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#1069 File browser responses when wrong _FileBrowserLanguage is set and some general thoughts Discussion New Feature Normal
#1071 symmetrical margins New Feature Normal
#1073 Link modified with "'amp;apos..." durin multiple source click event Bug Normal
#1075 If we build an editor in a hidden container (i.e.: div) an error occurs in fck_gecko.js (line 206 rv:666) Bug Normal
#1079 fckEditor inside UpdatePanel broken in VS2008 beta2 Bug Normal
#1080 mediawiki integration, localsettings.php, line, hanging Bug Normal
#1082 FCKeditor+mediawiki bulleted list adds a <br> at the end of the entry Confirmed Bug Normal
#1088 fckeditor autogrow Pending Bug Normal
#1091 Export to word New Feature Normal
#1096 Buttons: Insert New Row/Column && Merge Row/Column New Feature Normal
#1100 Indented number list adds </dd> Pending Bug Normal
#1101 Pasted links have forced font color in IE IE CantFix Bug Normal
#1102 hostname - url of inserted resource Bug Normal
#1104 FCKEditor Save Button Task Must have (possibly next milestone)
#1108 Enhance Table Code Task Normal
#1109 Enhance Table Right-click Content-Menu New Feature Normal
#1110 Enhance Table Properties Task Normal
#1112 Enhance 'New Page' button New Feature Normal
#1113 Fix Table Action buttons Bug Normal
#1114 Add calendar/time button New Feature Normal
#1116 Anchors do not work (and resolution proposal) Confirmed Bug Normal
#1117 Text replace command doesn't work properly Martin Kou Bug Normal
#1120 FCK should load "Mediawiki:Common.css" and "Mediawiki:current_style.css" pages Bug Normal
#1122 Safari: minor rendering issue (the cursor under a horizontal rule) WebKit Bug Low
#1124 Upload file in subdirectories Bug Normal
#1125 Enhance Save button New Feature Normal
#1126 Enhance Form dialog Confirmed New Feature Normal
#1128 Enhance FullScreen mode New Feature Normal
#1130 Create Embed Object Dialog New Feature Normal
#1131 Create Insert Comment button New Feature Normal
#1132 Create Insert Comment button Task Normal
#1135 Option: Toolbar Replacement Discussion New Feature Normal
#1136 Syntax Highlighter New Feature Normal
#1137 Create Highlight button New Feature Normal
#1139 Create Word Count button New Feature Normal
#1140 Create Table Template button New Feature Normal
#1141 Create Read-only mode New Feature Normal
#1143 Create Option/Preference Button New Feature Normal
#1144 Create Additional button for Full-Page Editing New Feature Normal
#1146 Create CSS-Style button Discussion New Feature Normal
#1151 FCKeditor not compatible with wikitex extension in mediawiki Bug Normal
#1152 [IE] InsertHtml doesn't insert nodes at the cursor position when foucs is lost IE Bug Normal
#1154 <br> is removed from the middle of the text WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#1155 firefox problem.Editor un-editable Bug Normal
#1156 Adding new element to a sublist breaks the list Confimed IE Martin Kou Bug Normal
#1157 IE,IE7:Templates carriage return not honoured Confirmed IE Bug Normal
#1158 Merge cell right and merge cell down is broken Martin Kou Bug Normal
#1168 Minimum entity rewriting on non ASCII character New Feature Normal
#1169 cant double click to select if focus not in editor Bug Normal
#1170 AJAX Update Panel full support Bug Normal
#1174 Show Changes button shows html version of changes instead of wikitext changes Confirmed Bug Normal
#1175 ASP.NET: Changing UserFiles Directory using the Session object Bug Normal
#1180 'Print' button is always disabled. Opera Bug Normal
#1181 Fix inaccurate integration documentation for MedaiWiki Task Normal
#1185 How to stop font formatting when a text is pasted New Feature Normal
#1186 Undo (CTRL + Z) does not work with the new "ENTER" key handling code in Firefox Bug Normal
#1187 Firefox & Opera: 'Paste as plain text' is not udoable. Martin Kou Bug Normal
#1188 Firefox, Safari, Opera: Context menu doesn't disappear on Esc. Firefox Bug Normal
#1189 Javascript-Console Errors for skins Confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#1195 Plugin for World of Warcraft Items Pending New Feature Normal
#1208 Securityproblem on FCKeditor Bug Normal
#1211 Opera & Safari: Editor page can be scrolled even if editor size is maximized Safari Opera Bug Normal
#1212 exclude itens in the toolbar Bug Normal
#1214 IE: "colspan" collapses wikitext. Confirmed IE Bug Normal
#1215 It is impossible to place caret after table by mouse Opera Bug Normal
#1216 Toolbar: Bold, Italics, Underline, etc, features no longer stay selected. Bug Normal
#1218 Flash Params New Feature Normal
#1219 Optional class param New Feature Normal
#1220 IE: Hitting Backspace after a link removes it istead of deleting a char Confirmed IE Bug Normal
#1222 Deleting text with Ctrl+Backspace is not undoable. Martin Kou Bug Normal
#1223 'Undo' have to be clicked twice in order to undo anchor creation Martin Kou Bug Normal
#1224 Generate flash files with swfobject rather than embed New Feature Normal
#1233 When selecting multiple cells, cell properties is now greyed Bug Normal
#1236 Unquoted keys in JavaScript objects got compressed by FCKpackager Bug Normal
#1238 Auto-correct missing semi-colons New Feature Normal
#1240 Nested comments break the compressed output Confirmed Review+ Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#1241 Inline objects array get broken when compressed Bug Normal
#1242 Comments are not always stripped when compressing Confirmed Review+ Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#1243 Variable renaming doesn't work on specific case Bug Normal
#1244 Wrong variable renaming related to constants Bug Normal
#1246 Does this editor support <NOWIKI> ? New Feature Normal
#1248 Interator or Iterator Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Low
#1249 MediaWiki: Embedding external images Bug Normal
#1251 Internet Explorer ignores right and left margin Bug Normal
#1252 Thai language for fckeditor 2.4.3 HasPatch Bug Normal
#1253 Error loading the samples with frameset in Explorer Bug Normal
#1254 Paste from Word is breaking something Pending Bug Normal
#1255 Javascript error in Firefox: FCK is not defined Firefox Bug Normal
#1257 Security problem: file extension blacklist in upload connectors allows uploading executable scripts Bug Normal
#1258 Three garbage characters at beginning of many files. Bug Normal
#1260 Inconsistent results when switching betwen Source view containing iFrame Firefox Bug Normal
#1261 Disable Automated URL [ ] encapsulation, or allow option to disable New Feature Normal
#1263 Add support for a __NO_EDITOR__ token while bugs are fixed New Feature Normal
#1264 Height of "Background Color" of text is not matching with remaining text Bug Normal
#1269 Cursor and CR: not blinking on the right position Pending Bug Normal
#1274 Editor does not handle preformatted Wiki Text correctly in mediawiki extension preformatted code block Bug Normal
#1281 Undo move cursor to the end of the document in IE Pending Bug Normal
#1282 Image proporties - Link, popup window New Feature Normal
#1283 Mediawiki 1.11.0 doesn't support it WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1286 File Manager/Browser : File rename or delete New Feature Normal
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