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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Owner Status Created
#3509 Styles aren't maintained at end of line Core : Styles confirmed 05/12/2009
#3507 [IE] Context menu always opens next to mouse cursor General confirmed 05/12/2009
#3428 Firefox : Href encoded when using paste dialog Core : Output Data confirmed 04/23/2009
#3379 [IE] Select all command problem General confirmed 04/17/2009
#3368 Strange behavior when placed inside dynamically-created elements General confirmed 04/16/2009
#3336 Extra blank row added top of the Content which copied from Micrsoft word Plugin : Paste from Word garry.yao assigned 04/09/2009
#3186 IE : DEL stop working when using scrollbars General confirmed 03/21/2009
#3140 Indent problem with whole table General confirmed 03/18/2009
#3133 insertElement incorrect after deleteContents General garry.yao review_failed 03/17/2009
#3106 [IE]editor.getSelection not right empty document General confirmed 03/13/2009
#3088 [IE]RichCombo scrolling document General confirmed 03/12/2009
#2976 plugin:basicstyle remove style at collapsed selection Core : Styles garry.yao review_failed 02/27/2009
#2957 plugin:table insertion doesn't continue with style it breaked General confirmed 02/25/2009
#2823 V3: Dialog API lazy load General confirmed 01/25/2009
#2767 plug-in:basicstyle AND elementpath incorrect style range detection Core : Styles garry.yao review_failed 01/14/2009
#2398 Show Blocks should also show lists General confirmed 07/25/2008
#2397 "Open Link" is not working for e-mail and anchor links General confirmed 07/25/2008
#2378 Search for better options than EncodeConfig Server : PHP wwalc assigned 07/17/2008
#1897 Unable to creates styles for a tags Core : Styles confirmed 02/21/2008
#1172 FCKConfig.AutoDetectLanguage issue General confirmed 09/04/2007
#304 FormatIndentator cannot be reliably set via script interface General confirmed 03/27/2007
#167 Improving IsDirty after switching modes and undo Core : Undo & Redo confirmed 03/02/2007
#11958 HTML in head title is changed to cke_protected General confirmed 05/14/2014
#11639 Image2's resizer is displayed far from image if image has a margin General confirmed 03/04/2014
#11442 [Blink, Webkit, IE11] Comments inside iframe tags get messed up General Reinmar confirmed 01/18/2014
#11239 Dialog submit/cancel actions do not verify whether dialog is still opened UI : Dialogs confirmed 12/02/2013
#10444 The order of several events differs among creators General confirmed 05/16/2013
#10366 IE: Resize handles appear on top of context menu General IE Oracle confirmed 04/23/2013
#10121 [FF] Sourcearea is 1px lower than wysiwygarea General confirmed 02/25/2013
#9687 [Safari] Open font-name combo in <pre> crashes browser General confirmed 11/21/2012
#9678 [FF3.x] Tabindex requires double TAB key press to highlight an editor General confirmed 11/20/2012
#9677 [FF3.x] Autogrow fails in case of continuous massive content creation General confirmed 11/20/2012
#9676 [Safari6] Button groups' borders are broken UI : Skins confirmed 11/20/2012
#9627 [Webkit] Clipboard toolbar accessible in read-only mode Core : Read-only confirmed 11/14/2012
#9395 [magicline] line style differs from top to bottom General confirmed 09/27/2012
#8079 Copy/Cut buttons are not enabled when selecting text. General confirmed 06/16/2011
#8019 Webkit: "Focus border smaller than the editing area border" in paste as plain text dialog General confirmed 06/09/2011
#7614 [HC] buttons and textarea go outside editor when it's resized in IE9 General confirmed 04/15/2011
#6688 Wrong structure after insert list item Core : Lists confirmed 11/18/2010
#6677 BIDI: IE6 Cursor missing from Editor body when we click on RTL icon with out focusing in Editor body Core : BiDi confirmed 11/15/2010
#6198 Too narrow Create Table dialog window UI : Dialogs confirmed 08/25/2010
#5876 Enter after horizontal line in Normail <DIV> adds two new lines UI : Enter Key confirmed 06/24/2010
#5471 Insert 'Div' result wrong in enterMode=BR General confirmed 04/07/2010
#2578 Opera browser fit to width loses edit area General confirmed 10/03/2008
#11334 CKEditor adds a space after the "cke_dialog_ui_input_textarea" class General confirmed 12/18/2013
#11298 Mathjax plugin - baseline for eqations and text is defferent UI : Widgets confirmed 12/12/2013
#7656 [FF4] startupFocus/first execCommand moves cursor to the end of document Core : Selection confirmed 04/20/2011
#171 Unable to set textfield char width to 20 General martinkou review_failed 03/03/2007

New Feature (52 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Owner Status Created
