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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#11826 [IE11] Anchor node becomes just text node in editor when hitting backspace with caret right after link tag Bug Normal General
#11953 [IE]Paste doesn't work on selected word. Bug Normal General
#11961 [Blink] It is not possible to remove object style using combo Bug Normal General
#11962 [IE] Replace all with sentence `aaaaa` throw error. Bug Normal General
#12122 Deleting table in inline editor deletes or breaks editor Bug Normal General
#12166 [Blink] Wrong cursor position after a widget Bug Normal General
#12208 BR tag replacement seems to be to agressive Bug Normal General
#12310 Change event is fired once on arrow consequent to printable letter Bug Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#12320 'change' is fired when pressing arrow key for the first time after changes in the editor Bug Normal General
#12335 Setting new bg color on existing one make disappear original one (after selection) Bug Normal General
#12792 [WebKit] Red test on major Bug Normal General
#12859 Errors when trying to call some editor methods too quickly (synchronously) Bug Normal General
#13025 Invalid table headers after switching from both to column Bug Normal Core : Tables
#13308 [HC] Enable color buttons in High Contrast New Feature Normal Accessibility
#13356 [IE11] Pasting list from Word does not work. Bug Normal General
#122 Disappearing BR Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.4.1 UI : Enter Key
#124 BRs being lost (EnterMode-related?) Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.4.1 UI : Enter Key
#128 Color Code html New Feature Normal UI : Source View
#131 Remove style formartor change style format from a text doesn't work on IE Bug Normal General
#144 Uneditable regions in the editor content. New Feature Normal General
#149 files (images, media...) management plugin New Feature Normal File Browser
#154 Enhancements to the File Browser New Feature Normal General
#164 Internet Explorer loses Break tags on saving or viewing source. Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.4.1 General
#198 Loading 'fck_editorarea.css' two times per instances Bug Normal General
#200 Self-closing XHTML tags parse wrongly Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) General
#204 JS error: adding hyperlinks with '%' Bug Normal General
#208 IE remove <br /> after any ending tag Bug Normal General
#240 "Remove Format" doesn't remove styles Bug Normal Core : Styles
#242 standard attribute positions New Feature Low General
#244 ID in form fields for validation, or an alternative method New Feature Normal General
#251 Inconsistent Tab behavior Bug Normal General
#259 Easy way to change upload/browse fold New Feature Normal File Browser
#262 EnterMode br doesn't work right with lists Bug Normal UI : Enter Key
#270 Delete Files Option New Feature Normal General
#276 server didn't send back a proper XML response browsing server Bug Normal File Browser
#285 Disappearing <br /> in a block tag (p or div) Bug Normal UI : Enter Key
#286 special characters inserted before editor from nowhere -  Bug Normal General
#287 IE Ignores StartupFocus property Bug Normal General
#296 Can't Remove Formatting in IE Bug Normal General
#301 When FCKConfig.EnterMode is set to 'br' ordered and unordered list do not function as expected in IE Bug Normal General
#305 ToolbarSets cannot be set via script interface Bug Normal General
#310 Most files of Version 2.4.1 are corrupted Bug Normal General
#317 Bug in browser/upload Bug Normal General
#329 New tool: Paragraph mode New Feature Normal General
#331 PHP pages output to browser Bug Normal General
#340 Bug About the EnterMode='div' or 'br' Bug Normal UI : Enter Key
#344 Werd character at the beginning of files Bug Normal General
#365 Alignment of textarea for right to left locales Bug Normal General
#366 right to left locales align Bug Normal General
#367 Remove uploaded images New Feature Normal File Browser
#373 contentArea autogrows and scrolling moves editor in iframe Bug Normal Opera Compatibility General
#375 Wrapping tag disables the associated button Bug Normal Opera Compatibility UI : Toolbar
#384 Tab Key using Internet Explorer New Feature Normal General
#385 To locate the cursor in source mode New Feature Normal UI : Source View
#392 "Stack overflow" exception on specific content Bug Normal General
#399 Changing visual styles of toolbar elements Bug Normal General
#406 ff hided editor cnt get the focus Bug Normal General
#407 The editor edits the page HTML (outside the editor region) Bug Normal General
#412 Custom names for folders when UseFileType is activated (php) New Feature Normal File Browser
#417 content box focus problem Bug Normal General
#418 FLV and AS extentions as a standard in upload file New Feature Normal General
#420 Bug with the in undo FireFox with the style combo Bug Normal General
#423 Drag and drop rich text with firefox with plaintext=true Bug Normal General
#426 Spell Check fails with html tags containing spelling errors Bug Normal General
#441 writing near a hyperlinked word in firefox Bug Normal General
#449 New File/image dialog New Feature Normal File Browser
#450 right click bug near a text contains a P tag in firefox Bug Normal General
#461 putting ampersands in an onclick even changes to apostrophe Bug Normal General
#464 Table border color New Feature Normal General
#465 upload images Bug Normal File Browser
#469 Backward Compatibility for FCKEditor2.4 Bug Normal General
#473 scripts are removed if it is the only text in the editor Bug Normal UI : Source View
#477 Change translation in placeholder Task Normal General
#480 Delete Image Function New Feature Normal File Browser
#483 image preview does'nt display in firefox Bug Normal General
#485 Need thumbnail viewer in image browser. New Feature Normal File Browser
#489 JavaScript error when add a link to a piece of text Bug Normal General
#492 <hr/> elements inside <p></p> with ie6 still occuring in 2.4.2 Bug Normal General
#498 Resource Type directory being created when option is set to false in config.php for upload in File Browser Bug Normal File Browser
#502 Firefox and Multiple FCKeditors Bug Normal General
#509 userFilespath not being set correctly in file browser with coldfusion Bug Normal General
#521 Make the Find/Replace Button work in Source mode New Feature Normal General
#530 Source code formatting (coloring) New Feature Normal UI : Source View
#540 Problems with XML within HTML Bug Normal General
#544 Firefox: fckeditor not enabled when created in display:none element Bug Normal General
#559 removing <p> and using <br> Bug Normal General
#578 Remove format is not working on Style applied text in IE Bug Normal General
#588 Restrict HTML tags New Feature Normal Core : Output Data
#611 View source code of selection New Feature Normal UI : Source View
#612 Source code hightlighting New Feature Normal UI : Source View
#618 Rename Uploaded Files New Feature Normal File Browser
#638 CTRL+Z on source removes content. Bug Normal General
#806 Format text changes entire page not just highlighted text in IE. Bug Normal Core : Styles
#807 Firefox spell check launches only during source view not WYSIWYG view Bug Normal General
#836 non file based (dynamic) toolbar configuration New Feature Normal UI : Toolbar
#917 disable the cancel button from the dialogs New Feature Low UI : Dialogs
#930 Need to hide the toolbar. Bug Normal General
#932 Bullet list can bullet the whole editor Bug Normal General
#937 create toolbar(set) at runtime New Feature Normal UI : Toolbar
#939 add toolbar buttons at runtime New Feature Normal UI : Toolbar
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