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[iOS] iPad issue with Dropdown Menus

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Component: UI : Toolbar Version: 4.0.1
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I am trying to solve an issue I have on an iPad with the dropdown menus (font, style, spellcheck, etc). On a project I am working on it is impossible to click on the options in the menu with the iPad.

The issue can be demonstrated with the following jsfiddle links: works correctly on the iPad. You are able to select the options as you would expect. does not work correctly. You cannot select any of the options from the menu.

I originally posted this to the forums at but have not gotten any replies.

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Keywords: iOS added; iPad toolbar removed

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#11385 and #10158 were marked as duplicates.

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One of our users was investigating this issue a little bit and this is what he has got:

I discovered the problem file, I added pieces of that code back in one by one to determine what breaks the font/size/style menu functionality.

For future reference, this was the code:

this.element.bind("scroll touchEnd resize", function () {

In the real code there is a function called inside of this bind, but even with the binding doing nothing at all, as shown above, it still causes the Editor menus to break. The important thing, I believe is that the “this.element” in the above is a parent container of the Editor (not direct parent, but parent for sure). It is the “touchEnd” event that causes the issue as once those eight characters are removed the problem goes away. So my conclusion thus far is that a parent element of the Editor can not bind anything to the “touchEnd” event if it needs for drop-down menus such as font/size/style to function.

Now that I have that problem diagnosed and a workaround in place, my Editor performs like the demo editor on your site. That is I can select a font-size now (yay), but by doing so the Editor freezes up and won’t accept any input until I remove and add back focus (at which point getting to use my newly selected font-size is near impossible). This issue was reported in #11405.

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Summary: iPad issue with Dropdown Menus[iOS] iPad issue with Dropdown Menus

comment:6 Changed 9 years ago by Jorge

I am also experiencing #10158, which is marked as a dup of this bug. With iOS, "color selector" and other dropdowns like "styles" are not working: they won't be applied to the selected text when pressed.

I am not sure this is the same bug that is being reported here but in any case, I think it's pretty serious as invalidates a few core editing actions in iOS.


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Possible duplicate: #13573

comment:8 Changed 9 years ago by Piotrek Koszuliński

Most likely a DUP of #13593, but let's wait until it gets resolved.

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Unable to reproduce in Safari on iPad

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