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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2921 plugin:selection adding new way to force fire 'selectionChange' Task Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#2259 javascript in deleted form header Bug Normal Safari Compatibility General
#3226 Anchor image not visible in Safari on empty paragraph Bug Normal Safari Compatibility General
#3292 CKEDITOR.dom.range.getBoundaryNodes with collapsed range Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1 General
#3680 [webkit] Dialogs doesn't fire focus Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1 UI : Dialogs
#4544 [IE] Backspace handler on table/floated element doesn't work Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1 General
#4209 CKEditor UI not visible in IE7 when the cache is empty and placed in table-layout:fixed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.2 General
#4581 CKEditor does not work in IE 7/8 for textareas containing a bullet character · in the ID Bug Normal CKEditor 3.2 General
#4589 Output style attribute "override" by regular expression is ignored Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.2 Core : Styles
#4599 [Webkit] Drag-and-drop images into the tables Bug Normal CKEditor 3.2 Core : Pasting
#4761 IE8 scrollbar position is reset on unfocus in code view Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.2 UI : Toolbar
#4062 [IE] line after HR/Page Break problem Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 Core : Styles
#4778 Undo icon does not get enabled on click of Paste Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 Core : Undo & Redo
#4793 SCAYT causing lots of duplicate tags Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#4794 Cannot remove format from selected text when SCAYT is enabled Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#4823 Table cell's bgcolor is better to be applied to background-color style, not to bgColor attribute New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.3 UI : Dialogs
#4865 Typing in source area in IE stuck with long document Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#5068 Paste in Safari Always Pastes at the Beginning of Editor Content Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#5069 Panels are not working with IE in RTL page Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 UI : Floating Panel
#5137 Strange issues with Text Color and Background Color toolbar controls with JAWS Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 Accessibility
#5452 [IE+Quirks] Unscrollable combo dropdown list Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 UI : Floating Panel
#5462 Color is removed improperly from partial selections Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 Core : Styles
#5472 Appling color stops on style already applied Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 Core : Styles
#5494 Editor should cleanup dialogs when it is destroyed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#5711 Chrome: undo broken by newlines and SCAYT Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#6876 To investigate: insertHtml left trim text Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1 General
#632 Cursor does not show up in Firefox on Tab into the editor New Feature Normal General
#686 FCKeditor.Net: UserFilesPath Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#986 Window not stopped Bug Normal General
#1069 File browser responses when wrong _FileBrowserLanguage is set and some general thoughts New Feature Normal File Browser
#1175 ASP.NET: Changing UserFiles Directory using the Session object Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#1364 ASP.NET control TextChanged event New Feature Normal Server : ASP.Net
#1628 FireFox JavaScript Alert With External Config File Bug Normal General
#1681 Error: -2147024809, Invalid Arguement when opening a 2nd editor in a popup Bug Normal General
#1820 Javascript frameworks within FCKeditor New Feature Normal General
#1903 Cursor is not coming when string inserted via javascript Bug Normal General
#1925 categorie link renamed on edit Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2034 oConnector is undefined in frmresourcetype.html and frmfolders.html Bug Normal File Browser
#2060 Find focus text by scorlling entire page in Ie6 (maybe Ie7) Bug Normal General
#2130 Repeated addition of square brackets on editing external file links Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2143 FCKEditor.GetInstance and Dynamically loaded Web/User Controls. Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#2258 FCK/Mediawiki does not save edits in IE7 -- but in FF is ok Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2277 Punctuation Placement Issue with Right-to-Left Language Input Bug Normal UI : Language
#2280 Revision comparison bug (HTML passing into comparison rather than WikiText) Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2289 wiki sites freeze in firefox 3.0 Bug Normal General
#2290 Cut, copy and paste buttons are not working Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2341 Multiple folder locations on single page New Feature Normal Server : Java
#2352 Huge data gives an error Bug Normal General
#2354 FCKeditor 2.6.2 - problem with loading on opera 9.50 Bug Normal General
#2373 Loading Problem on postback when FckEditor placed in update panel Bug Normal General
#2375 [PATCH] FCKeditor.Net - Name attribute for iframe tag is not outputted Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#2379 Access denied in IE7 and Wordpress 2.5.1, FCKEditor 2.4.1 WP plugin Bug Normal General
#2392 mac OS and fckeditor, when saving informatio, after show "" style="display:none" /> " Bug Normal General
#2399 FCKEditor AJAX problem - WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: Status code 500 Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#2408 FCK.EditorWindow.getSelection() is null Bug Normal General
#2414 fckeditor.html missing from Bug Normal Server : Java
#2416 [IE] inline dialog fails to show properly Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#2443 creating link with the string "gif" in it creates bad url Bug Normal General
#2473 Version 2.6.3 FCKLang is undefined in IE6 Bug Normal General
#2499 NaN when using <ul> or <ol> Bug Normal Core : Lists
#2517 problem with horizontal scrollbar Bug Normal General
#2546 List is broken when pressing enter in empty sublist item Bug Normal Core : Lists
#2563 HTML Entities in a link text: &amp;lang=de => &#9001;=de Bug Normal General
#2564 Autogrow causes cursor jump on long content with table - FF2 Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) General
#2610 destroyed template tag when using mediawiki fckeditor extension with Firefox Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2645 Wiki to HTML Task Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2647 Problem With AJAX all Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#2651 Profile permissions Bug Normal General
#2655 Extra line breaks added from paste after submitting form (Firefox 3, Mac OS X) Bug Normal General
#2684 pagebreak not working Bug Normal General
#2698 Postback then history back Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#2707 Problems with using with Joomla ver 1.58 anthonymorrisr@… Bug Normal General
#2710 Text size larger than normal in Internet Explorer 7 - FCKEditor 2.6.3 Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2711 Square character appears in list of links - FCKEditor 2.6.3 Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2758 unnecessory insert <p>&nbsp;</p> Bug Normal Server : PHP
#2762 Extra line breaks in bulleted list each time it is saved Bug Normal General
#2828 Full Screen Editor moves off screen Bug Normal General
#2829 position:absolute Bug Normal Core : Styles
#2845 &nbsp; inserted randomly Bug Normal General
#2847 Slovak language file updates and changes Bug Normal UI : Language
#2851 IE7Pro support New Feature Normal UI : Spell Checker
#2887 Permisson denied when clicking on a file in the Resources Browser window Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#2914 no automatic search results - MediaWiki + FCKeditor Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2926 Incorrect conversion of Hex(A0) and other values Bug Normal General
#2937 Internal Link FCKeditor / MediaWiki 1.14 Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3011 MediaWiki syntax as a plugin New Feature Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3048 FCKeditor + IE7 + Tab-Browsing Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3078 Images loose any URL/Link reference when edited a second time Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3124 Cut or Copy/Paste - HyperLink is lost Bug Normal General
#3158 HTML code appears when you use the Browser back button Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#3224 CKEditor 3.0 : Ok/Cancel buttons are not working in Dialogs Bug Normal General
#3272 FCK Editor Loading problem Bug Normal General
#3278 2.6.4 version Focus Problem Bug Normal General
#3295 Paste image into table cell New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#3316 ConnectorHandler doesn`t work in Grails Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Server : Java
#3392 Issue with fck editor in IBM WCM Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3460 Incorrect HTML escaping only in Safari Bug Normal General
#3464 Upload image in safari Bug Normal General
#3466 FCK Editor editor Style issue..! Bug Normal Core : Styles
#3471 I am loosing Data of FCKeditor Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
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