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#12794 SCRIPT5022: IndexSizeError on table caption change in IE9-11 confirmed Bug Normal
#6344 Script Auto-Include Path Issues in IE8 Compatibility Mode confirmed Bug Normal
#8951 Scriptloader may fail when loading sequences of already loaded files review Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal
#9637 Scripts can be executed from ckeditor using preview plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#4920 Script tags are not indented in the output HTML confirmed Bug Normal
#10821 Scrollbars cannot be used with big pictures in certain cases. confirmed Bug Normal
#11779 Scrolling issues in modern browsers when document is in Quirks Mode confirmed Bug Normal
#14760 ScrollIntoView also expands selection to entire paragraph confirmed Bug Normal
#16996 Scroll jumps in Chrome when closing dialog and inline editor new Bug Normal
#14520 SDK sample for balloonpanel confirmed Task Normal
#2378 Search for better options than EncodeConfig assigned Wiktor Walc Bug Normal
#11041 Search plugin doesn't scroll properly when there is only "BR content" in editor confirmed Bug Normal
#11522 Select all, replace text loses formatting on firefox confirmed Bug Normal
#1398 Select all then delete or backspace clears formatting confirmed Bug Normal
#2554 Select All using Ctrl-A does not work in modal dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#13071 Select content on drop, move selection to the end on paste confirmed Bug Normal
#7033 Select dialog applies multiple="true" instead of multiple="multiple" confirmed Bug Normal
#8363 Selected Style and Font not visible in V2 and office skin confirmed Bug Normal
#16780 selectElement and/or extractSelectedHtml work differently in Chrome and Safari pending Bug Normal
#7507 Select element gets 'duplicated' in FireFox confirmed Bug Normal
#16848 Selecting all triggering on certain characters pending Bug Normal
#12248 Selecting and deleting last entries of a list will remove the entire list confirmed Bug Normal
#10517 Selecting cells by tab doesn't work when tabSpaces > 0 confirmed Bug Normal
#12479 selection bug with widgets assigned Szymon Kupś Bug Normal
#6443 SelectionChange not firing in all instances confirmed Bug Normal
#13367 Selection Dialog: Field value field is missing read-only styles. review Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal
#9996 Selection disappears from last line on getData() confirmed Bug Normal
#8517 Selection Field content is broken in firefox when clicked on left , right justification plugins. confirmed Bug Normal
#9177 Selection Field dialog box fails to work after switching to Source mode. confirmed Bug Normal
#7842 Selection handles in FF can't be set or removed confirmed Bug Normal
#5614 Selection incorrect after Undo review Garry Yao Bug Normal
#9130 Selection is wrong when using collapsed styles confirmed Bug Normal
#8441 Selection not updating when moving from left -> right confirmed Bug Normal
#13633 Selection should stay when switching between modes confirmed New Feature Normal
#14533 Selectors passed to CKEDITOR.dom.element.prototype.find are not properly escaped confirmed Bug Normal
#2232 Send the current element values as parameters to the FileBrowser (link dialog) confirmed New Feature Normal
#6251 serverpreview plugin confirmed New Feature Normal
#831 Set background image to tables and cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#8010 setData from dialog makes empty undo step confirmed Bug Normal
#13902 SetData gets slower and slower new Bug Normal
#12717 setReadOnly() does not work well with the Shared Space plugin confirmed Bug Normal
#8570 setReadOnly in combination with getSnapshot throws an error in IE confirmed Bug Normal
#859 Set Spell Check Language confirmed New Feature Normal
#14733 setting Italic fails for Japanese character, in Japanese locale pending Bug Normal
#9178 Setting the selected option in Selection Field doesn't work properly. confirmed Bug Normal
#16664 Setting two styles with the same name for different widgets is not properly handled by stylescombo plugin. confirmed Bug Normal
#1687 Setup initial HTML code for the new blank page confirmed New Feature Normal
