23:46 Ticket #4501 (jQuery-UI dialog does not work with CKEditor) created by Almog
when i locate the ckeditor on the jquery-ui`s dialog some inputs not …
23:16 Ticket #4500 (special tag being parsed instead of ignored.) created by fckattemptor
MediaWiki 1.15.0 PHP 5.2.11 (cgi-fcgi) MySQL 5.1.34-community i am …
21:24 Ticket #4499 (Broken drop shadow on Office2003 and v2 theme) created by simshaun
I've had this occur on multiple PC's in IE7. When the editor is loaded …
16:10 Ticket #4107 (Font combo inconsistency) closed by garry.yao
fixed: Fixed with [4318].
16:10 Changeset [4318] by garry.yao
Fixing #4107 : Normalize css Font-family style text for correct …
16:05 Ticket #4344 (Successive <br>s get lost) closed by garry.yao
fixed: Design TC udpated at : …
16:03 Changeset [4317] by garry.yao
Fixing #4344: Whitespaces between filler BRs should be ignored.
16:01 Changeset [4316] by garry.yao
Adding TCs for #4344: Whitespaces between fill BRs should be ignored.
15:38 Changeset [4315] by garry.yao
Adding TCs for #3828: Fixing malformed nested list structure.
12:41 Changeset [4314] by wwalc
Merged trunk [4239:4313]
11:29 Ticket #3828 (Paste from Word - bullets not reproduced) reopened by garry.yao
After a discussion, this particular fixing should be present as a …
09:51 Ticket #4498 (Tooltip is required for the collapse/expand control) created by Senthil
No tooltip is available for the collapse/expand toolbar control.Please …
09:49 Ticket #4497 (Inline event handlers are ignored in AIR) created by garry.yao
All handlers in form of 'onclick=...' we had used for performance …
09:42 Ticket #4496 (All float panels are broken in AIR) created by garry.yao
All the ui widgets that rely on float panel is not working properly, …
09:39 Ticket #4495 (Adobe AIR support) created by garry.yao
This is an umbrella ticket. It points to several to tickets that must …
09:28 Ticket #4444 (Adapting formattings from MS-Word to editor's style system) closed by garry.yao
09:27 Ticket #4441 (Support for copying table from MS-Word) closed by garry.yao
09:27 Ticket #4470 (Deprecate the dialog of 'Paste from Word') closed by garry.yao
09:27 Ticket #4423 (Proper list handling including bullet and number lists from MS-Word) closed by garry.yao
09:26 Ticket #1427 (Autodetect clipboard contents on Paste) closed by garry.yao
09:26 Ticket #4395 (Use htmldataprocessor to refactor pasting processor) closed by garry.yao
09:25 Ticket #3828 (Paste from Word - bullets not reproduced) closed by garry.yao
fixed: Changes are committed with [4312] and [4313] at pasting branch.
09:22 Changeset [4313] by garry.yao
Post fixing #3828: Invalid form of nested list should be corrected.
09:16 Changeset [4312] by garry.yao
Fixing #3828: Invalid form of nested list should be corrected.
09:12 Ticket #4494 (Add norwegian language file for CKFinder) created by Spenna
I had to translate CKFinder to norwegian as part of a project, and …
07:12 Ticket #4493 (php tag is not working) created by kuntal_sarkar
Any php tg is not working. PHP tag tag removing when I am pasing any …


23:56 Ticket #4492 (IE6 Image Dialog positioning) created by simshaun
This seems to be intermittent -- I have not figured out how to …
17:33 Ticket #4491 (Text Style/Size - make single select) created by omjduval
Hi, I sthere an easy way to configure fckeditor so that end user can …
07:14 Ticket #4490 (Fail to load site using it's html source code...) created by sureace
Dear FCKedirot, Congratulations for creating such a …


20:21 Ticket #4489 (MediaWiki+FCKEditor - Cyclical Categories causes SEGFAULT) created by SPOrange
In using the latest trunk version of the FCKEditor+MediaWiki …
18:42 Ticket #4381 (Show style in dropdown as blank when selecting multiple styles in editor) closed by fredck
wontfix: I don't see this solution as so intuitive. "Blank" means actually …
16:40 Ticket #4488 (CKPackager: post increment does not check whether space is needed) created by wwalc
The following snipped get broken by the packager: […] Space …
02:13 Ticket #4487 (FCKEditor 2.6.5 Does Not work with Safari 3.2.1) created by ruben.g
I just updated to FCKEditor 2.6.5 to fix a height issue with Safari 4, …


19:38 Ticket #4486 (Please Change Bold and Italic to STRONG and EM) created by alanregan
First, thank you for a good product. I submit this feature request on …
16:54 Ticket #4485 (where do i can set default target in editarea?) created by ewan75
Hi! i am testing fckeditor for our company's new RTE, so far so …
15:38 Ticket #4484 (How to add "Insert/Edit image" custom dialog. FCKEditor 2,4.3) created by soumik
Hi, I am currently working on building a demo application on …


