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Ticket Summary Version Status Owner Type Priority
#7530 Support for setting a default font and applying it through inline styles review_failed garry.yao New Feature Normal
#9660 Support for Windows 8 Apps confirmed New Feature Normal
#11502 Synchronous calls of asynchronous methods causes errors confirmed New Feature Normal
#12463 System hangs when using Image upload on IOS 8 (iPhone, iPad) confirmed Bug Normal
#829 Table Auto Format confirmed New Feature Normal
#12099 Table Cell properties get duplicated on Chrome/Mac confirmed Bug Normal
#6258 Table delete cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#10021 Table plugin uses attributes deprecated in HTML5 confirmed Bug Normal
#911 table support toward spreadsheet functionality confirmed New Feature Normal
#425 Table tags to support enhanced table design by class style confirmed New Feature Normal
#1824 table wizard new New Feature Normal
#3397 tableWizard confirmed New Feature Normal
#3845 'tabSpaces' config not working for source mode confirmed New Feature Normal
#12743 Task list: let the user enter a list of checkboxes, that are actionable. pending New Feature Normal
#11254 Tests mocking CKEDITOR.editor should be rewritten confirmed Bug Normal
#874 Text style control confirmed New Feature Normal
#6553 The Find dialog doesn't submit on the Enter key confirmed New Feature Normal
#8785 There is no option like CKEDITOR.config.forcePasteFromWord confirmed New Feature Normal
#839 There should be a button that insert BR with CLEAR="ALL" confirmed New Feature Normal
#3079 The state should be reflected in the table elements title review_failed New Feature Normal
#13407 The window still resizes following mouse movement after letting go of the mouse click confirmed Bug Normal
#599 Timestamp confirmed New Feature Normal
#4516 Toolbar button to embed Silverlight confirmed New Feature Normal
#12265 Transform inline widget into block and back confirmed New Feature Normal
#6124 Typing * TEXT auto bullets confirmed New Feature Normal
#10737 UI languages sample should show some BiDi features confirmed Task Normal
#11470 [Umbrella] a11yhelp dialog needs attention confirmed Task Normal
#9998 [Umbrella][Blink/Webkit] Issues related to backspace and delete keys handling confirmed Bug High
#11596 [Umbrella] MathJax plugin improvements confirmed Task Normal
#11787 Umbrella ticket for Problems with Asian input confirmed Bug Normal
#12287 Unable to create link when certain fields are removed from the dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#13651 Unable to paste unicode characters confirmed Bug Normal
#13307 Uncaught IndexSizeError: Failed to execute 'extend' on 'Selection': 1... in Blink-browsers pending Bug Normal
#8561 Unexpected lists get created when selecting nested divs confirmed Bug Normal
#1930 Unifiy error codes in the built-in file browser and in CKFinder confirmed New Feature Normal
#591 Unique Style Set for each Toolbar Set confirmed New Feature Normal
#12656 Unnecessary space added to table class attribute review m.lewandowski Bug Normal
#827 Upcase selected text confirmed New Feature Normal
#11709 Update ACF documentation with wildcards and blacklisting assigned Reinmar Task Normal
#11190 Updated missing meta information for language files confirmed Task Normal
#6527 Upload tab captions in the Image, Link and Flash dialogs should be revised confirmed Task Normal
#12004 Use BASE_PATH in tests confirmed Task Normal
#2771 Use CKEditor in opensocial gadget confirmed New Feature Normal
#12046 Using figure wrapper even if there is no caption confirmed New Feature Normal
#2818 Using OpenDocument as another Native output format confirmed New Feature Normal
#2330 Using the Drag Handle to resize a table forces absolute sizes confirmed New Feature Normal
#9804 UX and code improvements for resize plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#2823 V3: Dialog API lazy load confirmed Bug Normal
#13098 Various cases with incorrect selection after backspace/del in lists confirmed Bug Normal
#597 WAI Accessibility standards implemented confirmed New Feature Normal
#10261 Walker documentation seems to be outdated confirmed Bug Normal
#11877 Walker executes guard on node twice in specific situation confirmed Bug Normal
#12983 Walker.guard is called more than once for every node boundary confirmed New Feature Normal
#10588 WCAG color contrast info in color picker confirmed New Feature Normal
#13816 [Webkit/Blink] New strategy for Filling Character handling to avoid changes in DOM review_passed Reinmar Task Normal
#6119 Web Spell Checker - "finish checking" takes ages to finish confirmed Bug Normal
#8502 we can't shift+Tab out of the editor if there is no focusable element before the editor confirmed Bug Normal
#13813 When calling CKEDITOR.replace with two extra Plugins twice, the editor does not load on the second time pending Bug Normal
#12297 When searching a text, the matched chunk does highlight, but does not scroll to it's position in the area confirmed Bug Normal
#11108 Widget's documentation : data object confirmed Task Normal
#12576 Widget Tutorials - custom toolbars confirmed Task Normal
#13149 [Windows Phone 8.1] Selection is not watched correctly so it is lost when blurring editor confirmed Bug Normal
#12658 Wrong caret position on undo. confirmed Bug Normal
#13399 Wrong element is dropped on D&D after D&D widget new Bug Normal
#13362 Wrong focus after creating link in caption using enhanced image widget confirmed Bug Normal
#13925 [WSC] Error when clicking "Finish Checking" confirmed Bug Normal
#8543 YouTube plugin confirmed New Feature Normal
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