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Ticket Summary Status Keywords Owner Type Priority
#8180 FF and Opera: Dialog contents go out of dialog border when CKEditor is in RTL language confirmed Firefox Opera Bug Normal
#8271 CKEditor toolbar becomes invisible when using Tab key and Maximize toolbar button confirmed Firefox Opera Bug Normal
#10463 Clipboard toolbar becomes accessible in read-only mode confirmed Firefox Opera Bug Normal
#9017 FF, Opera - Page down gets stuck confirmed Firefox Opera IBM Bug Normal
#9774 HasPatch adding a body wrapper (usefull for adding (invisible) css wrappers) new HasPatch body css wrapper New Feature Normal
#8338 Opera: link not inserted in correct position when we have image before cursor position (CORE-14592) confirmed IBM Opera Bug Normal
#8412 Opera: insertElement() not working as expected for inline elements confirmed IBM Opera Bug Normal
#9374 Opera: Editor displays off-screen in autogrow sample in maximize mode confirmed IBM Opera Bug Normal
#10351 Opera: Replace Textarea Elements by Class Name sample - CKEditor loses focus confirmed IBM Webkit Opera Bug Normal
#6828 [IE] Block selection breaks enterBr confirmed IE Opera Bug Normal
#8334 Strange behaviour, missing line confirmed IE Opera Bug Normal
#10378 IE: empty lines removed from list on copy/paste review_failed IE Opera Oracle Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal
#6309 List number\bullet don`t show confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#6395 Unable to set formating on empty page review_failed Opera Martin Bug Normal
#6396 Unable to set cursor at the end of line in formated text confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#7794 Editor missing or placed wrong, after fullscreen enabled confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#8030 Opera: can not activate menu entries with enter confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#8361 [Opera] Wrong cursor position occurs after editing link confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#8388 CTRL-V Paste with Opera going to top of editor confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#8453 Linebreak after image in Opera brings image down confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#9463 [Opera] Consequent clicking on a single toolbar button call out context menu assigned Opera Garry Yao Bug Normal
#9579 [Opera] Extra BR added when load a single HR confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#9756 Strikethrough splits text in Opera confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#9775 [Opera] Caret remains in previous line after pressing enter in pre-formatted block confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#10126 [Opera] Arrows in colorbuttons are displaced in RTL editor confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#10127 [Opera] Error thrown when applying list on incorrectly focused editor confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#11835 [Opera] Dialog box is displayed behind flash content confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#11967 [Opera@Win] Inline editor created from textarea blinks when clicking confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#2578 Opera browser fit to width loses edit area confirmed Opera Discussion Bug Low
#8621 WYSIWYG focus fails on Opera Mobile and Kindle Silk browsers confirmed Opera Mobile Bug Normal
#8526 [Webkit] Unlink Highlighted Object leaves empty Anchor confirmed Opera Webkit Bug Normal
#10153 Style combo update issue when inline editor programmatically created and focused confirmed Opera Webkit Bug Normal
#14812 Editor calls setData twice at load new setData called twice per load Bug Normal
#10340 DTD caching makes it impossible to modify DTD even before first editor creation confirmed Webkit Opera Bug Normal
#8994 Firefox, Webkit and Opera - Can't exit link at the end of document in bbcode confirmed Webkit Opera Firefox Bug Normal
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