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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#661 [SS] Remove Format does not remove styles Bug Normal General
#669 Newlines in <pre> tags are not preserved Bug Normal General
#679 [SS] IE RemoveFormat ignores span tags Bug Normal General
#680 No context menu for checkbox in a table cell in Firefox Bug Normal General
#689 ProtectedSource: "Stack overflow at line 23" Bug Normal General
#691 Default foreground colour not set Bug Normal General
#705 unbold doesn't work in IE Bug Normal Core : Styles
#710 Spell check fails when image present in the document Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6 General
#715 Apostrophes broken in FCKeditor.Java Bug Normal General
#724 Apostrophes broken in FCKeditor.Java Bug Normal Server : Java
#742 define EditorAreaCSS in hidden field Bug Normal General
#757 where will these ' to ´ indications replace? Bug Normal Server : Java
#765 Detached toolbar sometimes fails to resize properly Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#767 Text Align does unexpected things when <br /> is used Bug Normal General
#776 Firefox: focus problem Bug Normal General
#782 ProtectedSource: Stack overflow at line 23 Bug Normal General
#786 forcepastaspaintext ie 6 bug Bug Normal Core : Lists
#790 IE: too many CRs xor problems in lists Bug Normal General
#800 Wrong Toolbar Height on Multiple Instances in IE7 Bug Normal General
#825 table class New Feature Normal General
#826 Locked/Editable Region Support New Feature Normal General
#835 use connectors FileUpload command for quick-upload function New Feature Normal General
#861 Background color for tables New Feature Normal General
#867 blockquote toolbar item New Feature Normal General
#871 Table Auto Format New Feature Normal General
#891 Use Tab key to navigate tables (Next/Previous cell) New Feature Normal General
#893 Target required for forms New Feature Normal General
#897 Centralise configuration New Feature Normal General
#908 Make TabSpaces work with FF New Feature Normal General
#910 Tables in IE and TAB key New Feature Normal General
#953 Shared toolbar doesn't reflect state of the editor Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#954 Toolbar cutted to one row in sample 10 Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#1190 Opera: 'Paste from Word' doesn't work properly. Bug Normal Opera Compatibility General
#1198 Opera: editing area doesn't get focus after undoing. Bug Normal Opera Compatibility General
#1211 Opera & Safari: Editor page can be scrolled even if editor size is maximized Bug Normal General
#1289 Source view textarea is bigger than it should be Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Opera Compatibility UI : Source View
#1365 Add hotkey info to the tool tip popups New Feature Normal UI : Toolbar
#1369 Meta Placeholder New Feature Normal General
#1380 remove special characters in uploaded file URL New Feature Normal Server : PHP
#1395 Problem with customizing upload folder Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#1551 Opera : Toolbar buttons are not context sensitive anymore Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Opera Compatibility Core : Styles
#1624 A new <br> appears aftrer saving Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#1741 Using new fileLocator service,upload files wherever we want. New Feature Normal Server : Java
#1743 [Java-filemanager] Custom directory for each resource type New Feature Normal Server : Java
#1745 Added functionality to specify root for images and flash New Feature Normal Server : Java
#1754 Filemanager doesn't respect the allowed and denied extensions settings. Bug Normal FCKeditor.Java 2.4 Server : Java
#1771 inside page linking disappears after editing the page for the second tome Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#1830 IE: Use TAB key to insert a new rows on tables New Feature Normal General
#1850 Opera: Unable to move objects Bug Normal Opera Compatibility General
#2070 Style attribute changed in IE Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2345 Context Menu not open in FireFox3 Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#2348 Bug fix problem (#2248 not fixed) Bug Normal General
#2358 Missing CSS style for fckeditor.html Bug Low General
#2360 Integrate Editarea in FCKeditor New Feature Normal UI : Source View
#2362 Remove/Deselect style Bug Normal Core : Styles
#2366 in FF3 shift-enter causes a scroll up Bug Normal General
#2393 Links to database pages New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#2395 InsertHtml() can prefix an additional annoying blank paragraph with IE Bug Normal General
#2421 FCKlang for alerts in FCKeditor dialogs New Feature Normal UI : Language
#2438 tablehandler not operating on proper row - Context Menu js error Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#2439 PasteFromWord inserts into current <p> (FireFox3) Bug Normal General
#2450 Classes for table, tr and td New Feature Normal General
#2465 IE <div style="float: right"> loses selection & stops images from being editable Bug Normal UI : Floating Panel
#2466 Big issue when change page content's font and size Bug Normal Core : Styles
#2493 Issues with styles in version 2.6.3 Bug Normal General
#2498 Dialogs do not work with some builds of Internet Explorer Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#2502 Allow Find and Replace in source mode New Feature Normal UI : Source View
#2520 Icelandic language support New Feature Normal General
#2529 Fix applied in Ticket #1907 can cause problems on FF 3.0.1 Mac/Win with Firebug enabled Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6.4 General
#2533 PageBreak code is different in Gecko and IE Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#2553 Safari: Text Format Buttons not Selectable Bug Normal General
#2558 Improved handling of special characters for formatting New Feature Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2562 IsDirty() is incorrectly set when there is content but no paragraphs on the page Bug Normal General
#2566 multiple editor instances, FCKeditorAPI.GetInstance error Bug Normal General
#2571 Impossible to modify a select list in FF3 Bug Normal General
#2579 Fckeditor 2.6.2 automatically insert <br /> when loading Bug Normal General
#2585 Special Tags Task Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2590 FCKEditor changes the position of REL and ALT attributes on every edit Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#2594 Indent and Outdent New Feature Normal General
#2607 FileUplad and QuickUpload code are not in sync Bug Normal File Browser
#2609 Copy & Paste Table Row or Column New Feature Normal General
#2613 Colors for markup in source New Feature Normal UI : Source View
#2621 Replace hard-coded messages with lookup to localized versions Bug Normal UI : Language
#2627 Link relationship (rel attribute) on "advanced" tab for links New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#2629 Autogrow does not work with default fckeditor.js file Bug Normal General
#2632 "Paste from Word" in IE pastes text in the beginning of the body text, no matter where the cursor was Bug Normal General
#2633 Insert/Edit Image disappearing on submit Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) UI : Toolbar
#2635 asp connector link quickupload adds extra slash Bug Normal General
#2652 EnterMode = br interferes with IE's auto-linking feature Bug Normal UI : Enter Key
#2654 Paste from Contextual Menu does not honor ForcePasteAsPlainText with Safari Bug Normal General
#2667 DocTypeDeclaration fck_docprops.html Bug Normal General
#2674 Multiple Spans Bug Normal Core : Styles
#2675 Changing background color does not render properly when font sizes differ. Bug Normal Core : Styles
#2686 Input Japanese for Mac Firefox Bug Normal General
#2700 Problem with document.domain automatic fix script c# Bug Low Server : ASP.Net
#2722 Unable to open context menu to edit Select control (Drop Down) in fckeditor Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#2729 User can delete images from server New Feature Normal General
#2744 <th> in Tables New Feature Normal General
#2747 alignment in div with break creates new div Bug Normal Core : Styles
#2779 Spell check dialog partially obscured in IE 8 Bug Normal General
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