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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#13205 Advanced Toolbar Configurator on wide screens Task Normal Toolbar Configurator
#9855 Better context checking for toolbar buttons New Feature Normal General
#9850 Dialog that doesn't fit in viewport can't be moved by dragging Bug Normal UI : Dialogs 4.0.1
#9849 Orphan <br> should be transformed into <p><br></p> Bug Normal General 3.6.6
#9614 Tabletools insert column before behavior is confusing Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal Core : Tables 4.0
#9526 [IE] Selection is not properly reflected on startup Bug Normal Core : Selection 3.0
#8260 Change from raising error to show an alert if instance exists Bug Normal General
#7120 Line Spacing Button New Feature Normal General
#7017 [IE] Table cells deleted when trying to set formatting for the entire table Bug Normal Core : Tables 3.3
#6937 Applying Block Quote to empty or the only paragraph in Table cell applying Block Quote to Table instead of Table Cell or Paragraph in Table Cell Bug Normal General
#6934 Alternative style/format outlook New Feature Normal General 3.0
#6931 Form creation behaviour Bug Normal General
#6835 A few dialogs' content is not resiable Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal UI : Dialogs 3.5
#6602 Automatically send WYSIWYG browsers into source mode instead of refusing to work New Feature Normal General
#6443 SelectionChange not firing in all instances Bug Normal General 3.0
#6294 insertHtml: support for custom (invalid) HTML tags Bug Normal General 3.0
#6258 Table delete cells New Feature Normal Core : Tables
#6173 Removing Items from unordered list (WinXP/IE8) Bug Normal General 3.3.2
#5998 Sample config.js file (config.sample.js perhaps) Task Normal General 3.3.1
#5938 Enter into dt/dd elements should toggle these tags New Feature Normal UI : Enter Key 3.3.1
#5768 List plugin: request for preserving paragraphs when creating a list New Feature Normal Core : Lists
#5692 Handle file dropping in editor New Feature Normal General 3.0
#5600 Create new block Format to end PRE at start of line New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#5528 Protect style attribute Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal Core : Output Data
#5025 Approach for backward compatibility Task Normal General
#5009 Context sub-menu items should not hide other context menu items Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#4454 CKEditor should resize itself automatically in resizable floating window New Feature Normal General 3.0
#3944 Preview mode New Feature Normal General
#3731 Support 'style only' override in style system New Feature Normal Core : Styles 3.0
#2578 Opera browser fit to width loses edit area Bug Low General 3.4.1
#1940 Floating dialog for File Browser New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs FCKeditor 2.6 Beta
#1824 table wizard New Feature Normal General
#1415 empty div tags are removed Bug Normal Core : Parser 3.0
#1066 Multi-user simultaneous editing support New Feature Normal General
#855 FCKeditor as a Local Text Editor. New Feature Normal General
#667 [SS] Combination of a link and a style Bug Normal Core : Styles
#590 Cluster toolbar items into dropdowns New Feature Normal General
#513 Implement source view with rich text area (designMode=on) New Feature Normal UI : Source View
#9988 Stop using <a> for everything. Task Low UI : Toolbar 4.0
#8716 Better indication of required fields Bug Normal Accessibility 3.0
#4523 Style plugin should allow refreshing of data New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#4173 [IE] loading long text in text input streatching dialog Bug Normal UI : Dialogs SVN (CKEditor) - OLD
#1424 Delete / backspace next to "Control" elements should select that control, rather than deleting New Feature Normal General
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