#7853 List Item Properties Dialog UI : Dialogs confirmed 05/16/2011
#12983 Walker.guard is called more than once for every node boundary General confirmed 02/25/2015
#12963 Extract resizer as a separte plugin General confirmed 02/23/2015
#12928 Support for Lotus Notes General confirmed 02/12/2015
#12873 [IE] Improve copy/cup and paste binding General confirmed 01/29/2015
#12872 [Firefox] Improve copy/cut and paste binding General confirmed 01/29/2015
#12779 There should be a way to drag&drop widget into a table cell General confirmed 12/23/2014
#12775 Create a visual handler for dragging & droping tables Core : Tables confirmed 12/22/2014
#12716 TableTools should be made available from toolbar when context menu isn't used. General confirmed 12/01/2014
#12682 Add a return value for scrollIntoView General m.lewandowski review_failed 11/19/2014
#12541 File upload plugin General confirmed 10/10/2014
#12524 [Widgets] Support multiple nested editables of the same name UI : Widgets confirmed 10/06/2014
#12374 Widget dialogs - provide an easy way to access edited widget in onOk / onShow UI : Widgets confirmed 08/29/2014
#12265 Transform inline widget into block and back General confirmed 07/31/2014
#12246 Highlight the default value in richcombo if default label is set General confirmed 07/24/2014
#12174 It should be possible to detect CKEditor version on the server side Project : CKBuilder confirmed 07/07/2014
#12149 It should be possible to add finder's lookup which prevents yielding current location General confirmed 06/30/2014
#12127 Wrong behavior when applying object styles - existing inline styles are removed Core : Styles confirmed 06/24/2014
#12123 [Umbrella] Problems with selection in table cells General confirmed 06/23/2014
#12120 Dynamic size restrictions in AutoGrow feature General confirmed 06/20/2014
#12089 Support for inline-block editors General confirmed 06/10/2014
#11939 Table resize plugin should also allow resizing row height General confirmed 05/12/2014
#11824 sourcedialog / codesnippet textarea enhancement General confirmed 04/14/2014
#11775 Codesnippet plugin should allow to specify custom path for highlight.js General confirmed 04/08/2014
#11735 Adding a tab support inside codesnippet dialog General confirmed 03/27/2014
#11625 Start using different hashes instead of timestamp for loading resources (via getUrl) General a.delura review 02/28/2014
#11595 Add support for MathJax block equations General confirmed 02/20/2014
#11502 Synchronous calls of asynchronous methods causes errors General confirmed 01/28/2014
#11363 Unify tests using multiple editor modes General confirmed 01/03/2014
#11339 Inline editing: width / height configuration options do not work General confirmed 12/19/2013
#11322 Impossible to delete some block elements at the beginning of content General confirmed 12/17/2013
#11194 Notification about new version in About dialog General confirmed 11/20/2013
#11187 Audio tag needs fake element what should result in new plugin. General confirmed 11/19/2013
#11156 Increase the default width of Font Size combo UI : Toolbar confirmed 11/14/2013
#10974 Add support for inline nested editables UI : Widgets confirmed 10/09/2013
#10932 Allow all (reasonable) elements as widgets' nested editables General confirmed 10/01/2013
#10928 Pulled quotes widget General confirmed 09/30/2013
#10818 Implement a captioned quote widget General confirmed 09/11/2013
#10817 Implement a time widget General confirmed 09/11/2013
#10697 CKBuilder: add a flag to mark parts of code needed in release version for tests Project : CKBuilder confirmed 08/06/2013
#10606 Inline form textarea using jQuery adapter General confirmed 07/09/2013
#10568 Focus space configuration for magicline. General confirmed 06/25/2013
#10473 Introduce argument for range#cloneContents which will preserve ids General confirmed 05/27/2013
#10442 Automatic features registration for menubuttons General confirmed 05/16/2013
#10362 Introduce editor#feature event General confirmed 04/22/2013
#10356 "learn mode" for ACF General confirmed 04/21/2013
#10336 Filter should understand complex styles General confirmed 04/17/2013
#10204 Introduce editor.htmlProcessor for input HTML processing Core : Output Data confirmed 03/13/2013
#10104 Add CKBuilder to Maven Project : CKBuilder confirmed 02/21/2013
#9855 Better context checking for toolbar buttons General new 12/20/2012
#9806 Add support for internal pages in link dialog General confirmed 12/11/2012
#9680 The "Maximize" feature should not be a toolbar button General confirmed 11/20/2012
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