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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#9788 ASP.NET 3.6.4 & HTMLEncodeOutput=False will not postback correctly confirmed Bug Server : ASP.Net
#9791 IE10: Browser context menu overrides CKEditor context menus on misspelled words confirmed Bug General
#9795 No explanation for .cke_mixed_dir_content css class confirmed Bug Documentation & Samples
#9797 Align buttons' states not refreshed after changing image alignment confirmed Bug General
#9803 Move/close float panel when editor's position has been changed confirmed Bug UI : Floating Panel
#9804 UX and code improvements for resize plugin confirmed Bug General
#9805 mailto tag is bad confirmed New Feature General
#9806 Add support for internal pages in link dialog confirmed New Feature General
#9808 Bogus <br> is inserted after nested table confirmed Bug Core : Tables
#9810 Links pasted into CKEditor become active in read-only mode confirmed Bug Core : Read-only
#9813 [Refac] Tabletools confirmed Bug General
#9814 Inline editor created in "display:none" element results in editor with disabled buttons confirmed Bug General
#9818 hidden field id deleted confirmed Bug General
#9821 ALT+F key combinations do not work on Mac confirmed Bug Documentation & Samples
#9823 Consider getClientRect in magicline getSize confirmed Task Performance
#9826 Dialog height not correct if overflow:hidden/scroll confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#9827 Collapse toolbar keystroke doesn't work on FF confirmed Bug Core : Keystrokes
#9828 Can't remove an iframe in BR mode confirmed Bug General
#9831 Avoid silent failure when adding one function twice as a listener for the same event confirmed Bug General
#9832 [Inline] Floating panel resize concerns confirmed Bug UI : Floating Panel
#9849 Orphan <br> should be transformed into <p><br></p> new Bug General
#9850 Dialog that doesn't fit in viewport can't be moved by dragging confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#9854 Clean up Gecko versions confirmed Bug General
#9855 Better context checking for toolbar buttons new New Feature General
#9860 Magic line should only access space between the current and the closest block confirmed Bug General
#9861 Spacebar keypress ignored in last cell of row when first cell expands full length confirmed Bug Core : Tables
#9867 [IE10] Dialog buttons - the arrow for "OK" button is outside of the button confirmed Bug General
#9870 Moono skin: uiColor not working properly if color name is provided confirmed Bug UI : Skins
#9871 Please provide collapse toolbar button for inline mode confirmed Bug General
#9881 [FF] JS error when right-click on textarea confirmed Bug General
#9886 [IE8-10] No scrollbar in maximized editor with autogrow enabled confirmed Bug General
#9888 [IE7-10] Magicline keyboard support for editor.enterMode BR confirmed Olek Nowodziński Bug Accessibility
#9890 [Quirks Mode] UIColor button doesn't show in toolbar when uicolor plugin loaded confirmed Bug General
#9891 Magicline displayed incorrectly in certain cases confirmed Bug General
#9897 Inconsistent ESC key handling when in dialog select field confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#9899 Resizing adjacent framed editor breaks floating toolbar position confirmed Bug UI : Floating Panel
#9901 Paragraph indentation is applied to list item created for it confirmed Bug Core : Lists
#9911 Editor#instanceReady -> Editor#ready confirmed Bug General
#9920 Mention about magicline keystrokes in user guide assigned Anna Tomanek Task Documentation & Samples
#9926 IE9: deleting iframe in BR mode causes JS error confirmed Bug General
#9927 IE10: Executing new page command in enter BR cuases JS error. confirmed Bug General
#9928 [iOS] creating form disables text entering new Bug General
#9931 Copy/paste of hyperlinks with IE creates font tags confirmed Bug Core : Pasting
#9937 [iOS] CKEditor 3.6.3 (revision 7474) - iOS6 iPad - CK editor textarea lost the focus new Bug General
#9957 [FF] Cannot delete text at the end of the line with cursor placed after the space confirmed Bug General
#9960 Elements path doesn't work with inline editing any more confirmed Bug General
#9961 Webkit: Deleting empty list items result in BR inserted before text. confirmed Bug Core : Lists
#9962 Paste buttons are disabled after deselecting text. confirmed Bug UI : Toolbar
#9967 Fire an Event when items are selected on toolbar combo boxes and color panels confirmed New Feature General
#9968 [iOS] Cannot select an image on an ipad confirmed Bug General
