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#7219 UI:Language Swedish New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7228 fck editor image browse not working on subdomain Bug Normal
#7231 [IE8] Javascript error when selecting toolbar Bug Normal
#7233 "p is undefined" Bug Normal
#7234 "G.getFirst().hasAttribute is not a function" Bug Normal
#7235 entities plugin is missing Bug Normal
#7236 IE throws 'lang.contextmenu.options' is null or not an object Bug Normal
#7238 Image upload 'send it to the server' form not displayed correctly - height too small Bug Normal
#7240 CKEditor should expose the names/ids of dialog windows, tabs and fields Sa'ar Zac Elias New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.6
#7241 Select table adds <br> Bug Normal
#7242 Managing text color Bug Normal
#7243 Inline Javascript using SRC in the script becomes corrupt on edit Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.2
#7244 Wrong application of buttons (readmore, image...) Bug Normal
#7245 'lang.contextmenu.options' is null or not an object Bug Normal
#7248 Paragraph tag lost when switching list to paragraph Bug Normal
#7253 Maximize functionality in Firefox fails without doctype tag Bug Normal
#7258 When inserting a "Large Image" template in IE 6 it will be inserted on the top of the page(editor) Bug Normal
#7259 It should be possible to specify the dialog Width and Height besides the minimum values Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7260 node.js -> getParents performance poor Garry Yao Bug Normal
#7263 [IE]Editing table alignment creates new table Bug Normal
#7267 Multiple instances of CKEditor & pasting inside source view Bug Normal
#7276 CKEditor.NET does not work in medium trust Bug Normal
#7279 Full page mode: <meta> inside body element multiplies elements in body Bug Normal
#7283 ASP.NET: entered text is not HTML encoded. kaga Bug Normal
#7285 ASP.NET: certain configuration options are not properly escaped kaga Bug Normal
#7288 ckeditor 3.5.2 flashes horizontal scrollbar in Firefox Bug Normal
#7291 Wrong aligned tables from Word Tade0 Bug Normal
#7292 ASP.NET: problems in multiview control kaga Bug Normal
#7296 Firefox: Hiding/Displaying CKeditor causes caret to disappear Bug Normal
#7298 CKEditor Bug Normal
#7300 Link dialog does not load "Left/Top Position" values properly Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7315 Fire the 'resize' event on dialog instances Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7317 Getting ? in the empty spaces Bug Normal
#7318 Removing underline of a linked text is not working in CKEditor version 3.2 (in Firefox)) New Feature Normal
#7328 element attibutes are not preserved between postback Bug Normal
#7330 New list item should not copy the value attribute from previous list item Sa'ar Zac Elias New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7346 Scrolls back to the top Bug Normal
#7351 Image dialog: width/height must be a number Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7353 error in IE9: ';' expected Bug Normal
#7354 Enter key should split a blockquote Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.2
#7365 Problem adding horizontal rule Bug Normal
#7366 Pasting from browser toolbar menu bypasses paste filters Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.3
#7385 Failure to display content produced in earlier version Bug Normal
#7386 Switching modes (wysiwyg/source) not setting focus properly Bug Normal
#7387 Allow styleDefinitions that can be applied to a set of elements Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.6.1
#7388 Code changes after page is edited Bug Normal
#7396 Special Characters Window causes CKEditor to never open again. Bug Normal
#7397 IE 9 and Paste Bug Normal
#7402 CKFinder translation files New Feature Normal
#7422 Support drag&drop in Undo system Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal
#7428 Dialog for managing list item properties New Feature Normal
#7435 [IE] Unable to focus elements path bar Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7436 BIDI - after alligning text to right, rtl setting is not respected any more Bug Normal
#7441 Changeing table properties when cursor inside <caption> failes Bug Normal
#7446 Error message when editing Michał Bug Normal
#7450 Scayt dropdown menu looks bad in IE8 Quirks Bug Normal
#7454 ui_languages sample - list of styles does not load properly Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7455 Extra line break is added automatically to the preformatted element Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7457 It is (still) possible to set width and height fields to zero Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7468 Moving caret within RTL list, using keyboard Bug Normal
#7470 Code with missing start tag is not being parsed correctly Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7483 Change checkbox state Bug Normal
#7492 Overrides of Styles don't work correctly for classes Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.3
#7495 IE7 - additional paragraph added before list pasted from word Bug Normal
#7497 Broken HTML - the order of elements is changed in the editor New Feature Normal
#7509 CKEDITOR.currentInstance is null inside a plugin Bug Normal
#7510 element br removed at the last Bug Normal
#7512 ckeditor accidently/wrongly creates class tags for all child items in a div Bug Normal
#7513 Invalid markup in STYLE make CK crash Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.4
#7533 SCAYT plugin becomes enabled after set data Bug Normal
#7534 Cursor is lost and backspace problem after aplying style display:none to a parent container Bug Normal
#7535 Toolbar items wrapping Bug Normal
#7536 CKEDITOR.instances.<instance name >.document.$.body.setAttribute("contenteditable","off"); only works in Firefox but fail in IE 8 Bug Normal
#7539 [WebKit] Font size combo scrolls down the document to the bottom Bug Normal
#7543 Invalid handling of unclosed list items with link at the end Bug Normal
#7547 Selecting text and pressing enter does not clear text Bug Normal
#7558 Asp.Net: Custom toolbar does not work Bug Normal
#7559 ASP.NET: customising editor not working inside masterpage kaga Bug Normal
#7560 ASP.NET VB.NET inline configuration Bug Normal
#7562 PHP cke_protected in dialog Bug Normal
#7563 htmlParser Bug Normal
#7564 Entities in attributes Bug Normal
#7565 external skinPath New Feature Normal
#7580 div contenteditable + removeFormatCmd + insertHtml Bug Normal
#7585 Get Plain Text New Feature Normal
#7588 dialog semi-transparent background div created twice Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.4
#7590 ASP.NET: error when trying to reset values in Properties window kaga Bug Normal
#7606 Editor remains grayed (frozen) after closing a dialog Bug Normal
#7608 ckeditor 3.5.3 have problems paste Bug Normal
#7617 [FF 3.6.16] Changes ' to &quot; in style Bug Normal
#7621 ASP.NET: Problem with ProtectedSource Bug Normal
#7634 Flash dialog sets only false param Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.2
#7647 SK Translation fix Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.4
#7658 Kama editor.css is missing cke_top and cke_bottom Bug Normal
#7659 CKEditor.NET: plain textarea is shown when toggling CKEditor kaga Bug Normal
#7660 CKEditor.NET: Problem with toggling the visible status kaga Bug Normal
#7694 Block style on read-only Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.4
#7695 ASP.NET: double slash in urls when BasePath contains slash at the end kaga Bug Normal
#7697 CKEditor crashes on next .replace() command after SCAYT context menu initialization. Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.4
#7715 OPERA Bug Javascript errors when unlinking (it unlinks though) Bug Normal
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