17:07 Changeset [4311] by garry.yao
Enable 'Styles' combo for adobeair.
13:08 Ticket #4483 (NEW pharmacy) closed by mosipov
invalid: spam
09:06 Ticket #4483 (NEW pharmacy) created by PupkinVasya
have 511 7 [http://posterous.com/people/204669 / Where Can I Buy …


20:07 Ticket #4482 (bad guidelines regarding usage of fckeditor_config.js) created by sorin
The configuration file (fckeditor_config.js) is part of the version …


22:02 Ticket #4481 (stylesCombo_stylesSet doesn't work for full url) created by alfonsoml
The code tries to split the configuration entry based on ':' and get a …
21:22 Ticket #4480 (Table dialog generates wrong scope attribute for headers) created by alfonsoml
The logic for generating the scope attribute in the table dialog has …


22:31 Ticket #4479 (Styles combo is not "active" until it's clicked) created by alfonsoml
When the editor is loaded, the Styles combo doesn't react to changes …
22:28 Ticket #4478 (Select all not enabled in source mode) created by alfonsoml
In FCKeditor 2. it was possible in Source mode to select all the code …
22:14 Ticket #4477 (Missing th in objectElements of styles plugin) created by alfonsoml
table, td and even tr is there, but th is missing. Other related …
16:11 Ticket #4476 (inaccessible bullet created when adding bullet at higher level and ...) created by Kenny
We noticed a problem in fckeditor , when creating bullets with …
10:38 Ticket #4475 (Custom protectedSource ruins content) created by WayFarer
When using custom protection for {tagname ...} elements (not for …
10:24 Ticket #4474 (Hungarian translation for CKFinder 3.X) created by hipi


21:27 Ticket #4473 (editor.dataProcessor.dataFilter.addRules() doesnt work for same ...) created by dmitryx
I tried to create custom plugin, that deals with div fake object, so i …
19:43 Changeset [4310] by garry.yao
Restore to the default config.
19:42 Changeset [4309] by garry.yao
Fixing a bug where 'forcePasteAsPlainText' is not working when …
17:18 Changeset [4308] by garry.yao
Adding config entry : 'pasteFromWordPromptCleanup'.
14:52 Ticket #4266 ("New Page" button is not working when cursor is inside "Show Blocks" area) closed by fredck
wontfix: Show Blocks is an editing utility. It's there to give users some …
13:34 Changeset [4307] by fredck
Added profile.js to the ignore list.
12:23 Ticket #4472 ([FF3] Browserwindow scrolls to loaded ckEditor) created by Partout
When having multiple ckEditors in a HTML-page with so many content it …
11:49 Changeset [4306] by garry.yao
Fixing a bug where prompting 'MS-Word clean-up' is shown after closing …
11:33 Ticket #4471 (FCKEditor Value does not save when using URL Rewrite) created by ngrabenko
Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1 .NET Framework 3.5 FCKeditor.Net …
10:09 Ticket #4470 (Deprecate the dialog of 'Paste from Word') created by garry.yao
Thanks for the paste from word dialog which serving as a MS-Word …
09:53 Ticket #4469 (Enhance 'Paste As Text') created by garry.yao
Currently 'Paste As Text' will always open dialog for non-IE, we …
09:45 Changeset [4305] by garry.yao
'Paste from word' command now will first give a try to native …
09:36 Changeset [4304] by garry.yao
Fixing a bug where security dialog where triggered when hit Ctrl-V on …
08:28 Changeset [4303] by garry.yao
'Paste plain text' command now will give a try to native clipboard …


21:50 Ticket #4468 (Image reverts back to uploaded size) created by tcarfrey
Versions Mediawiki:1.15.1 FCKeditor: 2.6.4 When you add an image to …
21:16 Ticket #4467 (Wrong code for using custom icon in context menu) created by alfonsoml
Reported with solution here …
21:11 Ticket #4254 (Add API sample) closed by alfonsoml
21:09 Changeset [4302] by alfonsoml
Added basic API sample #4254
18:18 Changeset [4301] by garry.yao
Leave the 'CKTESTER.fort.allComplete' as an empty function.
18:07 Changeset [4300] by garry.yao
Adding TestSwarm hook script for CKTester.
15:54 Ticket #4466 (Czech Languane File for CK Editor 3.0) created by davemacblack
Czech Languane File for CK Editor 3.0
15:51 Ticket #4465 (Czech Language File for FCK Editor 2.6.5) created by davemacblack
Czech Language File for FCK Editor 2.6.5
15:51 Ticket #4464 (Czech Language File for FCK Editor 2.6.5) created by davemacblack
Czech Language File for FCK Editor 2.6.5
15:45 Changeset [4299] by garry.yao
Fixing a bug during element filtering where renamed attributes don't …
15:44 Ticket #4463 (V3 : Inline CSS support) created by fredck
With FCKeditor we're able to include the plain CSS for some …
11:12 Ticket #4462 (fck mediawiki extension is broken under php 5.3.0) created by yannh
Mediawiki 1.15.1 Php 5.3.0 Fck mediawiki extension_N
09:49 Changeset [4298] by garry.yao
Refactor name convention.
09:47 Changeset [4297] by garry.yao
Adding sandbox frame based iframe loading for wysiwyg mode.


