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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#11055 Image2 is not focused after pasting confirmed Normal General
#11060 [IE11+] Selection is not placed right above the cursor when clicking below body confirmed Normal General
#11062 [IE9,10] Scrolling while dragging freezes browser window confirmed Normal General
#11065 Incorrect paragraph style after applying indentation and changing text direction confirmed Normal General
#11070 Bullet point content loses font style/size (Possibly other settings) given various scenarios confirmed Normal General
#11087 Opera & Chrome: Extra Border displaying across all menus list boxes confirmed Normal General
#11094 [IE8] Editor loses focus when moving focus from nested editable to widget confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#11095 [IE8] Copying single widget does not work when using toolbar button confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#11111 Range.enlarge test failing in Safari 7.0 and Chrome 37 confirmed Normal General
#11112 [Chrome] Copy + apply list + change list type -> break inline wdget confirmed Normal General
#11113 [IE] Elementspath does not display valid path for first click after selectall confirmed Normal General
#11114 Unable to access context menu with menu key when widget is focused confirmed Normal UI : Context Menu
#11115 Widgets are not filtered by ACF when pasting confirmed Normal General
#11117 Widget editables - does not prevent from dropping unsuportted markup confirmed Normal General
#11118 Widgets drag handler is marked in selection when it's not visible confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#11122 [IE] Widgets exception after native context menu + widget blur confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#11141 [IE8-10] Focus is lost when undoing to empty inline blockless editor confirmed Normal General
#11154 Cannot disable list in blockque confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#11158 [IE10@Win8] Dnd of inline widgets throw an exception in Win8 confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#11162 "Ctrl + A" and then "Del" works differently in FF and Chrome confirmed Normal General
#11166 Mirror editor if using divarea with a JavaScript loader pending Normal General
#11169 Maximize not work confirmed Normal General
#11185 Zero-width space entity gets doubled confirmed Normal General
#11192 Table Tools modify the wrong table when working with the <th> element in a nested table confirmed Normal General
#11199 [Image2, ACF] Content of figcaption remain once the tag is stripped out in a widget confirmed Normal General
#11212 [FF] It is impossible to exit styled list with Enter Key. confirmed Normal General
#11221 Incorrect result of table/list deletion confirmed Normal General
#11227 dialog.validate.functions bugs confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#11231 Autogrow does not load as images are loaded confirmed Normal General
#11234 IE 11 doesn't like links with display:inline-block confirmed Normal General
#11239 Dialog submit/cancel actions do not verify whether dialog is still opened confirmed Low UI : Dialogs
#11240 Basic formatting of a content of <pre> tag stripped by ACF is not preserved confirmed Normal General
#11241 CKFinder in readonly throws JS error confirmed Normal General
#11242 [IE8] Ignored tests related to fake selection have to be checked confirmed Normal General
#11247 Dead code in htmldataprocessor.html TC assigned Marek Lewandowski Normal General
#11248 [FF] Permission denied is thrown when preview is used for page with document.domain confirmed Normal General
#11252 Widget with complex structure allow editing of widgets' editables (if those are divs) confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#11254 Tests mocking CKEDITOR.editor should be rewritten confirmed Normal QA
#11255 split merged cell vertically command transposes the cells confirmed Normal Core : Tables
#11256 [iOS] startupFocus option does not work on iPad new Normal General
#11257 Language dropdown display issues with many language options confirmed Normal General
#11259 Pressing down arrow when menu containing richcobmo is focused, will not move focus to first potion confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#11261 [Blink] Problem with textarea in paragraph confirmed Normal General
#11269 [Webkit] Several elementspath issues confirmed Normal General
#11270 Delete pressed in table cell causes an error when magicline is visible confirmed Normal General
#11271 [IE9-11] INDEX_SIZE_ERR thrown after closing find dialog confirmed Normal General
#11272 [Blink] Two paragraphs after one enter before <hr> confirmed Normal UI : Enter Key
#11274 Flash placeholder change size after copy and paste in image2 sample confirmed Normal General
#11275 [IE8] Widget: it is possible to use native drag handler confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#11280 [IE] Selection not refreshed or incorrect if clicked outside body confirmed Normal Core : Selection
