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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#7210 ckfinder issue with too many pictures in one folder confirmed Bug File Browser
#7212 Colored link problematic confirmed Bug Core : Styles
#7224 Editing pasted lists not working properly confirmed Bug General
#7225 FF - Font/Size/Styles not being continued on Enter confirmed Bug Core : Styles
#7227 Dialog: showPage increments pageCount even if page is already showing confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#7230 IE quirks: Dialog borders do not resize properly when show/hide tab bar confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#7239 Upload file and adobe air pending Bug General
#7257 Double click on dialog button sometimes shows background cover above the dialog confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#7275 IE session dropped when using SCAYT, MVC confirmed Bug UI : Spell Checker
#7286 Inproper dropdown list height when opened in 2 editors one after the other confirmed Bug General
#7299 IE6/IE8: Borders on color panels are not displaying correctly in RTL languages confirmed Bug General
#7325 Webkit: backspace moves content between p tags (instead of merging them) confirmed Bug General
#7333 IE6 Cursor goes missing when we come out of RTL Numbered/Bulleted list confirmed Bug General
#7343 Copying a table row content in a different row does not paste properly confirmed Bug General
#7345 IE Quirks: List item disappears when editor does not have focus confirmed Bug General
#7350 Clicking in the editor returns the fonts to the default values confirmed Bug General
#7352 Single quotes in attributes converted to double quotes confirmed Bug Core : Output Data
#7367 Unable to remove style at end of block confirmed Bug Core : Lists
#7370 FF & Safari : Underline for list item not shown for the below html code confirmed Bug General
#7380 Line breaks in list items are lost when followed by another list review Garry Yao Bug Core : Output Data
#7406 Problems with _source files confirmed Bug General
#7447 [IE9] HC toolbar items wrapping confirmed Bug UI : Toolbar
#7449 Image dialog size lock inaccuracy confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#7451 Backspace stops working when working with nested list confirmed Bug Core : Lists
#7452 bodyClass and bodyId not applied to combobox (e.g. styles or format) confirmed Bug Core : Styles
#7453 Output for Flash sample: list is not aligned to the right confirmed Bug General
#7456 Problem with editing links when text follows immediately the link confirmed Bug Core : Selection
#7459 [AIR] Floating panels do not gain RTL styles confirmed Bug General
#7484 Indented text copied from Word is not displaying properly when pasted into the editor confirmed Bug Plugin : Paste from Word
#7499 Problems with empty lists when switching between source mode and wysiwyg confirmed Bug Core : Lists
#7503 Problems with select lists in IE confirmed Bug General
#7505 [FF] Accessibility shortcuts problem confirmed Bug CKEditor 4.7.1 Accessibility
#7507 Select element gets 'duplicated' in FireFox confirmed Bug General
#7511 Problems with mod_pagespeed apache module confirmed Bug General
#7517 Removing second-level lists in IE is unintuitive. confirmed Bug General
#7520 Nested inline styling cleanup confirmed Bug Core : Styles
#7523 IE Can't Drag and Drop text outside of paragraph confirmed Bug Core : Pasting
#7531 Unlink in Firefox leaves a span-tag if style or class attributes are set confirmed Bug General
#7537 [Safari][Mac]: unable to switch to source mode after moving an image confirmed Bug General
#7556 IE adds empty paragraph after pasted paragraph(s) confirmed Bug General
#7561 IE 'editor.getSelection()' is null or not an object review_failed Garry Yao Bug Core : Selection
#7605 [FF] Right click selects all content of pre block confirmed Bug General
#7635 FF scrollIntoView doesn't work confirmed Bug General
#7636 Wildly varying copy/paste results between browsers confirmed Bug Core : Pasting
#7638 Unable to apply style to the <strong> element confirmed Bug General
#7640 Increasing the indenting on a list can separate the text from the bullets rather than moving the bullet points down. confirmed Bug General
#7644 Right Click when in full screen not working confirmed Bug UI : Context Menu
#7655 addButton nextSiblingId don't work confirmed Bug General
