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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#14278 Add tool(s)s to deal with unwanted &nbsp entities new New Feature Normal
#14274 under firefox, ckeditor word-break not working when focus first. confirmed Bug Normal
#14272 You can't delete (using Ctrl+A Del) two lists separated by a paragraph confirmed Bug Normal
#14271 By pressing ENTER below a table in an enumerated list item, the whole list item will be deleted confirmed Bug Normal
#14265 Moving focus outside toolbar is not documented confirmed Bug Normal
#14262 [mathjax] Add scrollbar inside dialog for mathjax preview wider than viewport confirmed New Feature Normal
#14257 [Blink] Pasting from MS Word leaves <![endif]--> confirmed Bug Normal
#14254 Wrong label for Cell Properties height input confirmed Bug Normal
#14250 Block Styles are not copied to new line confirmed Bug Normal
#14239 Spurious nodes added to document when toggling source view control when certain ACF rules applied confirmed Bug Normal
#14237 MenuButton with label puts "(Selected)" at the end of the label when clicked confirmed Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it) CKEditor 4.7.1
#14231 Memory usage increase with MathJax plugin new Bug Normal
#14230 Split uploadImage and image paste listeners confirmed New Feature Normal
#13969 forcepasteasplaintext CTRL + V not working confirmed Bug Normal
#13967 sharedspace create div's with duplicated ids confirmed Bug Normal
#13966 Japanese Multi-Byte Character doesn't work after some breaks confirmed Bug Normal
#13965 Combo boxes don't display with duplicate id's confirmed Bug Normal
#13961 Text overlap on iPhone 6S in landscape new Bug Normal
#13960 Focus is lost for blind users of the Voiceover screen reader while editing text new Bug Normal
#13946 [Edge] Drag and drop on styled elements within editor does nothing confirmed Bug Normal
#13943 When custom config is missing, the default config gets loaded twice. review kkrzton Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13932 Can't change font in inline editor confirmed Bug Normal
#13931 [IE11 CM] Test for notification agreggator not working. confirmed Bug Normal
#13930 [iOS] MT for 13883 fails confirmed Bug Normal
#13928 [IE11 CM] Icon not visible in manual test. confirmed Bug Normal
#13927 [IE 11 CM] Manual test for preventing drop fails. confirmed Bug Normal
#13926 Copying table using context menu strips off styles on Android confirmed Bug Normal
#13925 [WSC] Error when clicking "Finish Checking" assigned Tade0 Bug Normal
#13922 Autogrow plugin failure to make the editable area grow properly if the zoom plugin is set to value greater than 100 % confirmed Bug Normal
#13911 [IE11] Console errors during context menu test execution review kkrzton Bug Normal
#13908 Focus not being set in the Upload tab after the upload image button is pressed confirmed Bug Normal
#13902 SetData gets slower and slower new Bug Normal
#13900 Drag line for widgets is misaligned when paragraphs have margins pending Bug Normal
#13899 problem with plugin widget in inline mode of CKEditor confirmed Bug Normal
#13898 Make ACF more robust, and document it better confirmed Bug Normal
#13895 Add a hook to allow use of a javascript image/upload and file browser confirmed New Feature Normal
#13889 Error on drag/drop images in inline editor inside an iframe confirmed Bug Normal
#13888 image2: editor.config.image2_captionedClass is not removed when going from captioned to uncaptioned with Drupal's extended image2 new Bug Normal
#13877 Copy paste from google doc forces bold - removes underline and italics review_failed Tomasz Jakut Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13871 Dialog's control access keys are not discoverable confirmed Bug Normal
#13870 IE11: span witch css-class turns into em-tag confirmed Bug Normal
#13862 Notifications aren't visible if called from a Dialog confirmed New Feature Normal
#13852 There is no way to disable the font and fontsize button on the toolbar confirmed New Feature Normal
#13846 [iOS] Inline editor does not stick when scrolled off screen new Bug Normal
#13844 Add a contribution guide to the repository assigned Anna Tomanek Bug Normal
#13842 List Plugin adds extra <br> when making styled text a list assigned Tomasz Jakut Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#13841 Elements path selection and deletion work unexpectedly confirmed Bug Normal
#13840 Automatic Paragraph Closing Creates Empty Paragraph confirmed Bug Normal
#13839 Incorrect Tab navigation behavior with radio buttons inside the dialog review_failed Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal CKEditor 4.7.1
#13834 Limited range of CSS selectors for the style sheet parser plugin new New Feature Normal
