22:01 Ticket #2704 (an <x> and <o> tags in <ebmed> and <object> tags) closed by alfonsoml
invalid: That's some protection on your server. It's not due to FCKeditor, so …
21:57 Ticket #2658 (paste of image in clipboard.) closed by alfonsoml
wontfix: No browser allows to read the binary data from the clipboard. Even …
17:19 Ticket #2708 (FCK_link.js Email Protection) created by Yellowmind
When using email protection when creating an email link. You get an …
13:57 Ticket #2707 (Problems with using with Joomla ver 1.58) created by anthonym
We have used FCK editer with vers 1.56 and 1.57 with Joomla but when …
11:50 Ticket #2706 (Complete context sensitivity logic of Link dialog) created by martinkou
Currently, target, popup and advanced attributes pages in the Link …
11:47 Ticket #2705 (Fix Link dialog in IE) created by martinkou
The selection code in the Link dialog of CKEditor v3 is currently …
11:36 Changeset [2754] by martinkou
Fixed the issue where trying to focus text fields in dialog onShow() …
11:15 Changeset [2753] by martinkou
Made the info page in the Link dialog context sensitive.
10:16 Ticket #2704 (an <x> and <o> tags in <ebmed> and <object> tags) created by orax
I am using the last stable version (2.6.3) and I do not know how to …


19:42 Ticket #2703 (FCKeditor objects rename proposal) created by saul11
When scripting around the editor I create a bunch of references to the …
01:55 Ticket #2702 (reset undo history) created by cperkins
a Simple function to reset the undo history so that you can reuse an …


13:45 Ticket #2701 (I have been having a bit of a problem in using numbered lists in FCKEditor.) created by anderson.gomes
I can create multiple lines of text, then select this text and click …
12:02 Changeset [2752] by martinkou
Added support for disabled toolbar buttons. Disabled commands should …
11:37 Changeset [2751] by martinkou
Added CKEDITOR.tools.bind(). Added CKEDITOR.dialog.validate namespace …


23:57 Ticket #2700 (Problem with document.domain automatic fix script asp.net c#) created by maliakkas
I am developing a project using FCKEditor. The project was on …
16:00 Ticket #2699 ('OK' button in table dialog disappears) created by tallyce
Steps to reproduce: 1. Place cursor in editable area 2. Click on …
10:41 Ticket #2698 (Postback then history back) created by McX
When using a postback from a page with FCKEditor then navigating back …
00:34 Ticket #2697 (Page Break in the middle of paragraph closes opening 'p' tag before ...) created by cbarretto
1. To reproduce add the following to 'Source' window (this is …


18:44 Ticket #2696 (Fix autogrow in Firefox) created by slessard
Autogrow doesn't work in Firefox
13:25 Ticket #2695 (Don't convert newline characters into <BR /> inside <PRE>...</PRE>) created by ensjo
I use FCKeditor at Seedwiki. When I type, say, a computer program …
13:06 Ticket #2694 (Search&Replace dialog problem on FF3 with FCK in modal dialog) created by kaitnieks
If FCKEditor is used in modal dialog window in FF3, opening …
11:47 Ticket #2693 (div boxes not sizing correctly) closed by alfonsoml
invalid: That's due to Quirks mode differences. You should use the same Doctype …
11:28 Changeset [2750] by martinkou
Fixed dialogs in IE7 quirks mode. Separated dialog definition into JS …


23:50 Ticket #2693 (div boxes not sizing correctly) created by garyhoff1
see modified sample01.aspx that is attached. There are two simple …
14:35 cla edited by sharepointuk
10:28 Changeset [2749] by martinkou
Fixed the bridge bug under quirks mode for all supported browsers.
10:06 Ticket #2691 (install on godaddy shared hosting) closed by wwalc
invalid: It looks like either you have removed too much code/files from …
10:03 Changeset [2748] by martinkou
Fixed bridge bug between tabs bar and content area in dialogs under …
09:47 Changeset [2747] by martinkou
Tentative fix to the bridge bar bug between tabs and content area …
02:19 Ticket #2692 (Style tags are deleted by Google Chrome) created by l3cc
When using Google Chrome ( to open a field containing …
01:50 Ticket #2691 (install on godaddy shared hosting) created by antseo
I've uploaded the dir on my shared hosting with godaddy and placed the …


15:51 Changeset [2746] by arczi
Added missing table/plugin.js
08:28 Ticket #2690 (Second-level context menus are selectable) created by thiloplanz
[144] fixes SF bug 1660456 (context menus are selectable). However, …


