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#11010 Fix memory leaks caused by CKEDITOR.filter.instances storing nested editables' filters forever confirmed Bug Normal

Every nested editable which has allowed content rules defined has its filter instance. These instances are stored in nested editable instances, which most likely are correctly garbage collected. But filter instances are also stored in CKEDITOR.filter.instances and they are kept there forever.

We could have filter.destroy() method removing instance from the instances hash and doing other cleanup if necessary. Then we could destroy filters when destroying widgets.

#11017 Table border value should only allow integers confirmed Bug Normal

Create a table. Specify table properties. Enter a border value. Floats are allowed, but XHTML indicates table border must be integer value. This causes our XHTML validation to fail.

<xsd:simpleType name="Pixels">


<xsd:documentation> integer representing length in pixels </xsd:documentation>

</xsd:annotation> <xsd:restriction base="xsd:nonNegativeInteger"/>

</xsd:simpleType> ...

<xsd:element name="table">


<xsd:attribute name="border" type="Pixels"/>



#11019 calling destroy() throws an error when image dialog is open confirmed Bug Normal

This started happening in 4.2, reproducible in Chrome and Firefox. For some reason, when dialog tries to hide coverElement, it is already gone from the focusManager.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'blur' of null


CKEDITOR.focusManager.remove - ckeditor.js:198

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open attached html file (it loads ckeditor & jquery from cdnjs)
  2. click "Go!"
  3. click "Image" in the ckeditor toolbar.
  4. Wait for 10 second countdown to end.

Observed Result: white dialog cover stays on screen, error printed to the dev console. Expected Result: exact opposite of "Observed Result".

#11022 [Webkit&Blink] Nested editable does not get focus in certain situations confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open Chrome,
  2. Open New Image plugin sample,
  3. Click on nested editable ("Roll out of Saturn V"),
  4. Click on browser url bar,
  5. Click again on nested editable.


  • editable has focus (blue outline), only accepted options are available.


  • editable haven't got focus (no blue outline), all buttons are available.
#11023 Blocks and objects names should be taken from DTD in core/style.js confirmed Task Normal

There are list of blocks and objects names defined in core/style.js. CKEDITOR.dtd should be reused there.

#11034 IframeDialog has very small content in CKEditor 4 continued. confirmed Bug Normal

This is the continuation of ticket #10610.

There are two methods of adding iframedialog to editor:

  1. CKEDITOR.dialog.addIframe method which is used when you only want to have iframe in dialog. The height of iframe (or rather wrapping div) was fixed in #10610.
  1. There is also possibility to add iframe to dialog (sample code below).This method is used when you want to have something more in dialog except for iframe. Furthermore this method isn't fixed by #10610. It works when you define width and height in pixels but doesn't when you define % for iframe dimentions.
    ontents :
                                 id : 'iframe',
                                 label : 'some label...',
                                 expand : true,
                                 elements :
                                             type : 'iframe',                                       

To summarize: adding iframe as contents and setting height to 100% will result in small iframe.

Why this is happening: Div surrounding iframe has height auto and all elements inside it (when you define % for iframe) are % so the wrapping div will never get dialog height in this case.
Please go to: ckeditor4\plugins\dialog\plugin.js
Line 1039
In CKE 4.x this line is style: || 'width: 100%;' while in 3.x this was style: || 'width: 100%;height:100%;'. Bringing back height fixes this issue.

Ticket #10610 didn't involve fixing dialog plugin but iframedialog plugin. As discussed with @fredck, fix from #10610 did its job in 50%. It should be checked why doesn't it work for second case and if something can be done about it.

I’m attaching sample plugin for testing.

#11035 Deleting one of two subsequent spaces should leave normal space confirmed Bug Normal

Extracted from: #11024. Related to: #9929.

There's WebKit&Blink bug:

If it won't be fixed in browsers we should take care of this when we'll be implementing custom delete/backspace support.

So "&nbsp; " and " &nbsp;" should result in normal space after deleting any of them.

#11038 [IE] Click on MathJax/Image widget wrapped with link causes location change confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open MathJax sample.
  2. Select some text containing widget (or just widget).
  3. Create link.
  4. Click widget - after a while page is redirected.

Reproduced on IE9, but most likely concerns also other IEs.

#11039 [Webkit/Blink] Link created in nested editable is not being selected confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open image2 sample.
  2. Place caret in nested editable.
  3. Create link.
  4. Caret is moved the the beginning of main editable.
#11041 Search plugin doesn't scroll properly when there is only "BR content" in editor confirmed Bug Normal

Steps to reproduce:

  • mkdir ckeditor-bug
  • cd ckeditor-bug
  • wget
  • unzip
  • Copy test.html from this ticket's attachment to here
  • Call up test.html in a browser
  • Click magnifying glass in toolbar to call up search.
  • Enter xxx into search box
  • Click "Search" button multiple times. xxx occurs twice in the text, at the beginning and in the middle. The cursor jumps around to the start and end of the text without ever showing the second occurance of xxx.


  1. Put code from attached file in to editor.
  2. You can also write your own content but editor needs to be set to enter mode BR.
  3. Try to find 'xxx' or whatever word there is in your text and repeats throughout the content (there has to be few pages of content).

Result: Editor will match and select word but will not scroll to it correctly (This can be checked when you resize editor to match whole content).

Problem can be reproduced in all browsers from CKEditor 3.4

#11046 figcaption moved outside figure tag confirmed Bug Normal

In CKEditor 4.2.2 in Chrome, using the following code, ficaption tag is moved outside the figure (and table) tags.

Original code:

 <table class="nolines">
                                                <img class="borderme shadowme" src="../media/4622/thyroid_intro_thyroidandparathyroid_3_img1of2.jpg" /></figure>
                                        <figcaption>Transverse Imaging Plane</figcaption>
                                                <img class="borderme shadowme" src="../media/4622/thyroid_intro_thyroidandparathyroid_3_img2of2.jpg" /></figure>
                                        <figcaption>Transverse View Thyroid Gland</figcaption>
</table>  }}}

Modified by ckeditor:

<figcaption>Transverse Imaging Plane</figcaption><figcaption>Transverse View Thyroid Gland</figcaption>
<table class="nolines">
                        <figure><img class="borderme shadowme" src="../media/4622/thyroid_intro_thyroidandparathyroid_3_img1of2.jpg" /></figure>
                        <figure><img class="borderme shadowme" src="../media/4622/thyroid_intro_thyroidandparathyroid_3_img2of2.jpg" /></figure>

Also, I noticed figcaption doesn't appear in the status bar as a selectable tag (related?). I am using config.allowedContent = true; as well as config.autoParagraph = false; to supress extra paragraphs, which I think are related to the formatting issue.

#11055 Image2 is not focused after pasting confirmed Bug Normal

Seleciton is placed inside nested editable. Instead, widget should be focused.

#11059 Widget reinitialization procedure should be redesigned confirmed Task Normal

Widget reinit/recreate procedure should be rethought.

There's no way currently to reinitialize in a lightweight manner widget to which we lost references. It has to pass through entire process of setting attributes, classes, data, etc. What we need is only - rebinding listeners and initial widget#data.

#11060 [IE11+] Selection is not placed right above the cursor when clicking below body confirmed Bug Normal

Follow up for #10906.