#13833 Styles dropdown doesn't work correctly for tables with border=0 assigned Tomasz Jakut Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13830 Inconsistencies in removing inline styles (or text) with backspace key confirmed Bug Normal
#13826 [FF] Wrong caret position after removing characters confirmed Bug Normal
#13825 Large files should not be previewed during upload. confirmed New Feature Normal
#13824 Notification is displayed too late. review Tade0 Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13822 Font Size dropdown could contain input filed so that user could enter desired font-size. confirmed New Feature Normal
#13820 backspace to beginning of line causes text to subsequently lose some formats confirmed Bug Normal
#13807 ReadOnly editor does not fire focus events confirmed Bug Normal
#13805 Cut and paste is not working in table cells confirmed New Feature Normal
#13802 Whitespace removed for button tag confirmed Bug Normal
#13800 Focusing a widget and then defocusing the editor creates an undo step confirmed Bug Normal
#13798 Changing paragraph format causes cursor to move on Firefox 41 review Tomasz Jakut Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13791 filebrowser plugin should fire fileUploadRequest confirmed New Feature Normal
#13788 Pasting multi-block content on top of itself adds extra blocks confirmed Bug Normal
#13787 iOS notifications skewed to the left when zoomed out. new Bug Normal
#13786 iOS widget copy paste fails. confirmed Bug Normal
#13784 [Research] Integrate iOS9 keyboard toolbar with the editor confirmed Task Normal
#13778 [Chrome] Trying to insert a block before a block widget fails with an error review Tade0 Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13775 Typing into selected contents of span tag creates font tag confirmed Bug Normal
#13772 Contents appear unstyled on Firefox when setData() called immediately confirmed Bug Normal
#13760 Cursor Jumping after line break on Android 5.x and Chrome Browser confirmed Bug Normal
#13754 Chrome://accessibility mode : on -> not working ckeditor. confirmed Bug Normal
#13753 Chrome: Text Style lost when we paste content after refreshing the page confirmed Bug Normal
#13751 Chrome: Text Style lost when we paste content through Paste Dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#13740 Decreasing indention in a multiple indentation list confirmed Bug Normal
#13736 Unable to create D'n'D area inside CKEditor dialog => broked some add-ons review_failed Tomasz Jakut Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it) CKEditor 4.7.1
#13735 Paste from word confirmed Bug Normal
#13731 Units label styling in Cell Properties dialog confirmed Bug Normal
#13723 forceSimpleAmpersand is not working as expected. confirmed Bug Normal
#13721 [Android][Firefox] Problems with text selection confirmed Bug Normal
#13719 Right click on a widget loses editable selection review Tade0 Bug Normal
#13717 [Blink] Editor loses selection when accessing context menu via Mac's ctrl+click assigned Tade0 Bug Normal
#13713 divarea iphone double space new Bug Normal
#13712 Migrate the entire code base to strict mode confirmed Task Normal
#13708 IE option menu is different when right clicked on element with hasLayout==true confirmed Bug Normal
#13703 Pressing backspace near (but not next to) widget selects it. assigned Tade0 Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13694 Link dialog removes onclick attribute review kkrzton Bug Normal
#13683 IndexSizeError: DOM Exception 1: Index or size was negative, or greater than the allowed value. confirmed Bug Normal
#13677 Toolbar button icons (icons_hidpi.png) are mangled in some zoom levels in Blink-based browsers (Chrome/Opera) on a Retina Mac. confirmed Bug Normal
#13672 Valid characters for Anchor name confirmed Bug Normal
#13670 Improve the URL validator in embedbase confirmed New Feature Normal
#13669 Improve the heuristic for URL recognition in autolink confirmed New Feature Normal
#13667 Context menu does not appear when clicking below the body confirmed Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#13666 buggy copy + paste confirmed Bug Normal
#13651 Unable to paste unicode characters confirmed Bug Normal
#13648 [IE@WP] Table is inserted at the end of the document new Bug Normal
#13647 [IE@WP] Page is scrolled to the end when I press enter new Bug Normal
#13644 CKEditor shows no content anymore when character '<' is used in html comment confirmed Bug Normal
#13633 Selection should stay when switching between modes confirmed New Feature Normal
#13630 [IE11] Focus issues when the editor gets loaded confirmed Bug Normal
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