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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#17053 ckeditor input text field loose focus and move cursor before text field Bug Normal
#17061 Using input buttons can hang Chrome browser Bug Normal
#17065 [Chromium] Styles list - broken overflow/scrollbar after second open style list Bug Normal
#17068 Editor chrashes current Chrome Bug Normal
#17069 Font plugin doesn't apply styles to list markers Bug Normal
#6 Define ticketing method for Opera and Safari support Frederico Caldeira Knabben Task Normal
#10 SVN version doesn't work Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#16 Updating public bugs when they are fixed in private SVN Task Normal
#21 Opera doesn't recognize user-select:none HasPatch Opera Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Low
#24 Check if the proposed fix is valid Task Normal
#29 Changin my id Task Normal
#30 Passing arrays to configuration without custom js file Confirmed New Feature Normal
#34 Unify the code to preprocess and posprocess the html Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal
#43 JavaScript Lint Reporting Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Task Normal
#44 Move the main script load code to FCKScriptLoader Task Normal
#70 Insert the public header in the development files Task Normal
#83 Move trackers from SourceForge to Trac Pending Task Must have (possibly next milestone)
#86 Publish a new "Releaser" to generate nightly builds Frederico Caldeira Knabben Task Must have (possibly next milestone)
#88 office 2007 Pending Bug Normal
#89 IE7: Clipboard access has to be confirmed two to three times IE, Confirmed Bug Normal
#92 CKPackager: System.SystemException when running CKPackager under Linux/mono Packager, Linux Bug Normal
#93 missing file browser connector jsp directory alka13 Bug Normal
#96 Flash ActionScript 3 version New Feature Normal
#97 IE7: "Error: no such interface supported" when opening custom file browser IE IE7 WorksForMe Bug Normal
#98 Create way to upload images,files to IIS Virtual directory while FCKEditor program is in root directory. Pending Expired New Feature Normal
#106 Using with UTF encoding Frederico Caldeira Knabben Task Normal
#107 Impossible to use PHP inside tag definitions CantFix Bug Normal
#108 Hebrew Bug Normal
#110 Dialog buttons sizes (particularly "OK") Bug Normal
#111 Ignore following tags (to ignore system tags) blog, blogging, tool New Feature Normal
#115 Use PluginsPath for each plugin Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal
#116 Color changes are not saved WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#117 FCK.IsDirty() fails in Source view HasPatch Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal
#118 Make the SelectAll command work in Source mode Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal
#119 attach more than one css-file to the editor content New Feature Normal
#120 simulate class-hierarchy for exact css match CantFix Bug Normal
#127 toolsbars, preview New Feature Normal
#128 Color Code html New Feature Normal
#130 Flashvars is ignored Pending Bug Normal
#131 Remove style formartor change style format from a text doesn't work on IE Bug Normal
#133 Random bug in gecko browser causing toolbar not appear Bug Normal
#134 Problem in fckeditor_php5.php SF Pending Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#136 FCKBrowserInfo.IsIE error SF WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#139 CTRL + F not working SF Bug Normal
#140 Browser specific differences for page-break-after Pending Bug Normal
#144 Uneditable regions in the editor content. Confirmed New Feature Normal
#146 Image Mapping Tool New Feature Normal
#147 New Image Manager New Feature Normal
#148 Empty DIV Pending Bug Normal
#149 files (images, media...) management plugin New Feature Normal
#150 flash embed properties not saved WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#151 Automated tests of FCKDomRange fails Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#153 fck_paste.html : CustomCleanWord : line 78 Bug Normal
#154 Enhancements to the File Browser New Feature Normal
#155 FCKListHandler should make use of FCKConfig.EnterMode Bug Normal
#159 Single Toolbar for multiple instances of the FCKeditor Single Toolbar New Feature Normal
#162 Template library of useful formatting. New Feature Normal
#168 InsertHTML removes <object> tag in IE Pending Expired Bug Normal
#169 Nightly build demo is not working Bug Normal
#170 An easy way to add our own links to the toolbar, insert text where the caret is positioned Frederico Caldeira Knabben New Feature Normal
#173 Error when both instances share the same toolbar SF WorksForMe Pending Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#176 Unterminated A tags sometimes break paragraphs on save SF IE Confirmed Bug Normal
#177 ProtectedSource content is not printed Bug Normal
#178 Right-click in table cell messing up in Firefox SF WorksForMe Bug Normal
#181 Comments before <html> tag lead to source display on IE SF Pending Expired Bug Normal
#185 .Value property vs .Text property SF New Feature Normal
#186 Font & bg colorpickers display cut when ToolbarLocation=out SF WorksForMe Pending Expired Bug Normal
#189 Flash integration : align center -> tag broken SF Bug Normal
#195 installation failure with the following text at the top of the screen: Bug Normal
#196 Ver 2.4: 'FCKlang' is not defined ... Editor not appear in IE Bug Normal
#198 Loading 'fck_editorarea.css' two times per instances Discussion Bug Normal
#200 Self-closing XHTML tags parse wrongly Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#201 HR in input "source" completely destroys document structure SF IE Confirmed Bug Normal
#203 Instert Template FireFox WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#204 JS error: adding hyperlinks with '%' Bug Normal
#208 IE remove <br /> after any ending tag Bug Normal
#210 More Flexible Upload Directory Control HasPatch New Feature Normal
#215 Insert Smiley does not include required alt attribute WorksForMe Bug Normal
#216 js error in fckeditorcode_ie.js WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#221 Background color tool does not work for table cells Bug Normal
#224 Use pictures from another domain Task Normal
#226 <cf tags are not removed by the editor, neither are ASP (<%) or (<asp:) tags removed Bug Normal
#227 Problem with Filemanager in PHP Bug Normal
#230 Change the default <br> when pasting plain txt with CRLF HasPatch New Feature Normal
#232 New code for PHP classe of FCKeditor HasPatch New Feature Normal
#233 JScript implementation of FCKEditor HasPatch New Feature Normal
#235 FF: Toolbar icons are now displayed correctly on Mac OS X SF Firefox Mac WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#237 BaseHref doesn't appear to be working as expected (allowing full URL instead of relative) New Feature Normal
#240 "Remove Format" doesn't remove styles Confirmed IE SD-COE Bug Normal
#242 standard attribute positions New Feature Low
#244 ID in form fields for validation, or an alternative method New Feature Normal
#249 Normalize the order of tags' attributes SF New Feature Normal
#250 ignoreSpaceTextOnly ignored? Task Normal
#251 Inconsistent Tab behavior Confirmed Bug Normal
#256 inputting complete web page Pending Bug Normal
#259 Easy way to change upload/browse fold New Feature Normal
#260 Friendlier Errors on Image Upload New Feature Normal
#262 EnterMode br doesn't work right with lists Bug Normal
#263 error using the editor in internet explorer Bug Normal
#266 Rowspan function SD-COE Bug Normal
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