When clicking below body, selection should be placed right above the cursor. Now it's placed in the last position or at the beginning.

#11062 [IE9,10] Scrolling while dragging freezes browser window confirmed Bug Normal
  • open Image2 plugin (plugins/image2/samples/image2.html),
  • edit one of images to remove caption (reproducible only for inline widgets)
  • drag image,
  • use scroll on your mouse.

Mouse pointer change and browser does not response.

#11065 Incorrect paragraph style after applying indentation and changing text direction confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Load the attached sample page
  2. Click into the 1st inline editor
  3. Ctrl+A to select all text
  4. Click the button to change the text direction from left to right
  5. Click increase indent button
  6. Click the button to change the text direction from right to left
  7. Check the paragraph style

Expected result: margin-left: 40px;

Actual result: margin-right: 40px;

This only happens when we have two editors on the page.

#11070 Bullet point content loses font style/size (Possibly other settings) given various scenarios confirmed Bug Normal


  1. From the whole list bellow only Method 0 is valid for this ticket.
  2. Please see commnet:1 for more details
  3. Please follow 1-6.png to reproduce this particular issue in IE9-IE10.

Browser: FF 24.0, Chrome 30.0.1599.101 m, IE9.0.8112.16421

OS: Win 7

Reproducible location: Demo site and nightly

Initial steps to reproduce for all browsers for all scenarios

  1. Go to the demo site
  2. Delete all sample content from the editor
  3. Press the bullet point toolbar option to start a new bullet list
  4. Type in a few lines of bullet points

Method 0 fails differently in IE. Method 0 assuming highlighting is done with the mouse

  1. Highlight(Using the mouse to cover the entire content) and change various styles like font to Georgia, size 16, text colour yellow etc
  2. Click at the end of the last item in the bullet list and hit enter to start a new bullet. Don't type anything on the new bullet, notice all font settings are correct and if you were to type it would be fine.

Additional initial steps assuming highlighting is done with CTRL+A

  1. Highlight(CTRL+A) them all and change various styles like font to Georgia, size 16, text colour yellow etc
  2. Click at the end of the last item in the bullet list and hit enter to start a new bullet. Don't type anything on the new bullet, notice all font settings are correct and if you were to type it would be fine.

Method 1 to reproduce for all mentioned browsers

  1. Move away from the bullet point with mouse/keyboard
  2. Go back to the empty bullet point and notice all settings are now gone, if you start typing it will all be default

Method 2a to reproduce for just FF but not Chrome nor IE

  1. Press Backspace to delete the newly created empty bullet which will take you back up to the end of the last bullet and notice the settings are now gone again.

Method 2b to reproduce for just Chrome but not IE (FF fails in 2a)

  1. Type another line and hit enter to go to a newly created empty bullet point
  2. Press Backspace to delete the newly created empty bullet which will take you back up to the end of the last bullet and notice the settings are now gone again. (For some reason it takes Chrome an extra line to fail like FF did in 2a)

Method 3 to reproduce for just FF and Chrome but not IE

  1. Press Enter one more time so the bullet list is closed off and you are now on a new line under the list(Side defect: FF continues creating empty bullet points every time I press enter. Existing issue possibly? Seems intermittent as I have found ways for it to close the list off as expected. I will need to search current tickets and log if not).
  2. Press Backspace which will take you back into the end of the last bullet list item and notice the settings are now gone again. If you type or create a new bullet point the settings are lost again
#11087 Opera & Chrome: Extra Border displaying across all menus list boxes confirmed Bug Normal

To reproduce the defect:

  1. Open any CK sample & open any of the menus(Style, Font Name, Font Size)or Text/Background colour or SCAYT

Issue: See that an extra border displayed

  1. Insert a Table and open Context menu & sub menus

Issue: See that an extra border displayed

#11094 [IE8] Editor loses focus when moving focus from nested editable to widget confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open attached sample.
  2. Place caret in nested editable.
  3. Click widget.

Toolbar disappears.

#11095 [IE8] Copying single widget does not work when using toolbar button confirmed Bug Normal

Follow up for #11082.

  1. Open image2 sample.
  2. Select widget.
  3. Click copy/cut button and accept security alert.

There's a big chance that selection was lost and widget wasn't copied.

#11108 Widget's documentation : data object confirmed Task Normal

In the widget's documentation (!/api/CKEDITOR.plugins.widget) the field 'data' is described as a readonly object that can only be set by using the setData method but in the tutorial (the simplebox widget) is is described as a function executed every time the widget data is changed.

#11111 Range.enlarge test failing in Safari 7.0 and Chrome 37 confirmed Bug Normal

Test /dt/core/dom/range/enlarge.html#test_enlarge_element12 fails in latest Safari 7.0 that comes with OSX 10.9. It's also reproducible in Chrome 37 (see #12221).

The root of the problem is the following condition:

In this case sibling is empty <b></b> (<p>Test <i><b></b>[Enlarge]</i></p>). Unlike previous versions, Safari 7 considers sibling.$.offsetWidth to be 1 at that point, while in other browsers it is 0. So the conclusion is that empty elements may have some width, which seems to be a regression in browser's engine.

That particular test fails since CKeditor 4.0 in Safari 7 which makes it clear that we're facing Safari regression.

Related bug in Chrome: #12221.

#11112 [Chrome] Copy + apply list + change list type -> break inline wdget confirmed Bug Normal
  1. open Chrome.
  2. open "Mathematical Formulas" sample.
  3. Select any widget.
  4. Copy (Ctrl+C).
  5. Click in the middle of the first paragraph.
  6. Paste widget (Ctrl+V).
  7. Apply numbered list on this paragraph.
  8. Change paragraph type to bulleted list.


<span tabindex="-1" contenteditable="false" data-cke-widget-wrapper="1" data-cke-filter="off" class="cke_widget_wrapper cke_widget_inline cke_widget_selected" data-cke-display-name="math" data-cke-widget-id="6">
	<span class="math-tex cke_widget_element" data-cke-survive="1" data-cke-widget-data="{&quot;math&quot;:&quot;\\(k\\)&quot;}" data-cke-widget-keep-attr="0" data-widget="mathjax" style="display: inline-block;">
		<iframe style="border: 0px; width: 12px; height: 19px; display: inline; vertical-align: middle;" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" src="javascript:void(0)"></iframe>
		<iframe style="border: 0px; width: 12px; height: 19px; display: inline; vertical-align: middle;" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" src="javascript:void(0)"></iframe>
	<img src="%3D%3D" class="cke_reset cke_widget_mask">
	<span class="cke_reset cke_widget_drag_handler_container" style="background-color: rgba(220, 220, 220, 0.498039); background-image: url(; top: -15px; left: 0px; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial;">
		<img class="cke_reset cke_widget_drag_handler" data-cke-widget-drag-handler="1" src="%3D%3D" width="15" title="Click and drag to move" height="15" draggable="true">
	<img src="%3D%3D" class="cke_reset cke_widget_mask">
	<span class="cke_reset cke_widget_drag_handler_container" style="background-color: rgba(220, 220, 220, 0.498039); background-image: url(; top: -15px; left: 0px; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial;">
		<img class="cke_reset cke_widget_drag_handler" data-cke-widget-drag-handler="1" src="%3D%3D" width="15" title="Click and drag to move" height="15" draggable="true">

The same happens with placehoder plugin.

