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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#5948 IE8 delete list element bug confirmed Normal General
#5958 Hit javascript error when select more than 2 numberic list & click on insert horizontal line confirmed Normal General
#5960 Unable change selected background color after undo cancel selected color confirmed Normal General
#5972 Enter !@#$ and click on enter will be show underline even does not select underline format confirmed Normal General
#5988 FF/Chrome: Paragraphs go nuts after modifying copy-pasted text confirmed Normal Core : Output Data
#5993 [CKPackager] JavaScript delete statement breaks minified code confirmed Normal Project : CKPackager
#6012 Hidden Field Icon missing transparancy confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#6015 (Webkit) Can't tab forward from CKEditor followed by <fieldset> or <legend> confirmed Normal General
#6029 [IE] Last character is skipped when navigating through list items confirmed Normal General
#6040 CKLangtool should accept double quotes assigned Wiktor Walc Normal Project : CKLangTool
#6048 'Match whole word' leads to a JS error confirmed Normal General
#6064 WebKit: Active dialog tab should have higher z-order confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6065 Tooltip for elements path elements are wrong for the Arabic language confirmed Normal UI : Language
#6076 [IE Quirks] Dialogs are not wide enough for their contents / Templates Dialog confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6091 Inserting pagebreak inside some text in a list item breaks the item review_failed Martin Normal General
#6114 SCAYT / Font tag / IE interaction confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6119 Web Spell Checker - "finish checking" takes ages to finish confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6120 Cannot Reorder CKEditor confirmed Normal General
#6127 IE Cursor not going to next line when we press enter & we have set forceEntermode=br as config option review_failed Tobiasz Cudnik Normal General
#6140 IE Selected format fails to reflect in entered texts correctly confirmed Normal General
#6143 Fakeobjects element inserted inside paragraph confirmed Normal General
#6157 Styles not selected correctly in the Combobox confirmed Normal General
#6164 IE stripping object/embed tags with templates confirmed Normal General
#6167 Copy/Paste Duplication Bug - Handling of "li" without "ul" confirmed Normal General
#6173 Removing Items from unordered list (WinXP/IE8) confirmed Normal General
#6196 flash edit dialog show url(源文件) uncorrectly confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6203 Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot convert 'K' to object on editor.destroy(); confirmed Normal General
#6205 ckeditor.js - t.getNative().createRange is not a function Line 118 - Image plugin confirmed Normal General
#6211 SCAYT context menu doesn't show on right mouse click in FF3 on Mac confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6219 Incorrect Toolbar definition in documentation confirmed Normal General
#6243 list format error assigned Martin Normal Core : Lists
#6257 Editor crashes in Google Chrome when running multiple instances inside <iframe> confirmed Normal General
#6268 Tables causing problems with selection after switching to source mode and back confirmed Normal General
#6281 List items not wrapped in UL/OL render incorrectly confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#6294 insertHtml: support for custom (invalid) HTML tags confirmed Normal General
#6302 if both 'blur' and 'click' events handled - they fires infinitely in firefox confirmed Normal General
#6303 IE : entering Misspelled color name in Cell Background or Border color fields creating empty span each time we press OK button. confirmed Normal General
#6305 Multiple unerdered list change style confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#6309 List number\bullet don`t show confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#6317 [Safari] Check Spelling dialog - JavaScript warnings confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6331 Styles applied to all children elements confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#6344 Script Auto-Include Path Issues in IE8 Compatibility Mode confirmed Normal General
#6354 The i() function takes a lot more time in 3.4.1 than in 3.4.0 confirmed Normal QA
#6368 Chrome: Insert Image dialog causes extra http request on closing confirmed Normal General
#6371 Chrome: Copy/Paste mangles Formatted text confirmed Normal Core : Pasting
#6381 Cursor lost on Horizontal line when moving up and down in Chrome confirmed Normal General
#6383 Holding ctrl+v in IE - pasting copied text as <p> confirmed Normal Core : Pasting
#6391 Autogrow doesn't kick in when "Show Blocks" is activated confirmed Normal General
#6395 Unable to set formating on empty page review_failed Martin Normal Core : Styles
#6396 Unable to set cursor at the end of line in formated text confirmed Normal General
#6397 output_html sample is inconsistent between browsers confirmed Normal Core : Output Data
