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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#10641 Find considers elements with display: none confirmed Bug Normal
#10214 Find/Raplace doesn't match everything. confirmed Bug Normal
#12351 Find/Replace accessibility confirmed Bug Normal
#3319 Find/Replace and edit review_failed New Feature Normal
#9501 Find selection throws error on cut in IE6-8 confirmed Bug Normal
#5762 Finishing a list causes the caret to go back to the last item with enterMode br confirmed Bug Normal
#10273 Finish integrating dialogs with Advanced Content Filter confirmed Task Normal
#7941 Fire an event when a template is selected confirmed New Feature Normal
#9967 Fire an Event when items are selected on toolbar combo boxes and color panels confirmed New Feature Normal
#4264 Fire event after enterkey press is handled confirmed New Feature Normal
#4362 Fire event when floatpanel opened confirmed New Feature Normal
#8209 [Firefox5] : Unable to write in the same line ,After using display none/block on editor. confirmed Bug Normal
#8096 Firefox: Additional </br> added after clicking legend in fieldset and switching to Source mode confirmed Bug Normal
#14395 [Firefox] backspacing into a list with an empty list in between causes content to be removed confirmed Bug Normal
#6743 Firefox: ckeditor exceeds requested width while loading confirmed Bug Normal
#16964 [Firefox] Double line is shown after pressing Shift+Enter new Bug Normal
#17007 Firefox drag handles in div editing area new Bug Normal
#3428 Firefox : Href encoded when using paste dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#10709 Firefox, IE: Text entered after pasted URL becomes part of that URL confirmed Bug Normal
#12697 [Firefox] Image drag and drop lock cursor confirmed Bug Normal
#12872 [Firefox] Improve copy/cut and paste binding confirmed New Feature Normal
#14872 [Firefox] Insert cell before then after confirmed Bug Normal
#12696 [Firefox] It is possible to create BODY without P using HR confirmed Bug Normal
#1356 [Firefox] Keyboard to go to next/previous paragraph confirmed New Feature Normal
#12641 Firefox merges paragraphs with wrong style confirmed Bug Normal
#16720 Firefox: Not possible to enter normal text after inserting Link using Link dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#7053 Firefox: right arrow does not close the link confirmed Bug Normal
#8206 Firefox: unable to access caption with arrow keys confirmed Bug Normal
#8994 Firefox, Webkit and Opera - Can't exit link at the end of document in bbcode confirmed Bug Normal
#5841 :first-letter style causes character position translation errors and hanging in Google Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#8498 First word in webspelchecker not automatic selected in IE9 confirmed Bug Normal
#14304 fixing position of range.endOffset moves to range.startOffset on moving the place of a word new Bug Normal
#5754 Fixlineneds: allow file-specific configuration confirmed Task Normal
#11010 Fix memory leaks caused by CKEDITOR.filter.instances storing nested editables' filters forever confirmed Bug Normal
#11873 flash and iframe resizing confirmed Bug Normal
#6196 flash edit dialog show url(源文件) uncorrectly confirmed Bug Normal
#11274 Flash placeholder change size after copy and paste in image2 sample confirmed Bug Normal
#7864 Flash plugin url escapes some values confirmed Bug Normal
#4820 Flash properties dialog / info tab / option to require width and height be entered. confirmed New Feature Normal
#1940 Floating dialog for File Browser confirmed New Feature Normal
#842 Floating DIV tag layer confirmed New Feature Normal
#13156 Floating toolbar incorrenct left margin in manual tests confirmed Bug Normal
#14434 Floating toolbar misplaced w/ body { position: relative; } and margin-top confirmed Bug Normal
#2920 Flow chart support confirmed New Feature Normal
#11538 Flying option menu when anchor present in URL confirmed Bug Normal
#8346 Focus after close dropdown confirmed Bug Normal
#13800 Focusing a widget and then defocusing the editor creates an undo step confirmed Bug Normal
#13960 Focus is lost for blind users of the Voiceover screen reader while editing text new Bug Normal
#13012 Focus is not properly restored after closing the context menu confirmed Bug Low
#12959 Focus issue when clicking on an image (inline editing) confirmed Bug Normal
