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#9612 Moving the text cursor inside form elements causes js-error and breaks source-mode confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#14346 native Browser Spellchecking not working when pressing return without space confirmed spellcheck firefox return space Bug Normal
#2155 Nested OL/UL doesn't get fixed on output confirmed Firefox Chrome Bug Normal
#3934 New line collapsed in enterMode=BR review_failed Firefox Bug Normal
#13735 Paste from word confirmed Blink Firefox Bug Normal
#12584 Paste table within CK-Editor looses formattings (FF 33) confirmed Firefox Blink Webkit Bug Normal
#12673 Pasting a single whitespace besides an existing one in firefox has no effect confirmed IBM Firefox Bug Normal
#8273 Pasting into empty bullet doesn't behave as expected - FF/IE9 confirmed Firefox IE9 Bug Normal
#14565 Pressing delete key in a highlighted image inside a floating div throws an error review_failed Firefox Tade0 Bug Normal
#11491 Pressing delete key in highlighted text in blockquote removes paragraph tags confirmed Firefox IE Bug Normal
#8021 Problem handling images confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#6659 Removing selected li while typing review_failed Firefox Martin Bug Normal
#8695 Reset fonts confirmed Firefox, Webkit Bug Normal
#2981 Sample 10 second instance not working after clicking combo confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#8517 Selection Field content is broken in firefox when clicked on left , right justification plugins. confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#7842 Selection handles in FF can't be set or removed confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#8010 setData from dialog makes empty undo step confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#10404 Strange insertHTML behaviour with FF 20.0.1 after selectRanges and hide/show confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#10305 Strange jumps to the top in Firefox upon dialog closing (testcase included) confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#4398 Support for detaching from the DOM confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#16900 Table from Excel gets pasted as image in Firefox confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#10201 Table properties have no width when opening dialog after resizing table confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#7143 Text Cursor loses position when document-overflow is modified confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#6354 The i() function takes a lot more time in 3.4.1 than in 3.4.0 confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#10402 TypeError: A/range is undefined when calling insertHtml after hide/show. confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#14614 Whitespace is removed when pasting content in visual mode confirmed Blink Webkit Firefox Bug Normal
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