Directory Traversal) created by chr1x2
You may upload files and create folders without logging in the admin page. …
02:51 Ticket #2675 (Changing background color does not render properly when font sizes differ.) created by dsarosi
Tested in opera and firefox. If you go to the demo, and change the font …


22:01 Ticket #2674 (Multiple Spans) closed by alfonsoml
duplicate: dup of #2203
21:38 Ticket #2674 (Multiple Spans) created by simshaun
This is more of an inconvenience than a bug. I've found that when …
20:05 Changeset [2713] by martinkou
Fixed getValue() and setValue() of checkboxes.
19:55 Changeset [2712] by arczi
Added Textarea basic dialog
19:41 Changeset [2711] by martinkou
Fixed the issue where onOk() is still called in dialogs after validation …
19:21 Changeset [2710] by arczi
Added basic logic Fixed IE syntax errors Fixed layout in IE and Chrome
15:51 Ticket #2673 (Pipe Symbol i.e | is converted to %7c) created by Gerald.J
Steps to reproduce: Create a html file with a href link in that file. for …
11:15 Ticket #2661 (Make dialog text boxes work in IE6.) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2709]. Click here for more info about our SVN …
11:15 Changeset [2709] by martinkou
Fixed #2661 : Removed the hack in [2691] since the bug is fixed by [2708].
11:11 Ticket #2634 (Bug with FCKXhtml.SpecialBlocks) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2619]. Click here for more info about our SVN …
10:58 Ticket #2663 (Fix the scrolling bug for CKEditor 3 link dialog.) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2708]. Click here for more info about our SVN …
10:54 Changeset [2708] by martinkou
Fixed #2663 : Fixed dialog scrolling bug with the link dialog when it's …
07:31 Ticket #2671 (Upload directly to Picasa) reopened by lenn-art
The Google API information …
06:03 Ticket #2662 (Make dialog layout work in quirks mode.) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2707]. Click here for more info about our SVN …
06:03 Changeset [2707] by martinkou
Fixed #2662 : Fixed dialog layout in IE quirks mode.
05:06 Changeset [2706] by martinkou
Moved the dialog layout workarounds into the skin CSS file.
04:18 Ticket #2665 (Fix layout of v3 dialog buttons in IE.) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2705]. Click here for more info about our SVN …
04:17 Changeset [2705] by martinkou
Fixed #2665 : Dialogs buttons are now layed out correctly in IE6 standards …
02:40 Ticket #2672 (Ctrl-Del does not delete next work) created by robmueller
In most text editors, Ctrl-Del deletes the next word, but this does not …


23:44 Ticket #2671 (Upload directly to Picasa) closed by alfonsoml
wontfix: I haven't seen such API. Reopen if you can provide such info.
22:35 Changeset [2704] by mosipov
- Addressed TODOs - Added more JavaDocs
20:41 Changeset [2703] by mosipov
- Fixed typos - added connector.apt stub
16:50 Changeset [2702] by mosipov
completed upgrade_notes.apt.vm for now
04:58 Changeset [2701] by mosipov
Added more notes
04:02 Changeset [2700] by mosipov
Added stub upgrade_notes.apt.vm
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