#9975 Move node's methods from htmlDataProcessor to htmlParser.node confirmed Bug Core : Parser
#9979 magicline should show up after more html5 flow elements confirmed Bug General
#9984 Blockquote with enterMode = ckeditor.ENTER_BR and autoParagraph = false creates <p> tags confirmed Bug General
#9985 Using the Delete key causes input boxes to be deleted. confirmed Bug Core : Keystrokes
#9996 Selection disappears from last line on getData() confirmed Bug General
#9998 [Umbrella][Blink/Webkit] Issues related to backspace and delete keys handling confirmed Bug General
#10000 Magicline plugin might slow the page down confirmed Bug General
#10003 Strike through button doesnt not correctly confirmed Bug Core : Selection
#10014 Promote better "API Changes in CKEditor 4" confirmed Task Documentation & Samples
#10017 Remove obsolete _translationstatus.txt files confirmed Task General
#10023 ShowBlocks, do not outline forms/lists/tables confirmed Bug General
#10026 Breaking quotes in Email replies new New Feature General
#10033 Keydown listener doesn't catch enter key confirmed Bug Core : Keystrokes
#10034 CKEditor 4 Inline editing - Clean trash after destroy confirmed Bug General
#10041 CKEditor 4 Inline Editing - Show the toolbar on a instance without focusing it confirmed New Feature General
#10043 Current CKEDITOR.htmlWriter.setRules documentation incomplete confirmed Task Documentation & Samples
#10047 FF: Replacing <Enter> with <Shift+Enter> results in extra <br /> confirmed Bug General
#10049 CKBuilder page could better differentiate Basic/Standard/Full plugins confirmed New Feature Project : CKBuilder
#10051 Image dialog - ratio lock is quantised confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#10052 Image dialog - preview do not refresh when field is cleared confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#10060 Disabled textarea fields are not readOnly by default confirmed Bug General
#10061 Copy img in Chrome result in opacity: 0.9 confirmed Bug General
#10065 [Webkit] Changing "Object Styles" of an image does not work properly confirmed Bug General
#10066 Feature to make it possible to hook into elementspath events confirmed New Feature General
#10078 BBCode: No line-breaks when pasting paragraphed text confirmed Bug Core : Pasting
#10085 Plugin divarea causes baseHref not working confirmed Bug General
#10092 Focus lost on IE when reopening in an iframe with a jQuery onload listener confirmed Bug General
#10093 IE9 inline/destroy multiple times causes return key to repeat that many times confirmed Bug General
#10096 [IE10] Error javascript (Browser mode IE 10) confirmed Bug General
#10101 afterUndo and afterRedo are fired on the commands new Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Core : Undo & Redo
#10104 Add CKBuilder to Maven confirmed New Feature Project : CKBuilder
#10114 Invalid cursor position for non-editable element confirmed Bug General
#10126 [Opera] Arrows in colorbuttons are displaced in RTL editor confirmed Bug General
#10127 [Opera] Error thrown when applying list on incorrectly focused editor confirmed Bug Core : Selection
#10134 Window crashes when inserting HR into selected TR. confirmed Bug General
#10142 CKBuilder: Closure Compiler thinks native is a reserved keyword confirmed Bug General
#10147 Editable#setup called twice during wysiwygarea initialization confirmed Task Core : Editable
#10150 Copy styles available in styles and formats combos from contents.css to samples/styles.css assigned Olek Nowodziński Bug Documentation & Samples
#10153 Style combo update issue when inline editor programmatically created and focused confirmed Bug General
#10156 [Webkit] Cut&pasting text adds inline wrappers confirmed Bug Core : Pasting
#10159 Sourcedialog and Sourcearea plugins - better interoperability needed? confirmed Bug General
#10161 Docprops plugin requires colordialog confirmed Bug General
#10169 Editor context menu unavailable when opened outside the body element of the content area confirmed Bug Core : Pasting
#10175 Label Style should have float:none. confirmed Bug UI : Skins
#10176 Sourcedialog Resizing confirmed Bug General
#10178 [Webkit] : Magic line is too aggressive in enter mode BR confirmed Bug General
#10180 [iOS] iPad issue with Dropdown Menus new Bug UI : Toolbar
#10185 Placeholder is not configurable confirmed New Feature Core : Output Data
#10188 Append template option to templates plugin confirmed New Feature General
#10197 CKE 4.x Inline Can't disable object resizing confirmed Bug General
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