#11113 [IE] Elementspath does not display valid path for first click after selectall confirmed Bug Normal

since: 4.0 until major

This issue also appears in widgets content editables.

  1. open any sample with CKEditor (i.e. samples/replacebyclass.html)
  2. use following source:
    <p>dsadasd <a href="http://aasd">asdsd</a> dassd</p>
  3. switch back to wysiwyg mode
  4. ctrl+a (select all)
  5. click once inside link text, to place caret as follows:
    dsadasd as^dsd dassd

Expected result:
Following elementspath: body p a

Current result:
Elementspath without a element: body p

Second case:
Steps 1-4 as in case above

  1. click once text after link, to place caret as follows:
    dsadasd asdsd das^sd

... and now elementspath shows body p a but it should not.

additional info:

  1. issue does not appear after first click
  2. issue was not present in (tested with ie10), but please, double check me here
  3. present in IE9, IE10, IE11 - i didnt check ie8
#11114 Unable to access context menu with menu key when widget is focused confirmed Bug Normal
  1. samples/plugins/image2/image2.html
  2. Focus widget.
  3. Press menu key.
  4. Nothing happens.

Both right-click and CTRL+SHIFT+F10 work as expected.

#11115 Widgets are not filtered by ACF when pasting confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Copy image2.
  2. Paste it in the figcaption.

Image2 will be pasted, as well as all other widgets. Normal content is filtered though.

Related issues:
#11117 - Widget editables - does not prevent from dropping unsuportted markup

#11117 Widget editables - does not prevent from dropping unsuportted markup confirmed Bug Normal

Widget editables - does not prevent from dropping unsuportted markup

since: 4.3 until major

Currently you are able to drop fancy html markup inside content editable. That allows you to put headers, quotes etc. It's caused by browsers builtin drag'n'drop support.

  1. open any image2 sample (/samples/plugins/image2/image2.html)
  2. make following selection
    [Broadcasting and quotes
    Broadcast on live TV to a world-wide audience, Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface and described the event as:
    One small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.]

like on that image

  1. drag it into image widgets content editable

Expected result:
Dragging should be either blocked or stripped.

Current result:
All the markup is placed within editable.

Related issues:
#11115 - Widgets are not filtered by ACF when pasting

#11118 Widgets drag handler is marked in selection when it's not visible confirmed Bug Normal

since: 4.3 until major

Atm selection looks buggy when you have widget in it. Browser marks also dragging handler, which is not visible. Changing its styles in that way, so it will gain display: none while widget is not hovered/focused.

  1. open sample with image2 plugin (/samples/plugins/image2/image2.html)
  2. simply make selection which will contain (something more than just) widget (image2 widget i.e.)

Expected result:
Drag handler shouldn't be visible.

Current result:
You can see that selection for drag handler is made.

#11120 Support for multiple simultaneous Block level styles is missing confirmed New Feature Normal

After reading the documentation I thought it would be possible to apply many styles for an element. Yet in practice it looks like it's possible for inline styles, but not block level styles?

This would a be very useful feature in a situation like this:

    config.stylesSet = [
        {name: 'P1', element: 'p', attributes: { class: 'styled', elementclass: 'Emphasized'}},
        {name: 'P2', element: 'p', attributes: { class: 'styled', elementclass: 'Draft'}},
        {name: 'P3', element: 'p', attributes: { class: 'styled', elementclass: 'Quote'}},
        {name: 'DIV1', element: 'div', attributes: { class: 'styled', elementclass: 'Draft'}}

I want to select multiple elementclass values with the shared class styled. The editor would reflect that the element is styled with one or more elementclass, but the actual style is context-dependent. For example users could mark a P element like this: "This paragraph is an Emphasized Quote" - the users custom stylesheet would then define the Quote and the Emphasis styles, which could both be active at the same time. Currently this is apparently impossible?

If you think it's not useful or not possible, the documentation should clearly state that multiple block level styles is not supported. Also it's strange that the styling can change a P element to a DIV and back - a big semantic change. What if P and DIV allowedContent is different?

I would prefer a config option to choose that the stylescombo dropdown only showed styles available for the currently focused element and the conversion could thus be avoided.

#11122 [IE] Widgets exception after native context menu + widget blur confirmed Bug Normal

since: 4.3 until major

  1. open sample with image2 plugin (/samples/plugins/image2/image2.html)
  2. ctrl + right click (will open native context menu)
  3. left click on any text within editor

Expected result:
No exception should be thrown.

Current result:
Following exception:

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'focus' of undefined or null reference 
plugin.js, line 19 character 437


'e' is null or not an object  plugin.js?t=DA89, line 19 character 437
#11141 [IE8-10] Focus is lost when undoing to empty inline blockless editor confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open inline all.
  2. Focus blockless editor (e.g. 1st one), select all, delete.
  3. Type sth and undo.
  4. Focus is lost.
#11154 Cannot disable list in blockque confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open browser (tested with Chrome and IE11).
  2. Open "Replace Textarea Elements by Class Name" sample (samples/replacebyclass.html).
  3. Set this content in editor:
  4. Switch to WYSIWYG mode and select [bb cc].
  5. Press "Insert/Remove numbered list" button.

List is not removed and in console you should see:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'indent' of undefined 
#11156 Increase the default width of Font Size combo confirmed New Feature Normal

Note: this is a separate issue than #6162

When I test CKEditor in language other than English, the Size combo looks really ugly. Only two letters, or even one letter (in case of e.g. Japanese language) is displayed as a label for it. It's hard to understand what's there.

It's a little bit hard for me to agree that a solution for it is to ask anyone using non-English interface to manipulate CSS styles in order to have a nice-looking toolbar. Such basic functionality should be rather provided out of the box.

At the same time, we have 3 combos already with the same width: 60px, instead of 30px. If we changed the size of the "Size" combo to unify it with the rest, the problem with meaningless label would be solved.

Current width:

Proposed width:

#11158 [IE10@Win8] Dnd of inline widgets throw an exception in Win8 confirmed Bug Normal

since: 4.3 until major


  1. open sample with placeholder plugin (/plugins/placeholder/samples/placeholder.html)
  2. drag placeholder using handler anywhere

Expected result:
Placeholder should be moved to new position.

Current result:
Exceptions is being thrown:

SCRIPT16389: Unspecified error. 
plugin.js, line 1692 character 4

and widget is not moved

additional info:

  1. It occurs only in Windows 8 environment
  2. we've confirmed it in 2 ie10 versions: 10.0.9200.16721 and 10.0.9200.16660
#11162 "Ctrl + A" and then "Del" works differently in FF and Chrome confirmed Bug Normal

Take the Apollo sample, select all and delete it. In Chrome the <h1> element is left in wysiwyg area, while in Firefox there is a <p> element, as one would expect.

Ctrl+A + Del for me is like a "New Page" functionality, when it is not available in a toolbar. I just want to erase whatever I wrote and start from scratch.

#11169 Maximize not work confirmed Bug Normal

When css class has "display:none", the "maximize" mode break a page and not work. Even despite the fact that the element has become visible (<div id="viewbar" style="display:block;">).

