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Ticket Summary Status Version Owner Type Priority
#2474 An editor contained in a Div with overflow:auto can't be maximized. confirmed Bug Normal
#2549 Create an information protocol to automate checks for FCKeditor updates confirmed Task Normal
#2596 Ctrl+Shift+Enter mode confirmed New Feature Normal
#2678 Allow the ability to see protected tags as plain text in the regular view of the editor confirmed New Feature Normal
#2728 String.prototype.Trim should also trim unicode ideographic space confirmed Bug Normal
#2748 Add Table of Contents (TOC) plugin confirmed New Feature Normal
#2771 Use CKEditor in opensocial gadget confirmed New Feature Normal
#2818 Using OpenDocument as another Native output format confirmed New Feature Normal
#2823 V3: Dialog API lazy load confirmed Bug Normal
#2848 suggestion: make hidden element actually hide in IE too, x-browser behavior confirmed New Feature Normal
#2920 Flow chart support confirmed New Feature Normal
#2930 embed audio? confirmed New Feature Low
#3079 The state should be reflected in the table elements title review_failed New Feature Normal
#3186 IE : DEL stop working when using scrollbars confirmed Bug Normal
#3319 Find/Replace and edit review_failed New Feature Normal
#3371 Spring based Connector servlet confirmed New Feature Normal
#3379 [IE] Select all command problem confirmed Bug Normal
#3397 tableWizard confirmed New Feature Normal
#3507 [IE] Context menu always opens next to mouse cursor confirmed Bug Normal
#3513 [IE8] Form elements at end of line confirmed Bug Normal
#3538 Google Transliteration AJAX API for Indic languages confirmed New Feature Normal
#3667 Paste from WordPerfect confirmed New Feature Normal
#3811 Special chars dialog is slow confirmed Bug Normal
#3845 'tabSpaces' config not working for source mode confirmed New Feature Normal
#3934 New line collapsed in enterMode=BR review_failed Bug Normal
#3944 Preview mode reopened New Feature Normal
#3967 Dialog with all keystrokes written down confirmed New Feature Normal
#3998 It is impossible to remove Preview from Image dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#3999 It is impossible to remove Preview from Flash dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#4000 It is impossible to remove Lock Ratio and Reset buttons from Image dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#4027 Element path lacks borders in HC mode confirmed Bug Normal
#4398 Support for detaching from the DOM confirmed Bug Normal
#4505 Merge inline styles into one tag on output HTML confirmed New Feature Normal
#4509 Adding config for maximize on startup confirmed New Feature Normal
#4516 Toolbar button to embed Silverlight confirmed New Feature Normal
#4523 Style plugin should allow refreshing of data confirmed New Feature Normal
#4528 Empty select box is added automatically under some conditions confirmed Bug Normal
#4636 [FF]Small squares for resizing table lacks height for 'caption' confirmed Bug Normal
#4705 Add a "resized" event confirmed New Feature Normal
#4712 API Search Functionality confirmed New Feature Normal
#4751 Creating forms: add button to create file input element confirmed New Feature Normal
#4820 Flash properties dialog / info tab / option to require width and height be entered. confirmed New Feature Normal
#4878 Avoid deprecated attributes in Flash dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#4891 Paste: Indentation problems for simple indented text confirmed Bug Normal
#4921 CKEditor - broken layout in IE when specific CSS is used on a web site confirmed Bug Normal
#5002 Proper printing of editor output confirmed Bug Normal
#5025 Approach for backward compatibility new Task Normal
#5105 Simplify getContentElement so it uses only elementId review New Feature Normal
#5153 Automatically set size to the dimensions of the replaced textarea confirmed New Feature Normal
#5389 Invalid handling of font tags confirmed Bug Normal
#5406 [IE] Focus problem in modeless dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#5503 Font-size overlaps background-color confirmed Bug Normal
#5589 Provide removeFormat as first option in Styles combo confirmed New Feature Normal
#5600 Create new block Format to end PRE at start of line new New Feature Normal
#5621 [IE] 32-bit windows has broken document.domain for IPv6 address, causing access denied errors new Bug Normal
#5655 [IE] contentEditable:false doesn't work on tables confirmed Bug Normal
#5669 [IE] JAWS doesn't recognize the 'application' role on editor chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#5698 [IE] Create empty paragraph in list item display problem confirmed Bug Normal
#5705 SCAYT underline interfere row/cell/column deletion confirmed Bug Normal
#5754 Fixlineneds: allow file-specific configuration confirmed Task Normal
#5768 List plugin: request for preserving paragraphs when creating a list new New Feature Normal
#5777 JS error when fullPage is set to true and the title tag is missing confirmed Bug Normal
#5876 Enter after horizontal line in Normail <DIV> adds two new lines confirmed Bug Low
#5942 Link plugin not registering a selected link when <br> is inside <a> confirmed Bug Normal
#5972 Enter !@#$ and click on enter will be show underline even does not select underline format confirmed Bug Normal
#5980 Styles: combine classes and allow wildcards confirmed New Feature Normal
#6009 Create "Configurator" sample confirmed New Feature Normal
#6119 Web Spell Checker - "finish checking" takes ages to finish confirmed Bug Normal
#6258 Table delete cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#6307 IE: Option to disable automatic creation of links confirmed New Feature Normal
#6460 IE: Shift+Enter and nestes lists issue confirmed Bug Normal
#6541 Safari: HTML compliant output sample - empty styles added to paragraphs confirmed Bug Normal
#6553 The Find and Replace dialog does not submit on the Enter key confirmed New Feature Normal
#6555 Spell checker: unable to correct mistakes in large documents confirmed Bug Normal
#6564 [FF] Applying inline style on a selected cell has no effect confirmed Bug Normal
#6725 Mismatch between dialog::resize and dialog::getSize new Bug Normal
#6773 Releaser should delete plugins/dialog/dialogDefinition.js confirmed Task Normal
#6915 Avoid ID duplications confirmed New Feature Normal
#6931 Form creation behaviour new Bug Normal
#6948 Styles combo should more accurately reflect the selection pending Bug Normal
#7000 [IE8] Unable to put cursor before horizontal line at start confirmed Bug Normal
#7520 Nested inline styling cleanup confirmed Bug Normal
#7835 [FF] Word metadata not cleaned when pasting from word without cleanup confirmed Bug Normal
#7853 New List Item Properties dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#8260 Change from raising error to show an alert if instance exists new Bug Normal
#8279 Allow for CKFinder skin customization. confirmed New Feature Normal
#8304 Make ENTER split blockquote when enterMode=BR confirmed New Feature Normal
#8418 do feature detection of paste event support before simulating a paste event confirmed Bug Normal
#8635 htmlParser not recognizing self closing tags without space before /> confirmed Bug Normal
#8640 htmlParser not recognizing empty comments confirmed Bug Normal
#8785 There is no option like CKEDITOR.config.forcePasteFromWord confirmed New Feature Normal
#8854 [IE] A Japanese key input is repeated (when enter mode is set to BR) confirmed Bug Normal
#8878 Missing docs for dialog.definition.fieldset confirmed Bug Normal
#9126 IE8 Quirks - iframe elements goes beyond dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#9419 Icons localization confirmed New Feature Normal
#9471 Config option for enter key not copying attributes and styles of original paragraph confirmed New Feature Normal
#9660 Support for Windows 8 Apps confirmed New Feature Normal
#9719 [IE10] Enterkey is not working confirmed Bug Normal
#9729 Merge internal plugins confirmed Task Normal
#9735 Hybrid menu button confirmed Bug Normal
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