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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2555 Invalid link conversion Bug Normal
#2556 Two paragraph elements added on a single Enter keystroke Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2557 Performance issues in mediawiki when using fckeditor Bug Normal
#2558 Improved handling of special characters for formatting Pending New Feature Normal
#2559 Capability to tab within editor New Feature Normal
#2561 Converted into PERL module HasPatch New Feature Normal
#2562 IsDirty() is incorrectly set when there is content but no paragraphs on the page Confirmed Bug Normal
#2563 HTML Entities in a link text: &lang=de => 〈=de Pending Bug Normal
#2564 Autogrow causes cursor jump on long content with table - FF2 Pending Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#2566 multiple editor instances, FCKeditorAPI.GetInstance error Confirmed Bug Normal
#2569 using <textarea> in FCKeditor - does not handle anything after <textarea> Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2571 Impossible to modify a select list in FF3 Confirmed Bug Normal
#2572 Extra br tags added when document viewed in HTML Bug Normal
#2574 paste generates multiple font tags in version 2.6.3 Pending Bug Normal
#2575 Hitting carriage return cause the scrollbar to go at the end Firefox Bug Normal
#2576 202 Invalid File Type uploading SWF to ColdFusion Bug Normal
#2577 when SourcePopup is true, closing source results in permission denied IE Bug Normal
#2579 Fckeditor 2.6.2 automatically insert <br /> when loading Confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#2581 Rename UserPathBuilder interface to something more appropriate Confirmed Task Normal FCKeditor.Java 2.5
#2585 Special Tags Task Normal
#2588 In Safari right click causes marking out a whole word Safari Bug Normal
#2590 FCKEditor changes the position of REL and ALT attributes on every edit Confirmed Bug Normal
#2591 Strange behaviour Bug Normal
#2593 Continue the numbering list New Feature Normal
#2594 Indent and Outdent New Feature Normal
#2595 getHTML, getXHTML & getData adds HTML code tht isn't there Bug Normal
#2598 Image Properties Dialog not applying BodyClass to Image Preview body element. Bug Normal
#2599 Allow an arbitrary query string, and propagate it to dialog boxes Confirmed New Feature Normal
#2600 Hi m facing problems Task Normal
#2601 Copy/paste from open office Bug Normal
#2602 Lithuanian letter "š" appers bad in HTML code Confirmed Bug Normal
#2607 FileUplad and QuickUpload code are not in sync Confirmed Bug Normal
#2609 Copy & Paste Table Row or Column New Feature Normal
#2610 destroyed template tag when using mediawiki fckeditor extension with Firefox Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2613 Colors for markup in source Confirmed New Feature Normal
#2614 sugesstion for .htaccess file with output charset definitions in it. Bug Normal
#2615 Bug in FF when FCKConfig.StartupShowBlocks=true on a hidden FCKEditor instance Bug Normal
#2617 Background color of Editor Task Must have (possibly next milestone)
#2619 Making a link on text containing a <sup> tag results in link being split Safari Bug Normal
#2620 Add emoticons Pending New Feature Normal
#2621 Replace hard-coded messages with lookup to localized versions Confirmed Bug Normal
#2624 Editing article in Wiki with rich editor resets images Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#2627 Link relationship (rel attribute) on "advanced" tab for links HasPatch New Feature Normal
#2628 OnSelectionChange / isDirty not handled correctly on FF when not focus set Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2629 Autogrow does not work with default fckeditor.js file HasPatch Bug Normal
#2630 Empty span tags not removed when using Placeholder plugin HasPatch Bug Normal
#2632 "Paste from Word" in IE pastes text in the beginning of the body text, no matter where the cursor was Bug Normal
#2633 Insert/Edit Image disappearing on submit Pending Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#2635 asp connector link quickupload adds extra slash Bug Normal
#2636 Show all characters into FCKeditor New Feature Normal
#2638 Fck is running after published Bug Normal
#2639 Incorrect class definition (double quotes) Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2640 Dynamically Generated Templates New Feature Normal
#2641 Access filemanager security Bug Normal
#2642 How to disabled auto add <br> end of every element? Bug Normal
#2643 Editor right scroll padding in IE IE7 Bug Low
#2644 Over riding ConvertToDataFormat wraps lines Bug Normal
#2645 Wiki to HTML Pending Task Normal
#2646 regex to test image (file) extensions is incorrect Bug Low
#2648 Indent/Outdent kills nested contents Bug Normal
#2651 Profile permissions Pending Bug Normal
#2652 EnterMode = br interferes with IE's auto-linking feature Confirmed IE Bug Normal
#2654 Paste from Contextual Menu does not honor ForcePasteAsPlainText with Safari Bug Normal
#2655 Extra line breaks added from paste after submitting form (Firefox 3, Mac OS X) Pending Bug Normal
#2656 Table: insert row/column produces unexpected results in the presence of merged cells Bug Normal
#2657 "Real" inline editing request - similar or using contentEditable (see New Feature Normal
#2659 Word pasted content jumps to the bottom of the editor IE7 Bug Normal
#2660 alt & title for smileys Confirmed New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.0
#2667 DocTypeDeclaration fck_docprops.html HasPatch Pending Bug Normal
#2668 testing Trac [ignore] Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#2669 while drag and drop of ImageButton ,the path will be changed to absolute path IE7 Bug Normal
#2671 Upload directly to Picasa Confirmed New Feature Normal
#2672 Ctrl-Del does not delete next work New Feature Normal
#2674 Multiple Spans Bug Normal
#2675 Changing background color does not render properly when font sizes differ. Bug Normal
#2676 FCKeditor 2.6.3 Directory Traversal Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#2677 How to Integrate with Zend Framework Task Normal
#2682 Setting and clearing background colour does not work with 'non-canonical' styling Bug Normal
#2684 pagebreak not working Pending Bug Normal
#2686 Input Japanese for Mac Firefox HasPatch Bug Normal
#2687 Customize contextmenu using plugin HasPatch Pending New Feature Low
#2690 Second-level context menus are selectable IE Bug Normal
#2691 install on godaddy shared hosting Task Normal
#2693 div boxes not sizing correctly Bug Normal
#2694 Search&Replace dialog problem on FF3 with FCK in modal dialog Bug Normal
#2695 Don't convert newline characters into <BR /> inside <PRE>...</PRE> Pending WorksForMe Task Normal
#2697 Page Break in the middle of paragraph closes opening 'p' tag before <hr> and adds <p>&nbsp;</p> to ending 'p' tag when toggling to source Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2698 Postback then history back Bug Normal
#2699 'OK' button in table dialog disappears Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2700 Problem with document.domain automatic fix script c# HasPatch Bug Low
#2701 I have been having a bit of a problem in using numbered lists in FCKEditor. Bug Normal
#2702 reset undo history Confirmed New Feature Normal
#2703 FCKeditor objects rename proposal Confirmed New Feature Normal
#2704 an <x> and <o> tags in <ebmed> and <object> tags Bug Normal
#2708 FCK_link.js Email Protection Bug Normal
#2712 Editor crashes when left-aligning centered text Confirmed IE Bug Normal
#2718 Find-replace function doesn't work properly Bug Normal
#2719 Selected image could cause overlapped button not working. CantFix Bug Normal
#2720 Cursor jumps around on IE after pasting entire paragraphs into inline-formatted sections IE Bug Normal
#2722 Unable to open context menu to edit Select control (Drop Down) in fckeditor Bug Normal
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