#11286 Panels are too narrow confirmed Normal General
#11298 Mathjax plugin - baseline for eqations and text is defferent confirmed Low UI : Widgets
#11313 Mathjax plugin broken when ckeditor is used over https:// protocol confirmed Normal General
#11318 An error should be thrown if loading resources failed confirmed Normal General
#11320 IE: cursor not visible when CKEditor opened as a modal dialog confirmed Normal General
#11323 [FF] preview does not display images confirmed Normal General
#11324 checkDirty() return true, but should return false confirmed Normal General
#11326 enterKey breaks block-level widgets confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#11334 CKEditor adds a space after the "cke_dialog_ui_input_textarea" class confirmed Low General
#11340 End of the range is enlarged randomly. confirmed Normal General
#11343 Drag&drop: inline widgets disappear when forcePasteAsPlainText is set confirmed Normal General
#11346 Formatting lost when applied to highlighted section, cursor placed at end of line, then the same formatting option toggled again confirmed Normal Core : Styles
#11361 Import from Word confirmed Normal General
#11365 Blink crashes if right clicking on mapped image confirmed Normal UI : Context Menu
#11374 Asymmetrical enlarge. confirmed Normal General
#11375 [iOS] On iPad adding a table shows cursor in first cell, but text cannot be entered new Normal Core : Tables
#11378 IE 8 & 9 Toolbar styling goes awry with 3 or more editors confirmed Normal UI : Toolbar
#11380 Chrome crashes when right clicking on an option within a multiple select box confirmed Normal UI : Context Menu
#11389 [iOS] Elements are inserted at wrong position on Ipad new Normal General
#11392 br tags are removed when switching to source an back. assigned kkrzton Nice to have (we want to work on it) General
#11394 HtmlDP's current enter mode (and other options) should be passed to "match" and "upcast" methods confirmed Normal UI : Widgets
#11398 [IE8] Image2 widget explodes after list type change confirmed Normal General
#11399 [FF] Instability of nested editables tests confirmed Normal General
#11405 [iOS] Unable to type on iPad after using dropdown list (Styles/Font/Size) or setting color confirmed Normal General
#11408 [FF][IE11] Opening preview using keyboard triggers popup blocker confirmed Normal General
#11410 [FF] jQuery sample, maximize + minimize framed editor allows to edit whole page confirmed Normal General
#11411 Cannot change nested list type in blockquote confirmed Normal Core : Lists
#11412 [OSX, Safari] Pressing ESC key in a dialog brings fullscreen browser window back to normal state confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#11414 [OSX, Safari] Problems when closing a dialog with ESC and unsaved contents confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#11415 [Chrome] &nbsp; is inserted instead of space. review Tade0 Nice to have (we want to work on it) General
#11418 Not able to drag widget after D&D text with widget confirmed Normal General
#11419 "Click and drag to move." in copied content. confirmed Normal General
#11423 [IE8] Error closing search&replace dialog confirmed Normal General
#11425 [IE8] Widget disappear after dropping it next to other widget. confirmed Normal General
#11426 [IE8] Wrong width/heigh ratio in Image2 confirmed Normal General
#11427 [IE8] Many "Invalid argument" errors when beginning of the document is removed confirmed Normal General
#11428 Elementspath entries should not be dragable confirmed Normal General
#11429 [IE11] Can't place space at the beginning of text input confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#11433 [IE11] Image - crashes upon editing image properties confirmed Normal General
#11434 [IE] Exception thrown while pasting page break confirmed Normal Core : Pasting
#11442 [Blink, Webkit, IE11] Comments inside iframe tags get messed up confirmed Piotrek Koszuliński Low General
#11468 [iOS] Toolbar status doesn't update on iOS new Normal Core : Selection
#11471 When toolbar position is fixed, dropdowns in toolbar aren't scrolling correctly confirmed Normal General
#11475 [Chrome] No context menu on text input when editor doesn't have focus confirmed Normal General
#11481 Multiple Link insert cause missing ID confirmed Normal General
#11488 Dialog content empty when it is told it will have tabs confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#11491 Pressing delete key in highlighted text in blockquote removes paragraph tags confirmed Normal Core : Editable
#11495 size option doesn't work due to css confirmed Normal UI : Dialogs
#11501 Visible Text Selection disappers in inline editor confirmed Normal General
#11506 Image inside floating DIV looses selection with Context Menu on IE confirmed Normal UI : Context Menu
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