#10092 Focus lost on IE when reopening in an iframe with a jQuery onload listener confirmed Bug Normal
#13908 Focus not being set in the Upload tab after the upload image button is pressed confirmed Bug Normal
#10568 Focus space configuration for magicline. confirmed New Feature Normal
#9643 Focus style for dialog buttons (cancel,ok) is too heavy confirmed Bug Normal
#13044 Focus trap inside dialog tabs confirmed Bug Normal
#17044 Font does not hold new Bug Normal
#12904 Font Dropdowns could have 'default' option that resets font to default value confirmed New Feature Normal
#16710 Font-familly gets pasted pasted from MS Word with &quot; confirmed Bug Normal
#16977 Font plugin should also transform `font` element with style attributes. confirmed Task Normal
#14833 Font set on multi-line text then numbered list causes extra line breaks in numbered list confirmed Bug Normal
#9295 Font Size and Bold/Italic/Underline create multiple spans confirmed Bug Normal
#9964 Font Size and Font Name drop-downs do not always reflect font styling confirmed New Feature Low
#13822 Font Size dropdown could contain input filed so that user could enter desired font-size. confirmed New Feature Normal
#17045 Font Size not holding new Bug Normal
#5503 Font-size overlaps background-color confirmed Bug Normal
#16865 Fonts setting should not be toggling options. confirmed Bug Normal
#833 FontStyleAdv Command confirmed New Feature Normal
#11565 Footnote plugin confirmed New Feature Normal
#13969 forcepasteasplaintext CTRL + V not working confirmed Bug Normal
#13723 forceSimpleAmpersand is not working as expected. confirmed Bug Normal
#17012 forceSimpleAmpersand no longer works as expected, any links with ampersands fail new Bug Normal
#6749 Foreground or Background color not saved for a next usage review Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal
#9001 Format cannot be applied if first line of selection is already in target format confirmed Bug Normal
#304 FormatIndentator cannot be reliably set via script interface confirmed Bug Normal
#9550 Format selector/dropdown is too small when using norwegian language confirmed Bug Normal
#9013 Formatting IE9 selected text fails confirmed Bug Normal
#11346 Formatting lost when applied to highlighted section, cursor placed at end of line, then the same formatting option toggled again confirmed Bug Normal
#13561 Formatting text can remove empty lines confirmed Bug Normal
#6931 Form creation behaviour new Bug Normal
#5804 Form elements are not editable confirmed Bug Normal
#12074 Forms plugin: textarea, textfield, button selection impossible with a mouse confirmed Bug Normal
#14591 French localization: Overlapped labels on flash properties windows confirmed Bug Normal
#16918 French text alignment in flash plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#14428 Fullscreen mode on iphone/ipad new Bug Normal
#7890 Function editor.getData() return incorrect data. confirmed Bug Normal
#10858 Function focus() failed under IE if some of the HTML elements has style with specified width or height attributes confirmed Bug Normal
#8852 Fx & Chrome @ Linux: Unlink option is not always available from the context menu when right clicking on a link confirmed Bug Normal
#12652 GCC's logs are useless confirmed Bug Normal
#11978 [Gecko] Fix D&D for multiselection confirmed Bug Normal
#7779 getData converts BR tag to nbsp confirmed Bug Normal
#14634 getSelectedText omits <br> characters in IE confirmed Bug Normal
#849 Get the "plain text" (tags stripped) content from the editor confirmed New Feature Normal
#16898 Getting "Unable to set property 'setState' of undefined and null reference" in richcombo/plugin.js pending Bug Normal
#12677 [Google Chrome] Triple-clicking a heading and then pressing backspace forces the text below to inherit the deleted heading styles confirmed Bug Normal
#3538 Google Transliteration AJAX API for Indic languages confirmed New Feature Normal
#6710 "&gt;" in custom style "name" throws error confirmed Bug Normal
#5692 Handle file dropping in editor new New Feature Normal
#9413 Handle text pasted by drag&drop confirmed Bug Normal
#14799 Handling MOD+(i,b,u) shortcuts in more friendly way to hostile environment confirmed New Feature Normal
#5294 Handling textareas within CKeditor confirmed New Feature Normal
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