21:11 Changeset [2745] by mosipov
removed doc TODO
00:58 Changeset [2744] by mosipov
Added xlinks


23:48 Changeset [2743] by mosipov
Improved JavaDocs
23:28 Changeset [2742] by mosipov
Yet more JavaDocs
15:06 Changeset [2741] by mosipov
another huge JavaDocs overhaul
11:40 Ticket #2673 (Pipe Symbol i.e | is converted to %7c) closed by arczi
invalid: I think it is not a bug because: -Links […] loads the same page: …
11:09 Changeset [2740] by arczi
Added Table plugin
06:13 Ticket #2689 (URLs are encoded incorrectly when connectors pass back URLs for File ...) created by surfacepatterns
When the file browser is used to fetch files and folders, an optional …
00:29 Changeset [2739] by mosipov
- Extended JavaDocs - Removed usage of deprecated methods


23:53 Changeset [2738] by mosipov
Completed JavaDocs
21:52 Changeset [2737] by mosipov
- The names can remain the same - It is not necessary to check the …
17:46 Changeset [2736] by fredck
Introducing the support for context sensitiveness in the toolbar. …
12:57 Ticket #2688 (fck_paste.html: paste from word fails with ++ in url) created by zagy
The offending line is 138: […] It takes the window location as …
12:26 Ticket #2687 (Customize contextmenu using plugin) created by mardiros
Plugins system is very cool, but actually you cannot write …
11:33 Changeset [2735] by martinkou
Massive line ending fix to make M symbols in some files to disappear …
10:33 Ticket #2683 (onChange in radio group elements does not work) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed by [2734].
10:32 Changeset [2734] by martinkou
Fixed misaligned dialog buttons in IE7. Fixed invalid onChange calls …
07:52 Ticket #2666 (Review and refresh the documentation for the dialog system.) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2733].
07:45 Changeset [2733] by martinkou
Finished the rest of the UI elements definition documentation.
03:08 Ticket #2686 (Input Japanese for Mac Firefox) created by tomofu10
===================================== Macbook: MB402J OS: …


22:33 Changeset [2732] by mosipov
Methods replaced to UtilsResponse
22:25 Changeset [2731] by mosipov
TLD improved, sync problem seems to be gone.
20:50 Changeset [2730] by mosipov
- Addressed todos to fix UserPathsBuilder#getUserFilesPath - …
16:43 Changeset [2729] by mosipov
Properties calls centralized and wrapped with methods.
16:14 Ticket #2685 (Integrate the SpellChecker.net "Web Spell Checker") created by fredck
We are partnering with SpellChecker.net
13:31 Ticket #2684 (pagebreak not working) created by shayleon
Using drupal 5.11 Installed latest version of FCKeditor + Paging …
11:33 Changeset [2728] by martinkou
Deleted unnecessary arguments from …
11:31 Changeset [2727] by martinkou
Added documentations on the element definition fields for hbox, vbox, …
10:36 Changeset [2726] by martinkou
onLoad handlers for hiding/showing specific pages and fields in the …
09:53 Ticket #2683 (onChange in radio group elements does not work) created by martinkou
This problem was discovered while reviewing and writing API …
09:37 Changeset [2725] by arczi
Unneeded tabs are hidden- Link tab from ImageButton dialog and Upload …
08:50 Changeset [2724] by arczi
Fixed IE "restoreSelection()" bug
02:33 Ticket #2682 (Setting and clearing background colour does not work with ...) created by thiloplanz
When setting and clearing background colour settings, it is necessary …


22:06 Changeset [2723] by arczi
Added SpecialCharacter plugin
19:02 Changeset [2722] by arczi
Added missing translations
18:44 Changeset [2721] by arczi
Fixed convention of ImageDialog selectors.
18:32 Changeset [2720] by arczi
Added Reset and LockRatio images with styles
18:23 Ticket #2681 (V3 - New plugins) created by arczi
Dialogs to do: -Special Character -Insert/Edit Table -Insert/Edit Flash
15:06 Ticket #2680 (Image Upload: if the file browser window is stilll open in background, ...) created by blogbold
So the file-browser window is hidden. (If the user forgot about moving …
14:36 Ticket #2679 (Indent causes infinite loop) created by dqbai
== Steps to reproduce == 1. Load following code into source view: …
10:24 Ticket #2664 (Make a textarea input element and a multiple-choice select box element ...) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2715] - [2719].
10:18 Changeset [2719] by martinkou
Made it possible to create select boxes with multiple selection and …
10:02 Changeset [2718] by martinkou
Fixed JavaScript error when trying to upload a file via the file input …
09:54 Changeset [2717] by martinkou
The IE6 hack fix should only be applied to IE6, otherwise file inputs …
09:15 Changeset [2716] by martinkou
Made CKEDITOR.ui.dialog.uiElement::setValue() calls fire up the …
08:36 Changeset [2715] by martinkou
Fix for #2664 : Added textarea input and worked around/fixed various …