Here an example:

demo use:

  • jquery 1.10.2
  • ckeditor 4.3 (problem present in prev versions too)
  • jquery adapter

<style> #viewbar{ display:none; } </style>

<div id="viewbar" style="display:block;">

<textarea id="txa"></textarea>


<script type="text/javascript"> <![CDATA[ $().ready(function () {

var editor = $('#txa').ckeditor( function() { }, {});

}); ]]> </script>

#11185 Zero-width space entity gets doubled confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Set below in config.js
    config.entities = true;
    config.entities_processNumerical = true;
  2. Go to editor, switch to source and paste below
  3. Switch to WYSIWYG and switch to source:

Entity gets doubled.

Problem can be reproduced from CKEditor 3.0 but I'm setting 4.0 as this is most likely going to be fixed in CKE 4.x.

#11187 Audio tag needs fake element what should result in new plugin. confirmed New Feature Normal
  1. Turn off ACF (allowedContent:true)
  2. Load sample, switch to source and paste below:
    <audio controls>
      <source src="" type="audio/ogg">
      <source src="" type="audio/mpeg">
      Your browser does not support the audio element.
  3. Switch to wysiwyg and right-click on audio element.

Result: JS error is thrown:
Error: Permission denied to access property 'nodeType'
Line : 998
URI: core/selection.js

Despite error I think whole plugin with placeholder (fake element) is missing here

#11190 Updated missing meta information for language files confirmed Task Normal

Meta information can be found in dev/langtool/meta. It is used by CKEditor Translation Center (@ Transifex) to provide hints for translators ("Developer note").

#11192 Table Tools modify the wrong table when working with the <th> element in a nested table confirmed Bug Normal

When inserting a row/column/cell to the child table using the context menu, it will insert the row/column/cell on the parent table.

step to reproduce:

  1. add a table (parent table) without header
  2. add another table (child table) with header inside the parent table
  3. right click on the first cell of the child table and insert a row/column/cell

Expected: Row/column/cell will insert in the child table

Actual: Row/column/cell added on the parent table

For more detail, video is attached.

#11194 Notification about new version in About dialog confirmed New Feature Normal


Very often people don't realize that that our product is getting stable and richer. Users would benefit from updating CKEditor and, with a simple notification, we would let them know that "CKEditor lives".

The notification displayed in About dialog could look like that:

The newer version of CKEditor (<a>A.B.C</a>) is available (<a>Changelog</a>).

Technical background

When the About dialog is opened, a file is downloaded from It contains the latest version number and date, which is compared to the current version. If different, the dialog shows a message with a link to the download page.

#11199 [Image2, ACF] Content of figcaption remain once the tag is stripped out in a widget confirmed Bug Normal

Problem: If user explicitly disallows figcaption in ACF, figures are upcasted but the contents of (just stripped out) figcaption remain as a plain, non-editable paragraph within widget's body.

Expected: Once figcaption is disallowed, its contents should be removed from the widget. Such widget should be upcasted either to an inline widget or a block widget without caption (to be decided).

#11212 [FF] It is impossible to exit styled list with Enter Key. confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open replacebycode.html sample
  2. Clear page with New Page button and click on one of list buttons to insert list
  3. Type "test1", Hit Enter, "test2", Hit Enter, "test3" and then stop
  4. Press Ctrl+A to select all text
  5. Select font-size 16px from Size dropdown
  6. Click behind 3 in test3 to change selection (You need to press Enter in such way that selection changes but cursor is still in span)
  7. Press Enter, press Enter and so on

Result: Items get created and you can't leave the list that way.


  1. This TC won't show errors with list pasted into source
  2. This is reproducible only in Firefox from CKEditor 4.0
#11221 Incorrect result of table/list deletion confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open replacebycode sample.
  2. Using mouse select entire list ('Command module ... on the Moon').
  3. Press backspace/delete.
  4. Selection is placed between two paragraphs, directly in body (you can see that on elements path).

This is caused by poor implementation in editable.js. See also

It's a part of bigger task - complete custom backspace/delete handling.

#11227 dialog.validate.functions bugs confirmed Bug Normal

The definition of the function returned from dialog.validate.functions suffers from two bugs.

  1. When obtaining the "value" from the arguments, the inner function should be referencing its own arguments, not those of the outer function.
  2. When calling functions, it should be using "call" and passing "this" so that other validation functions passed as arguments will have the item as "this" as they expect.
#11231 Autogrow does not load as images are loaded confirmed Bug Normal

If I set the editor content to a document with lots of images where the image size is not initially set, the autogrow plugin will not expand the editor as images are loaded. After all images are loaded, their size is known, and the document height are expanded without the autogrow plugin knowing. This results in a scrollbar being shown for the editor area.

#11234 IE 11 doesn't like links with display:inline-block confirmed Bug Normal

It's hard to debug, but a simple fix should be enough:

With IE 11, load for example

make sure to disable ACF for our tests, in the console: CKEDITOR.instances.editor1.filter.disabled=true

Then insert this "innocent" HTML <a style="display:inline-block">x</a> with the button available (using the console for this call seems to work fine, might be related to document focus)

IE11 throws an error in the scrollIntoView

to avoid it, it seems that it could be enough to check that type exists:

if ( this.type && this.type != CKEDITOR.SELECTION_NONE )

I just hope that you're able to reproduce it because I've spent most of this evening trying to find out what's wrong with IE11

#11239 Dialog submit/cancel actions do not verify whether dialog is still opened confirmed Bug Low
  1. Click "New Page".
  2. Click the table icon.
  3. Without any change, hit ENTER to insert the table.

Two tables are inserted.

Confirmed in IE9, IE10 and Firefox (randomly) on Windows. I was not able to reproduce it on Mac.

#11240 Basic formatting of a content of <pre> tag stripped by ACF is not preserved confirmed Bug Normal

Whenever I paste text with LINUX line breaks from clipboard into CKEDITOR with a toolbar that contains a 'Fotmat' button the text is processed correctly with line breaks, but if there's no 'Fotmat' button in toolbar - then the text is inserted in a single line.

Is it possible to configure CKEDITOR to process the text correctly in both cases without adding 'Fotmat' button in toolbar. (See attached files)

Reproducible in Version 4, and on CKEDTIOR demo page - correct insert - inserted as single line

In this case this so called text copied from browsers is in fact html where top tag is <pre> tag.
Because no pre is reported to ACF, filter removes pre tags but that is all it does.
ACF doesn't do anything to convert new line characters to e.g. <br /> or <p> .

#11241 CKFinder in readonly throws JS error confirmed Bug Normal

When loading a CKFinder instance with readonly = true, the following javascript error is thrown:

// In IE and Chrome:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'pW' of undefined ckfinder.js:7

// In Firefox:
TypeError: as is undefined ckfinder.js:7

The code in question seems to be this in IE/Chrome:

L.prototype.setUploadCommand=function(ar,as){var at,au,av,aw;if(!as.pW||as.pW.length<1)return;

Sorry, no unminimized example.

Finder was created thusly:

var finder = new CKFinder();
finder.basePath = '/Scripts/ckfinder_pdfmerge/';
finder.readOnly = true;

Everything seems to work, but the error is very annoying. Browsers tested: Firefox 24, IE 11 and Chrome 31.