17:55 Ticket #2881 (Need to click on Submit button twice if there are multiple fckeditor ...) closed by fredck
fixed: I'm happy to hear that this is not anymore an issue with CKEditor 3.
17:36 Changeset [4296] by garry.yao
Post-fixing #4397: A typo in [4295].
17:34 Ticket #4397 (Ambiguous page scroll) closed by garry.yao
fixed: Fixed with [4295].
17:33 Changeset [4295] by garry.yao
Fixing #4397: Regression of [3816] where turn on design mode is …
12:33 Changeset [4294] by garry.yao
Adding 'adobeair' plugin and necessary changes to the core codes.
11:09 Changeset [4293] by garry.yao
Create feature branch for adobe air support.


21:58 Ticket #4461 (Combo boxes make the toolbar be heigher with Office2003 skin & RTL ...) created by Saare
when adding combobox to the toolbar, the line is getting heighr and …


19:38 Changeset [4292] by garry.yao
Customize to support CKEditor testing.
19:35 Changeset [4291] by garry.yao
Revert to orginal Git checkout copy.
19:17 Changeset [4290] by garry.yao
Initial checkin TestSwarm.
18:44 Changeset [4289] by garry.yao
Adding the hook point for the completion of all cells.
18:05 Ticket #4460 (stack overflow 15 + areas IE 6) created by mikitarian
When creating a page that has more than 15 fckeditor instances that …
17:46 Ticket #4459 (CKEditor maximized appears below select element in IE6) created by wwalc
To reproduce, add […] above […] in replacebycode sample. In …
10:45 Ticket #4458 (FCK 3: Unable to upload image to the server in Chrome 3.0) created by nadia
1. Click 'Image' feature pictogram. 2. Click [Browse Server] in …
10:30 Changeset [4288] by garry.yao
Fixing a bug list item marker might be left in the source.
09:01 Changeset [4287] by garry.yao
Fixing a bug where list item is not properly resolved due to style in …
08:45 Changeset [4286] by garry.yao
Fixing a bug of list-style-type that IE doesn't support value of …
08:31 Changeset [4285] by garry.yao
1. Fixing a bug that attributes filter was unable to alter other …


17:14 Ticket #4457 (Position & size file browser window on its parent) created by brandonkelly
Currently, when CKEditor launches a file browser window, it centers …
17:00 Ticket #4456 (Language fix for the Hebrew language) created by Saare
Attached a new translation i made to the Hebrew language. fixed some …
16:56 Changeset [4284] by garry.yao
Updating ticket test for #4242.
16:52 Changeset [4283] by garry.yao
Post-fixing #4242: The 'shouldThrows' is not working properly and it …
16:05 Ticket #4455 (Unable to start editing when image inside document not loaded) created by garry.yao
If there's large image inside the editing document, the wysiwyg mode …
13:02 Changeset [4282] by garry.yao
Fixing a bug where 'ignore fonts' dialog checkbox doesn't work.
12:46 Changeset [4281] by garry.yao
1. Fixing a bug where bogus attributes are left behind; 2. Fixing a …
12:34 Ticket #4454 (CKEditor should resize itself automatically in resizable floating window) created by wwalc
CKEditor behaves in a different way than FCKeditor when height is set …
12:02 Ticket #4453 (FF: No context menu when right clicking a select component) created by giuseppe
This bug is the same of the Ticket #703 and of the Ticket …
08:23 Ticket #4452 (Documenting CKTester) created by garry.yao
The user's guide of CKTester should be provided at the …


21:50 Ticket #4451 (Different "Apple + LeftArrow" keyboard shortcut behavior in Firefox on ...) created by Sniff
OS: Mac OS X 10.6.1 Browser: Firefox 3.5.3 Product: CKEditor 3.0 …
18:51 Changeset [4280] by garry.yao
Further simplify cleanup rules.
13:35 Ticket #4450 (Setting column paragraph alignment generates spurious <P>'s before table) created by damo
To reproduce: 1. Open nightly sample 2. Add a table with …
12:48 Changeset [4279] by garry.yao
Post fixing #4385: Editor's auto adjusting on DOM structure were …
12:44 Ticket #4385 (CheckDirty is not returning the correct state) closed by garry.yao
fixed: Fixed with [4278].
12:42 Changeset [4278] by garry.yao
Fixing #4385: Editor's auto adjusting on DOM structure were confusing …
12:25 Changeset [4277] by garry.yao
1. Allow stylesheet definitions to be applied as inline styles in …
12:23 Ticket #4449 (Bug in IE: <P> inside <P>) created by amgreen
Hi! Please, insert this code in editor in IE browser and twice click …
12:22 Ticket #4247 (CKFinder language file) closed by wwalc
12:22 Ticket #4360 (Danish translation for CKFinder 3.X) closed by wwalc
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