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#9792 Collapsing only 2nd+ toolbar rows New Feature Normal
#9793 Option for appendig toolbar in a given element (inline edit mode) New Feature Normal
#9801 unable to find "_source" folder and "ckeditor.pack" file in ckeditor 4.0 Bug Normal
#9802 Load iframe with editor in hidden DIV Firefox Bug Normal
#9807 CKEditor throws error when <iframe> present on page Bug Normal
#9809 Using CKEditor inside an IFRAME leads to security exception HasPatch Bug Normal
#9811 NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIDOMHTMLDocument.execCommand] Bug Normal
#9817 Inline editor: Context menu not working inline context menu Bug Normal
#9819 image selector overlap in IE8 IE Bug Normal
#9822 Bullet list does not include the style in source bullet list style default Bug Normal
#9825 Including 'Codemirror Syntax Highlighting'-Plugin breaks ckeditor Bug Normal
#9830 CKEditor 4 does not load when the Google Chrome developer tools are open before loading the page Bug Normal
#9834 Image plugin dialog not working if htmlPreview is removed Bug Normal
#9835 CKEditor toolbar is not shown for dynamic controls Task Normal
#9837 Opera/FF dialog white mask above (mac) Bug Normal
#9838 Need help to create custom toolbar button, which executes CKEditor format options Task Normal
#9840 JAWS not reading states of Toolbar buttons in 4.0 IBM Bug Normal
#9843 "formatted" option from the Format dropdown adds extra line break Bug Normal
#9846 I need to add the fonts to the text editor for Japanese Task Normal
#9852 Opera: dialogs not closing after inserting elements IBM Bug Normal
#9857 Extra space added before closing tag Bug Normal
#9862 The editor instance "xxxx" is already attached to the provided element Bug Normal
#9863 Arabic numbers not display in editor Bug Normal
#9868 Add Tatg in Selected text Tagging New Feature Normal
#9869 CKEDITOR 4 toolbar is acting weird Bug Normal
#9874 CKEditor / PHPMySqL : The HTML code is not correcltly transmitted to my Data Base Bug Normal
#9876 CKEditor 4.0 on Wordpress 3.5 and Firefox Bug Normal
#9877 Disable Image Properties dialog without having to unload forms New Feature Normal
#9878 Issue with activating ckeditor by class with Rails turbolinks gem Bug Normal
#9880 Width of toolbar Bug Normal
#9889 some tags are not closed while inline editing like "br" , "img" etc Bug Normal
#9895 rowspan didn't decrease when remove cell from other column Bug Normal
#9900 Inserting an empty paragraph before table using keyboard shortcut not working properly when first or last table cell has list or div IBM Bug Normal
#9905 Dynamic element creation causes problems with HTMLUnit Bug Normal
#9913 CKEditor Content Not Submitting Properly Bug Normal
#9914 I can't see view and source code is wrong ,why? Bug Normal
#9915 CKEditor_Net_3.6.4 JScript Error Bug Normal
#9916 actions, onclick events, script blocks deleted in Chrome Bug Normal
#9917 Where is your human interface? Can we buy the product from you? Bug Normal
#9918 IE7 & IE8 - CKEditor not fully loading on Page refresh IE7 IE8 IBM Bug Normal
#9919 Incorrect focus handling on the link dialog IBM Bug Normal
#9924 Image upload not available image upload Bug Normal
#9930 XSS onLoad error in Source Mode Webkit Bug Normal
#9932 Is it possible to implement page constraints like in a document editor? New Feature Normal
#9933 Shift+Enter or Enter in Enter_BR breaks color style IBM Bug Normal
#9934 CKEditor 4 in Twitter Bootstrap modal disables dropdowns in IE CantFix IE Bug Normal
#9938 '/node' added to image and url paths after clicking save button in drupal Bug Normal
#9939 Unable to disable CKFinder flash uploader in Firefox or Chrome Bug Normal
#9941 Security Vulnerability CKEditor Bug Normal
#9942 FCKeditor FileManager IE10 Compatibility IE10 Bug Normal
#9943 Reopening Ticket #9807 Bug Normal
#9944 insertcellbefore and insertcellafter in nested tables is incorrect Bug Normal
#9946 Tableresize tools try to resize tables outside of the editor Bug Normal
#9948 BLUR and FOCUS events not correct Bug Normal
#9949 span display:none and body id="cke_pastebin" appearing in buffer Bug Normal
#9950 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'unselectable' of null Bug Normal
#9951 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'unselectable' of null Bug Normal
#9952 Insert anchor without selecting text: many anchors are generated Bug Normal
#9953 Do not process non editable element HTML New Feature Normal
#9955 Auto Hyperlink Issue on Email - Sometimes does not update properly Bug Normal
#9956 Copy / Paste image on iOS fails iOS Bug Normal
#9959 IE: select a text, right click to open context menu, click to insert Link or Anchor --> OK button not work IE Bug Normal
#9963 Problem with playing video uploaded in ckFinder Bug Normal
#9965 Google Chrome: Cannot read property 'ltr' of undefined in full package Bug Normal
#9969 SyntaxHighlighter in inline editor mode Bug Normal
#9970 BR mode inconsistency between versions Bug Normal
#9977 Bug: getData(true) returns 'old' data. Bug Normal
#9978 Shift+space doesn't insert nbsp New Feature Normal
#9980 'Source' and 'SpellChecker' are not shown in editor's toolbar. New Feature Normal
#9986 Link URL and Image URL New Feature Normal
#9987 UndoManager should catch changes by drag'n'drop Bug Normal
#9993 enterMode BR + Google Chrome doesn't close tags after linebreaks Bug Normal
#9997 [Android] CKEDITOR.inline returns null, CKEDITOR.instances is empty, no toolbar Android IBM Bug Normal
#9999 Trapped within </DL> tag. Bug Normal
#10001 CKE 4.01 - config.filebrowserWindowFeatures isn't working Bug Normal
#10002 Strike through button doesnt not correctly Bug Normal
#10007 How to hide the CKEditor toolbar Hide toolbar Task Normal
#10009 spell check icon not display on toolbar spell check, SCAYT Bug Normal
#10012 Make Resize Optional in Image Upload for CKFinder 3.x New Feature Normal
#10016 [moono skin] Can't edit fields in jQuery UI modal dialog - Take 2 Bug Normal
#10018 IE8 not cleaning up invalid HTML Bug Normal
#10019 Drag & drop From Wicket Tree into CKEditor Bug Normal
#10020 CKEditor does not work on XHTML pages ! xhtml Bug Normal
#10022 Can't get rid of <p> Bug Normal
#10024 Define keystrokes using strings ( "Ctrl-B" ) New Feature Normal
#10025 [IE] Selection field dialog permission denied after switching from source Bug Normal
#10029 keep selection between source and wysiwyg mode New Feature Normal
#10031 CKEditor injects special character in Chrome Blink Bug Normal
#10035 CKEditor1' is not declared Bug Normal
#10036 Inline edtor should apply block level formats only to the users selection Bug Normal
#10037 IE8/9: Permission denied when calling editable.isInline() Bug Normal
#10038 Span becomes a font tag Bug Normal
#10039 alignment lost when pasting from Word with enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR Bug Normal
#10040 fullPage: true suppress contents.css loading Bug Normal
#10044 CKEditor 4 textarea replace - Toolbar increase the textarea width Bug Normal
#10045 icons missing Bug Normal
#10046 AutoDetectLanguage option isn't working Bug Normal
#10048 Incorrect information on CKBuilder page Bug Normal
#10050 readonly = "readonly" Bug Normal
#10053 Double Underline New Feature Normal
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