#11242 [IE8] Ignored tests related to fake selection have to be checked confirmed Bug Normal

Currently ignored:

	'/dt/core/style/editor.html#test apply inline style on non-editable inline element - at non-editable inline boundary':
		' && env.version == 8',
	'/dt/core/style/editor.html#test remove inline style from non-editable inline element - at non-editable inline boundary':
		' && env.version == 8',
	'/dt/plugins/indent/indent.html#test indent next to inline non-editable':
		' && env.version == 8',

We thought that they will be fixed by #11042, but nothing has changed.

Perhaps related issues: #7895 and #8989.

#11248 [FF] Permission denied is thrown when preview is used for page with document.domain confirmed Bug Normal

Problem can be reproduced in Firefox only from CKEditor 3.6.4 rev. [7527] in both CKE 3.x and 4.x

  1. Create and domains
  2. Put ckeditor with attached sample under
  3. This sample has document.domain='’ set
  4. Load attached sample from subdomain (
  5. Press preview

Result: Permission denied error is thrown.

Error: Permission denied to access property '_cke_htmlToLoad'
Code: doc.write( window.opener._cke_htmlToLoad );

#11252 Widget with complex structure allow editing of widgets' editables (if those are divs) confirmed Bug Normal

If widget editables are not direct descendants of widget root element, it is possible to edit/delete elements' editables with CreateDiv context menu options. Deleting results in loss of editable element and its content is moved into editables parent element.

In example below with CreateDiv context menu you could remove content-left and content-right columns. Moving content from those divs to their parent divs (col-xs-12).

Juicy parts of an widget definition:

allowedContent: 'div(!row);'+

// Minimum HTML which is required by this widget to work.
requiredContent: 'div(!row);div(!col-xs-12);div(!content-left);div(!content-right);',

// Define two nested editable areas.
editables: {												
            contentLeft: {
              selector: '.content-left'
            contentRight: {
              selector: '.content-right'
// Define the template of a new widget.
template: '<div class="row">' +					
            '<div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-6">' +
              '<div class="content-text content-left">' +
                '<h2>Title 1</h2>' + 
                '<p>Some text</p>' +						
              '</div>' +
            '</div>' +
            '<div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-6">' +
              '<div class="content-text content-right">' +
                '<h2>Title 2</h2>' + 
                '<p>Some text</p>' +						
              '</div>' +
            '</div>' +					
#11254 Tests mocking CKEDITOR.editor should be rewritten confirmed Bug Normal

For example: http://ckeditor4.t/dt/core/focusManager/focus.html (#11153)

Mocked editor does not behave like the real one. It's cool to create light unit test, but most important is to write precise and realistic tests. All those which create CKEDITOR.editor instances manually are unsafe and should be rewritten.

#11255 split merged cell vertically command transposes the cells confirmed Bug Normal

Description (I attached a detailed image that shows every aspect of this issue well - please see it):
1) Create a cell and fill them with numbers - just for knowing where the cells moves at the end.
2) Merge down a cell at the right edge of the cell.
3) Split the merged cell vertically.

RESULT: The new cell comes to the first place of the affected row instead of the place where the split command was applied. Every other cells are shifted right. Note: If the merge/split action is applied to an intermediate cell (not on the last one in the row), there is no issue.

I can recreate it with the demo page with IE9, IE10.

#11257 Language dropdown display issues with many language options confirmed Bug Normal

When the new language menu provided in CKEditor 4.3 contains a large number of language options, the menu is just displayed as one long list - see attached screen capture. This menu should be styled in a different way so that the language list can be displayed in a more user friendly way when a large number of language options are provided e.g. the menu could be scrollable or presented as a grid layout etc.

Otherwise there should be some way to customize the styling of this menu so that we could use CSS to change the appearance of the menu. Currently there is no easy way to customize this menu.

One idea which could help to make the styling of menus more flexible is adding a feature specific class to the cke_menu_panel div like cke_menu__<menuName> e.g. cke_menu__language, cke_menu__scayt etc. We realize that this div is reused for all menus though so this would need to be maintained as menus are opened and closed. Would this be possible?

#11259 Pressing down arrow when menu containing richcobmo is focused, will not move focus to first potion confirmed Bug Normal

until master

I feel that there is a case when down arrow with buttons does not work as expected. It works good with i.e. language button, color buttons - but still does not work as expected with richcombos, because it still does not focus first option.

The exception here is format menu, which checks currently active format.

  1. open any sample with CKEditor (i.e. samples/replacebyclass.html)
  2. navigate using keyboard to styles dropdown (focus it)
  3. press down arrow

Expected result:
First entry in dropdown should be focused, in this case Italic Title.

Current result:
Only menu is focused.

additional info:

  1. funny thing is that we don't block down arrow in this case, if scrollbar is visible (in document contianing editor), and its moveable towards bottom, then pressing down arrow will move screen

origin issue:

#11261 [Blink] Problem with textarea in paragraph confirmed Bug Normal


  1. open any sample with CKEditor (i.e. samples/replacebyclass.html)
  2. use following source code:
    <p><textarea name="foo"></textarea></p>
    <p><textarea name="foo"></textarea></p>
  3. go back to wysiwyg mode, and put cursor in first line
  4. press down arrow

Important note:
With firefox even more weird things happen, we are able to place cursor inside textarea, and some exception like:

Error: Permission denied to access property 'nodeType' @

Are thrown, however it has already been that way at least since 4.3 (#11262).

Expected result:
Caret should move to paragraph with textarea

Current result:
Caret skips paragraph with textarea, and moves to last line

additional info:

  1. confirmed in chrome @ win8
  2. it was even reproducable when i placed 2 textareas in paragraph
  3. my assumption is that it's related to #11042 but it's only my gutts tell
#11269 [Webkit] Several elementspath issues confirmed Bug Normal

Case 1: An error is thrown when clicking some tag in elementspath (see: screencast).

Case 2: Confusing selection after clicking a tag in elementspath (see: screencast).

Quite likely both cases have the same root: to be investigated.

#11270 Delete pressed in table cell causes an error when magicline is visible confirmed Bug Normal

Use this HTML:

<table border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="width:500px">
  1. Place caret in first table cell.
  2. Move your mouse cursor to a place which will trigger magicline.
  3. Press delete.
  4. Error is thrown.
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of null range.js:1526
CKEDITOR.dom.range.setStart range.js:1526
CKEDITOR.dom.range.setStartAfter range.js:1573
CKEDITOR.dom.range.setStartAt range.js:1618
CKEDITOR.dom.range.moveToPosition range.js:1489
CKEDITOR.dom.range.moveToElementEditablePosition range.js:2047
CKEDITOR.dom.range.moveToElementEditEnd range.js:2157
(anonymous function)

Starts in:

Reproduced it on every browser.

#11271 [IE9-11] INDEX_SIZE_ERR thrown after closing find dialog confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open replacebycode sample.
  2. Click somewhere in the text.
  3. Open find dialog and type "the", click "find" and close dialog.
  4. Repeat 2&3 until error is thrown.

I couldn't reproduce it on Chrome and I haven't checked other browsers.


Click somewhere in the text.

The main problem I had with reproducing this was that you have to click on "the" word like in the screen cast and not just anywhere in the text.

