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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#14875 Changing the font also changes the size I have selected Bug Normal General
#14898 When in a bootstrap modal, input of type text can not be focused Bug Normal General
#14903 Autolink regexp is not accurate Bug Normal General
#14904 When we place the cursor on CKEDITOR text, it is showing wrong font size. Bug Normal General
#14908 Styling is not working in microsoft edge browser Bug Normal Core : Editable
#14909 Styles combo disabled when a style using multiple classes has them arranged in a non lexicographical order Tade0 Bug Normal General
#14912 Paste should match style of target context when forcePasteAsPlainText is enabled Bug Normal General
#14914 Meta tags not populating with existing data Bug Normal General
#14920 Strikethrough didn't show correctly when font size is changed Bug Normal Core : Styles
#14928 Undo button remains disabled if resizing an already loaded image as first action Bug Normal General
#16410 Images loaded in text is not responsive Bug Normal General
#16468 Remove Format not working Properly Bug Normal General
#16587 [Safari] Failing test in plugins/font/font Bug Normal General
#16602 Colors copy paste not working Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#16678 format of pasted text from word is not showed correctly in the toolbar Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#16699 Toolbar button status on touch devices Bug Normal General
#16701 Copy text with left or right alignment from one ck editor instance to another does not preserve alignment Bug Normal General
#16703 Numbered List formatting Problem Bug Normal Core : Styles
#16715 CKEDITOR replacing span tags with font tags Bug Normal General
#16730 [Bidi][iOS] Lack of scrollbar in the RTL text direction Bug Normal General
#16736 Text format is not retained for copy+paste text from excel Bug Normal General
#16750 Background gets lost while pasting tables from MS PowerPoint or MS Excel in CKEditor Bug Normal General
#16758 The underline is not of the selected colour when Underline icon (U - icon in toolbar) is selected later Bug Normal General
#16760 When the font size is increased , the background colour size does not increase for the new font size Bug Normal General
#16772 [Safari] Failing tests in tests/plugins/embedbase/undo kkrzton Bug Normal CKEditor 4.6.2 General
#16794 [iOS] Font family dropdown not updated after selection change Bug Normal General
#16802 ForceSimpleAmpersand is ignored Bug Normal General
#16806 Bold and some other styles are not copied from Powerpoint Bug Normal General
#16815 Pasting hyperlinks doesn't include </a> in OS X Firefox Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#16816 Form elements i.e. (radio, checkbox, text field, text area) are not editable and even can't be selected. Bug Normal Core : Editable
#16822 Blur editor event fails on source editing mode Bug Normal General
#16832 change event not triggered upon applying native browser spell checking Bug Normal General
#16842 Autolink plugin does not recognize URLs with dashes Bug Normal General
#16856 Maximize not working on iphone Bug Normal General
#16867 paste from MS Word some text with background color Bug Normal General
#16868 paste from MS Word some text with background color Bug Normal General
#16873 [chrome] Tab based navigation - No caret / focus in element? Bug Normal General
#16880 Paste from Excel Bug Normal General
#16882 Chrome: Copy/paste content from instance to another missing all the Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#16887 Copy from word lists style problems Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#16895 Cannot read property 'blockLimit' of null when clicking combo box Bug Normal General
#16914 TAB key space doesn't get copied from MSWord to CKEditor in IE11 Bug Normal General
#16926 [IE11] Permission denied when setData called more than once in a row. Bug Normal General
#17000 Document & Text color choices override each-other Bug Normal General
#17014 Font Size Selection Bug in Chrome Bug Normal General
#17033 extractContents returns incorrect result when multiple nodes are selected. Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it) General
#17039 Switch from wysiwyg and click behind textarea inside table - Chrome hangs Bug Normal General
#17061 Using input buttons can hang Chrome browser Bug Normal General
#17065 [Chromium] Styles list - broken overflow/scrollbar after second open style list Bug Normal Core : Styles
#17068 Editor chrashes current Chrome Bug Normal General
#17069 Font plugin doesn't apply styles to list markers Bug Normal General
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