#7665 IE9: Toolbar buttons are not displaying properly in RTL languages in v2 skin confirmed Bug UI : Skins
#7693 Parse unpaired quotations confirmed Bug Core : Parser
#7698 [enterMode=BR] Impossible to exit blockquote assigned Garry Yao Bug Core : Styles
#7700 Memory leak when inside update panel confirmed Bug General
#7704 Submenu shown on top of a parent menu may block mouse navigation confirmed Bug UI : Floating Panel
#7705 IE7 Bug: 'lang.contextmenu' issues confirmed Bug General
#7728 double click inside link review Garry Yao Bug General
#7730 Page UP/DOWN + Enter scrolls the entire page in Firefox confirmed Bug General
#7735 Extra stylesheet on contentsCss doesn't work with fullPage = true confirmed Bug General
#7737 [[safari/chrome]] have to click twice or type text to get elements in path bar confirmed Bug General
#7740 [[safari/chrome]] not possible to insert special character after smiley in a table cell confirmed Bug General
#7744 IE9 : Problems with creating list from selected text confirmed Bug General
#7754 Style tag removed by undo command on Internet Explorer (Ctrl + z, or button) confirmed Bug General
#7762 Unable to delete form elements with backspace key confirmed Bug General
#7763 Problems with copy/cut buttons confirmed Bug General
#7771 'Maximize' in container with Opacity makes container disappear (FF) confirmed Bug General
#7778 jQuery Adapter does not work with ckeditor_basic.js confirmed Bug General
#7779 getData converts BR tag to nbsp confirmed Bug General
#7782 [Minor] Selection bug in IE8 confirmed Bug General
#7788 Strike through with sub/sup for newly entered text - strike line is not crossing the text confirmed Bug Core : Styles
#7790 [AIR] Border around smileys in the dialog is interrupting confirmed Bug General
#7794 Editor missing or placed wrong, after fullscreen enabled confirmed Bug UI : Context Menu
#7799 Pasted Source html + text is partly deleted confirmed Bug General
#7806 SCAYT plugin moves cursor in IE confirmed Bug UI : Spell Checker
#7812 SCAYT breaks anchor text confirmed Bug UI : Spell Checker
#7813 Unable to apply more than one style to selected text confirmed Bug Core : Styles
#7819 Wrong Font size using BBCode plugin confirmed Bug General
#7823 IEJSLeaksDetector shows momory leak for IE8 and IE7 confirmed Bug General
#7824 Cannot call method 'split' of undefined on CKEDITOR.replace confirmed Bug General
#7825 Autogrow with sharedSpaces on firefox confirmed Bug General
#7827 IE Selected font name/size not shown in font name/ size drop down list after selecting an option confirmed Bug General
#7830 [FF] Select all + inline style in enterMode BR removes selection confirmed Bug Core : Styles
#7831 Opera: can not enter text after inserting Horizontal Line confirmed Bug General
#7835 [FF] Word metadata not cleaned when pasting from word without cleanup confirmed Bug Plugin : Paste from Word
#7836 In Firefox, a <br /> is inserted in an empty text area when using editor.focus() on initially hidden editors confirmed Bug General
#7842 Selection handles in FF can't be set or removed confirmed Bug General
#7846 Opera : Copying and pasting tables not working properly. (CORE-41467) confirmed Bug General
#7848 Inconsistent cut/copy with relation to new anchor feature confirmed Bug General
#7852 Autogrow flickrs when grow review Garry Yao Bug UI : Toolbar
#7855 Clicking 'maximize' shows blank screen in Firefox when the editor is opened inside jQuery UI Dialog confirmed Bug General
#7863 Lists behaving different in br and p entermode confirmed Bug General
#7864 Flash plugin url escapes some values confirmed Bug Core : Output Data
#7865 enterMode BR + SELECT element = Javascript Error confirmed Bug General
#7870 pasted blocks in bbcode pluign confirmed Bug General
#7878 contentCss styles affects combo dropdown confirmed Bug UI : Dialogs
#7886 Show border plugin + custom table dialog review_failed Garry Yao Bug UI : Dialogs
#7888 Deleting the link in editor - the text font stays underlined confirmed Bug General
#7890 Function editor.getData() return incorrect data. confirmed Bug General
#7895 Using the enter key after a placeholder value confirmed Bug General
#7902 JAWS not reading updated values of width/height on Image Properties dialog confirmed Bug Accessibility
#7920 Webkit: Incorrect font name is displayed confirmed Bug General
#7921 editor.mode always returns empty string confirmed Bug General
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