#11272 [Blink] Two paragraphs after one enter before <hr> confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open Opera or Chrome.
  2. Go to replacebyclass.html sample.
  3. Paste in the sorce mode:
    <hr />
  4. Switch to the WYSIWYG mode.
  5. Put cursor after "lorem".
  6. Press right arrow button.
  7. Press enter.

Result: Two paragraphs have been created instead of one.

#11274 Flash placeholder change size after copy and paste in image2 sample confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open any browser (tested with IE8 and Chrome).
  2. Go to "New Image plugin" sample.
  3. Insert flash with dimensions (ex. 500 width; 500 height).
  4. Select placeholder cut it and paste somewhere.

Result: placeholder changes size.

Moreover if you do not set dimensions of flash after cut & paste you will get width = 1 and height = 1.

Also in "Replace by class" sample everything is ok.

#11275 [IE8] Widget: it is possible to use native drag handler confirmed Bug Normal

In IE8:

  1. Open "New Image plugin" sample.
  2. Click next to widget handler.

Result: you can drag widget using IE native D&D.

#11280 [IE] Selection not refreshed or incorrect if clicked outside body confirmed Bug Normal

Checked on IE8 and IE9:

  1. Open replacebycode sample.
  2. Click in various places outside body, on the left side of the editor area.
  3. See that selection in elements path does not reflect the place where caret is placed. Also, if you apply a style, it will be applied in different place (previous selection position).

This means that selectionChange wasn't correctly fired perhaps due to lack of native selectionchange.

#11286 Panels are too narrow confirmed Bug Normal

Panels are too narrow, so even our default settings look bad if font is missing (FF@Fedora):

Or if someone wants a longer name:

A better solution would be to allow configure dropdowns width or, better, if editor chooses width automatically based on the content.

#11298 Mathjax plugin - baseline for eqations and text is defferent confirmed Bug Low

I do use MathJax and ckeditor in my sites. But I do not intend to use the mathjax plugin in its current state. There are two reasons:

#11313 Mathjax plugin broken when ckeditor is used over https:// protocol confirmed Bug Normal


  1. instantiate ckeditor with mathjax plugin installed using https protocol.
  2. clicking mathjax throws error in console:
Chrome:"[blocked] The page at '[site with https]' was loaded over     HTTPS, but ran insecure content from '': this content should also be loaded over HTTPS."

in Firefox: "[14:41:12.367] Blocked loading mixed active content "" @ https://[site]"



according to the Mathjax website:

their CDN does not offer https support and instead, asks users to use as an alternative address. It'd be great if ckeditor can test the protocol of the browser accessing the script and change the path accordingly. even better would be leaving plugin.js in the mathjax plugin folder as it was in version 4.3 beta.

#11318 An error should be thrown if loading resources failed confirmed Bug Normal

Based on: #11315.

There are couple of scriptLoader.load usage and none check if request completed. When request failed error should be thrown, so developer knows what happened.

#11320 IE: cursor not visible when CKEditor opened as a modal dialog confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Copy ckeditor_test.html and blink.html to samples directory.
  2. Click at the region below the paragraph, e.g. bottom right corner

Problem: Cursor is not visible.

Tested in IE9-11. The similar issue was fixed with #1659 and #7932

#11321 File Browser plugin doesn't show that image is being uploaded in IE confirmed New Feature Normal

Using the Link dialog's Upload tab to upload a file shows no indication that something is happening in IE<=11 until after the file is fully uploaded. Chrome and Firefox both show their activity spinners once you start the upload, but nothing happens with IE. Using CKFinder for the file management. Also happens on your demo page.

#11322 Impossible to delete some block elements at the beginning of content confirmed New Feature Normal

For certain block elements inside CKEditor, if an element is at the beginning of the content, it is impossible to delete it using the Backspace key.

Sample elements: <form>, <blockquote>, <div>

Note: deleting does work in one particular case: only if there is no content after the element, so make sure to add some text to the content as well.

Test Case 1

  2. Paste in source mode

  1. Switch to wysiwyg, place cursor in the Blockqoute element, press Backspace
  2. Result: Blockqoute is not deleted.

Note 2: Pressing enter deletes Blockqoute (?)

Test Case 2

Repeat steps 1-4 with:

<form action="a" name="n">&nbsp;</form>


(Enter key works as expected)

Test Case 3

Repeat steps 1-4 with

<div class="class">


(Enter key works as expected)

It is technically possible to workaround this bug by using magic line to insert first an element above (or use the Source mode), but I don't think that's a real solution for this bug.

#11323 [FF] preview does not display images confirmed Bug Normal

observed at master

FF does not display images in preview.

  1. open any sample with CKEditor (i.e. samples/replacebyclass.html)
  2. click on preview button

Expected result:
You should se our sample image at right hand side.

Current result:
Image is missing, and alt is displayed.

additional info:

  1. It's due to missing base tag in head. Since we're opening preview in /plugins/preview/iepreview.html, browser (correctly) assume that all relative links should be resolved starting from preview directory. So assets/foo.png will be resolved as /plugins/preview/asstes/foo.png.
#11324 checkDirty() return true, but should return false confirmed Bug Normal

When ckeditor is inside div which is display: none and textarea is empty, then when you show div (change css to display: block) and checkDirty returns false.

Here is example:

My browser is firefox 26 and running on Ubuntu Linux 13.10.

#11326 enterKey breaks block-level widgets confirmed Bug Normal

If "enterKey" is enabled, hitting [Return] while in a simple block-level (div) widget will break the widget by creating a second "widget body" within the widget wrapper. This leads to odd formatting and an unexpected DOM.

See attached demo, the only plugins are enterKey and a custom widget plugin, put the cursor within the displayed word and hit the [Return] key. Instead of adding a line/paragraph break it will create a second widget within the container (with its own outline and everything).

#11334 CKEditor adds a space after the "cke_dialog_ui_input_textarea" class confirmed Bug Low

We just upgraded to the latest version of ckeditor and downloaded the minified version.

Everything worked fine except for places where textarea are created we see the problem trying to access "cke_dialog_ui_input_textarea". We looked at the code and found that one place ckeditor does the following

fclass?="cke_dialog_ui_input_textarea "+(aclass?

Having this line causes the class="cke_dialog_ui_input_textarea " with an extra whitespace when aclass? is undefined. This caused our tests with sahi to fail since sahi was not able to find anything with the exact class name. We have reported the bug with sahi as well.

But attached is the patch that can fix it for the ckeditor.

Hope this works for ckeditor and helps.

-Thanks Sudhindra

#11339 Inline editing: width / height configuration options do not work confirmed New Feature Normal

Reported by a customer.

When using CKEDITOR.inline() to replace a textarea element, the width configuration setting does not work, the editor always takes the whole available width which can destroy the layout.

While investigating I've noticed that setting height do not work as well. This is in quite confusing and not documented (e.g. here).