20:47 Ticket #2678 (Allow the ability to see protected tags as plain text in the regular ...) created by azebchuk
Allow the addition of tags to be protected so that they're not …
19:11 Ticket #2676 (FCKeditor 2.6.3 Directory Traversal) closed by alfonsoml
invalid: This is a problem in one integration of FCKeditor with Joomla. The …
19:04 Ticket #2677 (How to Integrate with Zend Framework) closed by wwalc
invalid: It's not the right place for support requests, please use …
17:45 Ticket #2677 (How to Integrate with Zend Framework) created by gadgroup
Hi, We have an app written in Zend Framework. How do integrate the …
15:19 Changeset [2714] by mosipov
corrected date by -1
03:33 Ticket #2676 (FCKeditor 2.6.3 Directory Traversal) created by chr1x2
You may upload files and create folders without logging in the admin …
02:51 Ticket #2675 (Changing background color does not render properly when font sizes differ.) created by dsarosi
Tested in opera and firefox. If you go to the demo, and change the …


22:01 Ticket #2674 (Multiple Spans) closed by alfonsoml
duplicate: dup of #2203
21:38 Ticket #2674 (Multiple Spans) created by simshaun
This is more of an inconvenience than a bug. I've found that when …
20:05 Changeset [2713] by martinkou
Fixed getValue() and setValue() of checkboxes.
19:55 Changeset [2712] by arczi
Added Textarea basic dialog
19:41 Changeset [2711] by martinkou
Fixed the issue where onOk() is still called in dialogs after …
19:21 Changeset [2710] by arczi
Added basic logic Fixed IE syntax errors Fixed layout in IE and Chrome
15:51 Ticket #2673 (Pipe Symbol i.e | is converted to %7c) created by Gerald.J
Steps to reproduce: Create a html file with a href link in that file. …
11:15 Ticket #2661 (Make dialog text boxes work in IE6.) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2709]. Click here for more info about our SVN …
11:15 Changeset [2709] by martinkou
Fixed #2661 : Removed the hack in [2691] since the bug is fixed by [2708].
11:11 Ticket #2634 (Bug with FCKXhtml.SpecialBlocks) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2619]. Click here for more info about our SVN …
10:58 Ticket #2663 (Fix the scrolling bug for CKEditor 3 link dialog.) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2708]. Click here for more info about our SVN …
10:54 Changeset [2708] by martinkou
Fixed #2663 : Fixed dialog scrolling bug with the link dialog when …
07:31 Ticket #2671 (Upload directly to Picasa) reopened by lenn-art
The Google API information …
06:03 Ticket #2662 (Make dialog layout work in quirks mode.) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2707]. Click here for more info about our SVN …
06:03 Changeset [2707] by martinkou
Fixed #2662 : Fixed dialog layout in IE quirks mode.
05:06 Changeset [2706] by martinkou
Moved the dialog layout workarounds into the skin CSS file.
04:18 Ticket #2665 (Fix layout of v3 dialog buttons in IE.) closed by martinkou
fixed: Fixed with [2705]. Click here for more info about our SVN …
04:17 Changeset [2705] by martinkou
Fixed #2665 : Dialogs buttons are now layed out correctly in IE6 …
02:40 Ticket #2672 (Ctrl-Del does not delete next work) created by robmueller
In most text editors, Ctrl-Del deletes the next word, but this does …


23:44 Ticket #2671 (Upload directly to Picasa) closed by alfonsoml
wontfix: I haven't seen such API. Reopen if you can provide such info.
22:35 Changeset [2704] by mosipov
- Addressed TODOs - Added more JavaDocs
20:41 Changeset [2703] by mosipov
- Fixed typos - added connector.apt stub
16:50 Changeset [2702] by mosipov
completed upgrade_notes.apt.vm for now
04:58 Changeset [2701] by mosipov
Added more notes
04:02 Changeset [2700] by mosipov
Added stub upgrade_notes.apt.vm
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