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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2843 Equivalent range selection from WYSIWYG to Source mode. New Feature Normal General
#2858 Appearance Dialog Boxes IE8 Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#2868 enable 'merge right' and 'merge down' in Firefox New Feature Normal General
#2877 Paste from Word inserts empty paragraphs Bug Normal General
#2891 FCKEditor 2.6.3 X UpdatePanel (randomly IE crash) Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Server : ASP.Net
#2929 extra space in style attribute - takes up extra room when storing it in DB New Feature Normal General
#2946 Auto wrapping text in paragrahs Bug Normal General
#2963 Key board Tab navigation not working in FCK In IE. Bug Normal General
#2975 Blank edit page when extension is enabled (upgraded mediawiki) Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3014 Mediawiki extension of FCKeditor does not work in MediaWiki 1.14.0 Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3029 Opera: FCKeditor 2.6.4 won't work correctly under text/xml mime-type Bug Normal General
#3096 FF: Block style: Deleted Text/Inserted Text not working Bug Normal General
#3113 Need to move input focus to the dialog panels Artur Formella Bug Normal UI : Floating Panel
#3135 Colorselector New Feature Normal General
#3168 Unknown script code appears in the editor Bug Normal General
#3182 IE8: Contents of panels aren't shown Bug Normal General
#3217 Unexpected <br> will be added to the RichText field if the RichText field is in source/XML view before the spell checking Bug Normal General
#3264 Templates New Feature Normal General
#3271 CKEditor - fatal error/crash while changing simple text styles(bold, etc) Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Core : Styles
#3302 XML Request Error: Internal Server Error (500) Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Server : ASP.Net
#3326 Unknown toolbar MW_Source, MW_Category etc. Bug Normal General
#3327 Unknown toolbar MW_Source, MW_Category etc. Bug Normal General
#3328 ASCIIMathML plugin New Feature Normal General
#3335 Extra blank row added top of the Content which copied from Micrsoft word Bug Normal General
#3348 Problem with QuickUpload using PHP connector Bug Normal General
#3364 Pressing enter at the end of a bulleted list does not end the list Bug Normal General
#3369 file upload problem in IE6 Bug Normal General
#3375 Unable to exit link Bug Normal General
#3386 Mathematical formula based on Web New Feature Normal General
#3393 Issue with fck editor in IBM WCM Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3394 Issue with fck editor within IBM WCM Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3405 Pressing enter at end of line adds extra linebreak Bug Normal General
#3411 Pressing bold in middle of bold line unbolds entire line Bug Normal General
#3479 Bolding - Italics - Underline cannot be turned off in IE Bug Normal Core : Styles
#3499 Error when using tablecommands plugin and claiming focus before fckeditor has completed loading Bug Normal General
#3518 Replace textarea doesn't work if textarea name/id contains dot Bug Normal General
#3547 Compare versions shows changes that were not made by user Bug Normal General
#3551 FCK Editor 2.6.4 IE8 HTML4 scrolling errors Bug Normal General
#3552 FCK Editor 2.6.4 IE8 HTML4 add/edit hyperlink error Bug Normal General
#3590 Image dialog incorrectly states that some options have been changed Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#3604 Find and Replace - pressing Tab will clear the "Find what:" field Bug Normal General
#3605 Javascript error: Unknown toolbar item "BlockQuote" Bug Normal General
#3611 Automatic option doesn't work for font and background color Bug Normal General
#3615 Disable resizing when editor is in fullscreen mode Bug Normal General
#3682 Image Browser Server Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) General
#3712 Cant Apply styles in Tables Bug Normal General
#3713 Image file name lost on enabling / disabling Wiki FCKEditior Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3736 Paste from MS Word doesn't work by Opera 9.5+ Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#3765 Linking image with align attribute in chrome Bug Normal General
#3784 [IE] Paragraph before table is not deleteable Bug Normal General
#3840 RTL: Provide RTL versions for icons Bug Normal General
#3854 Skin loader bug Bug Normal General
#3867 bug for fckeditor 2.6.4 at ie7 Bug Normal General
#3904 Editor causes unauthenticated content warnings over SSL in FF 3.5 Bug Normal General
#3930 Merge cells command missing Bug Normal Core : Styles
#3952 Cannot navigate back from submenu in context menu via keyboard Bug Normal Accessibility
#3974 IE - reversed attributes Bug Normal General
#3981 Problem showing 2nd level context menu on Windows 7/IE8 Bug Normal General
#3993 [IE] Mouse cursor over rich combo shows as beam instead of arrow Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#4002 Some options in the image dialog can not be removed Task Normal General
#4004 No validation for image URLs Bug Normal General
#4009 [IE] Enter key before sub list result incorrect Bug Normal Core : Lists
#4015 [FF2] RTL mode broken Bug Normal General
#4034 [IE] second level context menu text cropped Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#4051 IE drag div not working Bug Normal General
#4055 [IE6] Control type element is masking toolbar button. Bug Normal General
#4070 Emphasis styles not enabled at the start of text Bug Normal General
#4071 Font types and sizes not enabled using Safari Bug Normal General
#4088 Translation updates for Ukrainian Bug Normal UI : Language
#4108 [Translation] Chinese elementsPath.eleTitle not translated Bug Normal UI : Language
#4132 forcePasteAsPlainText is not documented Bug Normal General
#4156 Scrollbar bug: Text Edit area cut in half on Google Chrome or Safari Bug Normal General
#4157 Scrollbar bug: Text Edit area cut in half on Google Chrome or Safari Bug Normal General
#4159 should have change event New Feature Normal General
#4189 Config entry 'disableNativeSpellChecker' doesn't work in Safari Bug Normal General
#4198 Problem with edited select - browser closes- IE and firefox Bug Normal General
#4207 Table related errors Bug Normal General
#4216 [IE] Content is not editable Bug Normal General
#4221 "Browse Server" not available in CKEditor Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#4222 junk text comes when Delete button pressed twice Bug Normal General
#4224 [IE] disableObjectResizing does not work Bug Normal General
#4339 Add Script Button New Feature Normal General
#4356 Block move button New Feature Normal General
#4370 hebrew translation Task Normal General
#4372 Page scrolls to CKeditor in firefox Bug Normal General
#4388 table colors New Feature Normal General
#4390 'Paste as plain text' should convert line breaks to paragraphs Bug Normal General
#4407 Backspace Key when used to delete image sends user backwards in web history Bug Normal General
#4408 Image Resizing Inconsistencies Bug Normal General
#4410 FCKeditor + MediaWiki 1.15.1 Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#4443 Stop creating new instance of IE Toolbar on new Tab in IE7. Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#4448 Sessions Internet explorer Bug Normal General
#4453 FF: No context menu when right clicking a select component Bug Normal General
#4464 Czech Language File for FCK Editor 2.6.5 Bug Normal UI : Language
#4506 Adding a new 'save' event Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#4515 IE image inside DIV bug still not resolved? Bug Normal General
#4524 Inconsistent processing of custom styles Bug Normal Core : Styles
#4558 Selection not picked up in dialog Bug Normal General
#4563 Context menu too small for some options and languages Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#4564 Unable to select and change values from some form elements with Firefox Bug Normal General
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