Proposed solutions:

  1. For width, apply the width inline style to the "main" <div class="cke_textarea_inline"> element
  1. config.height should be set with min-height, to allow expanding the size of the editor while the content is added.
#11340 End of the range is enlarged randomly. confirmed Bug Normal

After call range.enlarge( CKEDITOR.ENLARGE_ELEMENT ); in some cases <\p> tag is inside enlarged range (dt/core/dom/enlarge.html 'test space 9', currently in git:t/10778)

<p>foo <i><b>[bar]</b></i> </p> ->
<p>foo [<i><b>bar</b></i> </p>]

and in some it is not (dt/core/dom/enlarge.html test_enlarge_element5):

<p>Test <b><i>[Enlarge</i> this]</b></p> ->
<p>Test [<b><i>Enlarge</i> this</b>]</p>
#11343 Drag&drop: inline widgets disappear when forcePasteAsPlainText is set confirmed Bug Normal

Reported through support channel.

Not sure if related to #11219.

When config.forcePasteAsPlainText is set, dragging&dropping inline widget results in widget being lost. Either drag&drop should be automatically disabled when config.forcePasteAsPlainText is set or widgets should not be lost in this very specific case.

A sample with inline widget is attached, drag & drop the widget and see that it is lost.

#11346 Formatting lost when applied to highlighted section, cursor placed at end of line, then the same formatting option toggled again confirmed Bug Normal

Hard to describe and hard to search for so my apologies if it's already been logged but I think even if it's been logged I've found more details I will explain below.

If I highlight a section of text and apply some sort of text formatting(bold for example). Then place the cursor at the end of one of those newly bolded lines and click bold again to remove it so I can continue typing in non-bold it will remove bold from the entire line.

Browser: FF 25.0, IE9.0.8112.16421(config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR only for IE)

OS: Win 7

Reproducible location: Demo site

I tested with Chrome 31.0.1650.63 m as well and it worked properly. Also ctrl+a vs using the mouse can have slightly different results which I will explain after the steps to reproduce.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download the standard ckeditor from the website.(Only necessary if you want to test CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR. Otherwise just go to the demo)
  2. Open replacebycode.html sample and clear the content
  3. Type aaaa aaaa, hit enter. Type bbbb bbbb, hit enter. Type cccc cccc, hit enter.
  4. Press Ctrl+A and click Bold
  5. Place the cursor at the end of any of the three lines
  6. Press Bold again

If Using IE or FF and using CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR you will notice that the entire highlighted content will lose the bold formatting. If using FF and CKEDITOR.ENTER_P (Default) you will notice that just the line you placed the cursor on will lose bold. I did NOT test CKEDITOR.ENTER_DIV.

The slight variation I mentioned between ctrl+a and using the mouse can be tested by repeating all the steps above but step 4 use the mouse to highlight everything instead and step 5 place the cursor at the end of the "cccc cccc" line. In FF bold is already de-selected from the toolbar, in IE it's still selected but when you click it formatting isn't lost. If you test lines 1 or 2 you will see the same results as if you tested with ctrl+a.


Reproducible in Firefox and IE11

To reproduce:

  1. Type three lines of text
  2. Ctrl+A, hit Bold Button
  3. Click at the end of any line and Hti bold Button again

In Enter Div and P Whole line gets unbolded
In Enter BR whole text gets unbolded

#11361 Import from Word confirmed Bug Normal

If you import the textcomibination "cke:" the text will be deleted until the next HTML-Tag.

Sample: [try to import] "Sie gehen über die Brücke: Thomas, Peter und Susanne.

I tried this with the words "Stücke:" and "Lücke:"

this includes " Br&uuml;cke: Thom......" I think "cke:" will be used from the editor :-)

#11363 Unify tests using multiple editor modes confirmed New Feature Normal

Tests only feature request
Since 8abc140af4644f165b9c7d227919b0a2cdfdb8fd

Since PJ created pretty convenient function to test all 3 editor modes, which was commited by PK in 8abc140af4644f165b9c7d227919b0a2cdfdb8fd. We should update our old tests which do that with custom functions (each time), since it will also simplify it.

Other candidates for such refact


#11365 Blink crashes if right clicking on mapped image confirmed Bug Normal

Set allowed content to true and then insert an image map in the content:

<img alt="" src="assets/sample.jpg" usemap="#imgmap201414175321zz" />
<map id="imgmap201414175321zz" name="imgmap201414175321zz"><area coords="5,5,155,195" href="page.html" shape="rect" /></map>

Now right click on the map with the developer tools open and the tab will crash in Chrome. Adding a check in the tabletools plugin seems to be enough:


editor.contextMenu.addListener( function( element, selection, path ) {
	var cell = path.contains( { 'td': 1, 'th': 1 }, 1 );
	if ( cell && !cell.isReadOnly() ) {


editor.contextMenu.addListener( function( element, selection, path ) {
	var cell = path && path.contains( { 'td': 1, 'th': 1 }, 1 );
	if ( cell && !cell.isReadOnly() ) {

Despite this patch, I've already filed a ticket in Chrome, but this patch will avoid getting the error.

Related issue: #11308.

#11374 Asymmetrical enlarge. confirmed Bug Normal

After call range.enlange there should be both opening and closing tags in range or none of them, but tests created for #10778 shown some incorrect situations:

	// <div>x<p>[foo] <b></b></p>x</div> ->
	// <div>x[<p>foo] <b></b></p>x</div>

	//Should be:
	// <div>x<p>[foo] <b></b></p>x</div>


	// <div>x<p>foo <i><b>[bar]</b></i> </p>x</div> ->
	// <div>x<p>foo [<i><b>bar</b></i> </p>]x</div>

	//Should be:
	// <div>x<p>foo [<i><b>bar</b></i> ]</p>x</div>

Note that changes introduced in #10778 does not cause this behavior, the bug existed before. To see more incorrect situations go to enlarge.html tests.

#11378 IE 8 & 9 Toolbar styling goes awry with 3 or more editors confirmed Bug Normal

We have a questionnarie answering page where multiple ckeditors are shown. Whenever we have 3 or more, every toolbar from the 3rd editor has remnants from the black/white styles left i plugins/icons.png.

This is a custom built ckeditor with only the moonocolor theme, but still this icon set is part of the plugin folder.

#11380 Chrome crashes when right clicking on an option within a multiple select box confirmed Bug Normal

When adding a select box with a multiple attribute, Chrome crashes when ctrl-clicking on an option within it, instead of a context menu the browser tab just crashes, with no exception thrown or no crash report in Chrome.

This bug occurs on Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.6), tested with CKEditor 4.0.1 and 4.3.1 on the site demo. Both have the same result.

It's a Blink bug -

Related issue: #11365.

#11394 HtmlDP's current enter mode (and other options) should be passed to "match" and "upcast" methods confirmed Bug Normal

At the moment there's no way to specify advanced upcasting/match because enterMode in unknown for those methods (as well as other options).

Originated from #11283.

#11398 [IE8] Image2 widget explodes after list type change confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open image2 sample.
  2. Focus image.
  3. Press ordered list button.
  4. Press unordered list button.

Image's structure explodes.