#13967 sharedspace create div's with duplicated ids confirmed Bug Normal
#14642 Shift+Enter after pressing backspace inserts two br's instead of one confirmed Bug Normal
#13004 SHift Enter Mode = P is not working for .NET site confirmed Bug Normal
#9520 Shorter way for node's type check confirmed Bug Normal
#12605 Should `hasAscendant` match `getAscendant`s pattern? confirmed New Feature Normal
#851 Show an icon in the place of protected source code confirmed New Feature Normal
#607 Show "Basic" toolbar when colapsed. confirmed New Feature Normal
#10023 ShowBlocks, do not outline forms/lists/tables confirmed Bug Normal
#2398 Show Blocks should also show lists confirmed Bug Normal
#7886 Show border plugin + custom table dialog review_failed Garry Yao Bug Normal
#873 show config errors in filemanager confirmed New Feature Normal
#808 Show table size while changing size confirmed New Feature Normal
#16687 ­ character breaks paragraph wrapping in Chrome confirmed Bug Normal
#9786 Silent try-catch blocks that covers more than a native code should log caught errors confirmed Bug Normal
#9640 Simplified skin icon dev registration review Garry Yao Bug Normal
#5105 Simplify getContentElement so it uses only elementId review New Feature Normal
#9703 Simplify plugin dialog open with language entries confirmed Bug Normal
#12929 Single entry point for command state confirmed Bug Normal
#845 Single file for File Browser config (language independent) confirmed New Feature Normal
#7352 Single quotes in attributes converted to double quotes confirmed Bug Normal
#10639 Single Space Does Not Cause Lines to Re-Wrap Correctly confirmed Bug Normal
#10556 Size (Font Size) menu dropdown jumps to page top when user clicks on it on chrome browser. confirmed Bug Normal
#14604 [Skin building] Some versions of ImageMagic may corrupt icons while processing. confirmed Task Low
#12616 Smart drop position plugin confirmed New Feature Normal
#9591 Smiley dialog - is the dark background for smileys really needed? confirmed Bug Normal
#2752 Smiley face short hand confirmed New Feature Normal
#5482 Smiley icons preload confirmed Bug Normal
#12366 Smileys plugin should use CKEDITOR.getUrl() to resolve images' paths confirmed Bug Normal
#4617 some of the Align field's options' captions are being amputated in IE confirmed Bug Normal
#16620 Source button disabled after block widget copy-paste confirmed Bug Normal
#853 sourcecode view improvement confirmed New Feature Normal
#10159 Sourcedialog and Sourcearea plugins - better interoperability needed? confirmed Bug Normal
#11824 sourcedialog / codesnippet textarea enhancement confirmed New Feature Normal
#10176 Sourcedialog Resizing confirmed Bug Normal
#16995 Source mode messes iframe[src] attribute confirmed Bug Normal
#1632 Source view: Activate undo/redo tool buttons confirmed New Feature Normal
#9861 Spacebar keypress ignored in last cell of row when first cell expands full length confirmed Bug Normal
#8552 Spaces lost on copying during editing confirmed Bug Normal
#12569 Span gets removed or changed when pasting text. confirmed Bug Normal
#14302 span tag replaced by font confirmed Bug Normal
#899 Special Characters for Esperanto missing in the table confirmed New Feature Normal
#16689 Special char dialog entries unnecessarily encoded confirmed Bug Normal
#3811 Special chars dialog is slow confirmed Bug Normal
#10695 Speech to text functionality confirmed New Feature Normal
#8123 Spellchecker: provide an option to pass sensitive data using POST request confirmed New Feature Normal
#6555 Spell checker: unable to correct mistakes in large documents confirmed Bug Normal
#981 Spellcheck - Extra Button to stop spellcheck and apply the changes made upto that point. confirmed New Feature Normal
#11255 split merged cell vertically command transposes the cells confirmed Bug Normal
#8177 Splitting cell vertically, causing incorrect rowspan. confirmed Bug Normal
#14430 Splitting/merging table cells messes up table layout confirmed Bug Normal
#14230 Split uploadImage and image paste listeners confirmed New Feature Normal
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