#6415 Style defined in stylecombo plugin with "pre" element ignores class property in Internet Explorer when applied without selecting text confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#6428 [FF] The cursor disappears from the editor after dragging an image confirmed Normal General
#6443 SelectionChange not firing in all instances confirmed Normal General
#6460 IE: Shift+Enter and nestes lists issue confirmed Normal General
#6486 IE bug: Many smiles in the smiley dialog do not fit into surrounding TD tag pending Normal UI : Dialogs
#6507 Hidden fields are shown as 'hiddenfield' in the elements path confirmed Normal General
#6514 [IE8]: Highlighted text is deleted when using browser Edit => Copy confirmed Normal General
#6541 Safari: HTML compliant output sample - empty styles added to paragraphs confirmed Normal General
#6555 Spell checker: unable to correct mistakes in large documents confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6556 Image and Title template - cursor is not visible confirmed Normal Core : Selection
#6564 [FF] Applying inline style on a selected cell has no effect confirmed Normal General
#6571 [IE] showblocks doesn't bring focus back to editor with shared toolbar confirmed Normal General
#6572 Webkit: SCAYT repositions cursor in enterMode=BR confirmed Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6581 Invalid background color triggers js error in IE and erratic behavior in others confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6583 IE: Caret disappears in dialogs at the right side in LTR confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6584 Table operation don't trigger DOM events / autogrow confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#6603 Styling tags should be detached from the document when removing them from collapsed selections confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#6615 [IE] tableresize usability review_failed Garry Yao Normal General
#6618 Delete Cell leaves a wrong rowspan confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#6619 Safari: up/down arrow keys issue when working with cells confirmed Normal General
#6620 Safari: cursor not blinking after input type text/password confirmed Normal General
#6650 IE: Text fields in Table dialog not displaying correct values confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6659 Removing selected li while typing review_failed Martin Normal Core : Lists
#6660 Insert smile to list confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#6672 Cannot "cut" the form element on top of the page confirmed Normal Core : Selection
#6689 Unexpected list structure after insert list item confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#6705 IE Selected font not applied to typed text confirmed Normal General
#6709 insertHtml: comments must also be protected confirmed Normal General
#6710 "&gt;" in custom style "name" throws error confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#6725 Mismatch between dialog::resize and dialog::getSize new Normal UI : Dialogs
#6743 Firefox: ckeditor exceeds requested width while loading confirmed Normal UI : Skins
#6744 Range: checkStartOfBlock not forgiving bogus node confirmed Normal Core : Selection
#6771 Strange <span> refactoring review Garry Yao Normal Core : Output Data
#6801 Dialog size should fit the screen in case it's bigger than the view pane confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6803 Image dialog error with border of zero confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6808 [IE] dialog field content lost assigned Tobiasz Cudnik Normal UI : Dialogs
#6813 [AIR] Right click on icons opens the context menu confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#6817 [AIR] Dragging an image removes it confirmed Normal General
#6826 List: enter key causes outdent in empty list item only when item has no sublist. With sublist it creates new item on same level confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#6827 List: possible to place cursor in front of list bullet/number, and delete then breaks the list confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#6828 [IE] Block selection breaks enterBr confirmed Normal Core : Selection
#6835 A few dialogs' content is not resiable review_failed Sa'ar Zac Elias Normal UI : Dialogs
#6836 Webkit: Cursor goes before the block when creating blockquote with enterMode = BR confirmed Normal General
#6853 Safari: selected element is not fully removed confirmed Normal General
#6856 Inserting span tag - wrapped content with insertHTML appends after ending <p> tag instead of inside. confirmed Normal Core : Read-only
#6871 Add <other> option to the Image Link's target field confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#6875 CKReleaser should properly compress filters in CSS files confirmed Normal Project : CKBuilder
#6910 [enterBr] undesired paragraph in blockquote confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#6911 Safari we can't change Styles for Numbered/Bulleted lists in a Table confirmed Normal Core : Lists
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