<:figure class="caption cke_widget_element" data-widget="image" data-cke-widget-keep-attr="0" data-cke-widget-data='{"hasCaption":true,"src":"assets/image1.jpg","alt":"Saturn V","width":"200","height":"","lock":true,"align":"right"}'><SPAN class=cke_image_resizer_wrapper><IMG alt="Saturn V" src="assets/image1.jpg" width=200 data-cke-saved-src="assets/image1.jpg"><SPAN class="cke_image_resizer cke_image_resizer_left" title="Click and drag to resize" data-cke-expando="138">​</SPAN></SPAN><:figcaption class=cke_widget_editable contentEditable=true data-cke-expando="false" data-cke-display-name="caption" data-cke-filter="107" data-cke-widget-editable="caption" data-cke-enter-mode="2">Roll out of Saturn V on launch pad</:figcaption></:figure>
#11399 [FF] Instability of nested editables tests confirmed Bug Normal

FF's implementation of focus/blur handling on nested editables seems to be very fragile - tests in http://ckeditor4.t/dt/plugins/widget/nestededitables.html randomly fail from time to time depending on how they were ran. Additionally, I had to add one of the tests to regressions, because it started to fail after b671945e@tests.

None of these instabilities occur when testing manually.

#11403 Create tests for menubutton aria support confirmed Task Normal

This is more reminder to create tests for issue #11331

#11405 [iOS] Unable to type on iPad after using dropdown list (Styles/Font/Size) or setting color confirmed Bug Normal

There is an issue with the Editor being used on the iPad (not saying it is limited to the iPad, but that's what I've been testing in) where the Editor will stop accepting any input. I can get this to happen in general when I'm switching focus between other INPUT elements on the screen and then try to focus on the Editor, but it is most easily repeated by using the styles/normal/font/size menus on the Editor itself.

All test cases were performed on


  1. Press "New Page" button.
  2. Select "Marker" style from the Styles dropdown.

Note: at this stage the editor looks like it has focus, the cursor is blinking.

  1. Start typing.

Result: typed text is not entered at all (and the cursor is still blinking).

4a) Touch the wysiwygarea to set focus, wait 2 seconds for the native context menu to appear and then start typing.

Result: typed text is entered and style is correctly set.

4b) Touch the wysiwygarea to set focus and quickly start typing.

Result: typed text is entered but selected style is ignored.

Touching the wysiwygarea to set focus before or after pressing the "New Page" button did not change anything, the editor behaves in the same way.

The problem with user not being able to type after using select dropdown happens with Styles/Format/Font/Size and also when setting Font/Background color.


Related to TC1, important to notice the difference between issues in TC1, points 3 and 4. Other styles like Bold also do not work in certain cases, I reported it in a separate ticket #12044

blackey: I'm experiencing this issue on an iPad 3, running iOS 7.0.3 and using the Safari browser.

wwalc: confirmed on iOS 7.1.1.

#11408 [FF][IE11] Opening preview using keyboard triggers popup blocker confirmed Bug Normal

since: 4.0 (didn't check earlier) until master

  1. open any sample with CKEditor (i.e. samples/replacebyclass.html)
  2. focus editor
  3. press alt+f10 to focus toolbar
  4. navigate to preview button
  5. press button using space

Expected result:
Preview should appear

Current result:
firefofx: Preview is blocked by popup block
ie11: Exception is being thrown SCRIPT5007: Unable to set property 'location' of undefined or null reference, and popup blocker appears. Error is reported in #11597.

additional info:

  1. preview is not blocked when we do this using mouse
  2. tested with FF 26.0 at Win7, IE11 at Win8.1

edit: it appears that popup blocker also triggers in IE10 (@Win8), IE9 (@Win7)

#11410 [FF] jQuery sample, maximize + minimize framed editor allows to edit whole page confirmed Bug Normal

since: 4.2 until master

  1. open any sample with CKEditor (i.e. samples/jquery.html)
  2. click maximize button in framed editor
  3. click it once again to minimize editor
  4. you can now edit everything in whole page

Expected result:
Body should remain untouched.

Current result:
Body element (in main window) gains contenteditable=true.

additional info:

  1. I assume it's not a FF bug, coz when i checked IE11 + 4.2 (back then ie11 was recognized as gecko) it shown exaclty the same deffect
#11411 Cannot change nested list type in blockquote confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open editor (replacebyclass.html) and paste following html as a source:
  2. Go to WYSIWYG mode and select [bb ... cc].
  3. Press "Insert/Remove Bulleted List" button.


  • nested list type is unchange,
  • error in console: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'parent' of undefined."
  • when you do to the source mode you will se bookmarks:
    <li><span id="cke_bm_152S" style="display:none">&nbsp;</span>bb</li>
    <li>cc<span id="cke_bm_152E" style="display:none">&nbsp;</span></li>

Tested with Chrome and FF.

#11412 [OSX, Safari] Pressing ESC key in a dialog brings fullscreen browser window back to normal state confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open any page with CKEditor in Safari.
  2. Maximize browser window (an arrow in the upper right-hand corner).
  3. Open a dialog (link, image).
  4. ESC.

Expected: Dialog is closed. Actual: Dialog is closed but window is no longer fullscreen.

My first guess is that some preventDefault is needed. It is not reproducible in Chrome though, so additional research is needed to figure out if the problem is CKEditor or Safari itself.

#11414 [OSX, Safari] Problems when closing a dialog with ESC and unsaved contents confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open plugins/mathjax/samples/mathjax.html
  2. Wait for formulas to load.
  3. Double click a formula, don't change or touch anything.
  4. Press ESC.

Expected: Dialog should close

Actual: Editor says that some dialog contents has been altered (but really hasn't).

  1. Press ESC to get rid of the window.

Expected: Dialog should remain open (even though the prompt is invalid), cancel should prevent dialog from closing.

Actual: Sometimes another prompt is displayed which, when ESCed, sends us back to the editor. Sometimes no additional prompt is displayed but this is still invalid because dialog is closed.

I'm unable to reproduce in other browsers/dialogs.

I managed to reproduce it with sourcedialog, randomly (see another screencast).

#11418 Not able to drag widget after D&D text with widget confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open placeholder plugin.
  2. Select "is a sample placeholder. You".
  3. Drag it and drop at the end of paragraph.
  4. Drag&Drop widget using drag handler.

Result: It is not possible to d&d widget.

Tested on Chrome, FF and IE 11. On each I get different results but on any of them I was not able to drop widget.

#11419 "Click and drag to move." in copied content. confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Go to placeholder plugin.
  2. Select whole content of the editor.
  3. Copy (Ctrl+C).
  4. Paste into notepad (or similar).

Result on Chrome:

This is a [[sample placeholder]]Click and drag to move. You are using CKEditor.

On FF:

This is a [[sample placeholder]] [Click and drag to move] . You are using CKEditor.

"Click and drag to move." should not be there.

#11423 [IE8] Error closing search&replace dialog confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open IE8 and go to replacebyclass.html.
  2. Put cursor after Apollo 11 header.
  3. Press "Replace" button.
  4. Set Find what: Apollo and leave Replace with: empty.
  5. Double click on Replace button so the second Apollo (beginning of the first paragraph) will be replaced by empty string.
  6. Press "Cancel" button.

Result: You cannot close the dialog and error in the console: 'type' is null or not an object.

Since 4.0.

I've tested this with Chrome and IE 10 and everything is fine there.

#11425 [IE8] Widget disappear after dropping it next to other widget. confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open placeholder.html sample in IE 8.
  2. Copy sample placeholder and paste it at the end of paragraph.
  3. Drag the second placeholder (using drag handler) and drop in directly after the first one.

Result: Placeholder disappears.

Sometimes it is possible to drop it correctly.

Sometimes I get "Unspecific error" doing the same with image inline widgets.

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