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#6964 Custom icon disappeared in IE IE Bug Normal
#6979 Applying style throws error when the selection ends inside a readonly element Bug Normal
#6982 Full page mode: moving image creates another body element Mac Chrome Bug Normal
#6986 insertElement with partial list selection Bug Normal
#6988 Combo box should be reset on mode switch HasPatch Bug Normal
#7001 Cannot delete a line (paragraph) below the table Bug Normal
#7002 [IE] Undo when table is selected results in an error IE8 IBM Bug Normal
#7009 [IE] Incorrect copy button state IE Bug Normal
#7011 Nested list with different direction Bug Normal
#7012 Samples - Languages -fast switching between languages causes Editor to crash IE Opera Bug Low
#7016 [enterBr] apply text direction to fully list selection Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7021 insertElement fails with a few cells selected Bug Normal
#7024 Firefox: incorrect button state Firefox Bug Normal
#7025 Safari, Mac: Placeholder - "Edit Placeholder" is missing in the context menu Safari Mac Bug Normal
#7026 Image with setting float:left, covering numbers/bullets in list Bug Normal
#7028 Replace doesn't work and JavaScript error occurs Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7031 Webkit: It is possible to write inside a textarea WebKit Bug Normal
#7032 List item still selected after remove style Webkit Firefox Bug Normal
#7036 Webkit: Autogrow scrolls the host page WebKit Bug Normal
#7043 Cursor jumps at the beginning of the editing area after inserting a link Firefox Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7048 [enterBr] undesired paragraph appears when content is deleted Bug Normal
#7049 Find highlight not available on readonly elements. Bug Normal
#7050 Remove format doesn't exit from link Bug Normal
#7054 Special Character dialog window has all-caps tooltips which are unreadable HasPatch Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7055 Update Polish language file Task Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7057 [FF] Mixed dir list displayed wrong Bug Normal
#7058 [Opera] Selection enlarges wrongly Opera Bug Normal
#7059 [FF] Toolbar state freezes Firefox Bug Normal
#7060 [Opera] Input field invisible Opera Bug Normal
#7061 [Opera] Keyboard navigation not working in dialogs Opera Bug Normal
#7062 [Opera] Dialog dragging only on a left edge Opera Bug Normal
#7063 [Opera] When opening dialog, a page is scrolled to the top Opera Bug Normal
#7064 [Opera] Dialog borders are broken for Office and V2 skins Opera Bug Normal
#7065 BR in pre-formatted doesn't create paragraphs HasPatch Firefox Bug Normal
#7068 Update German language file Task Normal
#7082 Demo page in quirks Bug Normal
#7100 JS error when empty list selected and trying to insert element IE6 Bug Normal
#7105 Table moved to top of document when list is created on selection. Bug Normal
#7112 insertText should not split styles Firefox Bug Normal
#7125 Single cell resize New Feature Normal
#7126 Update French language file Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7127 CKEditor should always be tested in languages other than English Task Normal
#7136 Non-breaking space disappears from the end of block Bug Normal
#7137 insertHtml( ' ') inserts a plain space Firefox IE Bug Normal
#7146 WebKit: pasting block elements results in an extra div WebKit IBM VendorFix Bug Normal
#7157 IE9 - in Document mode IE9 standards, CKEditor does not run IE9 Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.2
#7159 IE9, BIDI - cannot switch between paragraphs via kursor keys IE Bug Normal
#7161 IE9 Languages sample - create/destroy editor does not work properly IE9 Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.2
#7169 IE9: context menu looks bad IE9 Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.2
#7171 Double click on an image in non-editable content opens editing dialog Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7176 IE9 - SCAYT enabled, after inserting template, dialog does not close. js error thrown IE9, IE8 Bug Normal
#7178 IE9 RC: right-clicking on a placeholder does not select it IE9 Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.2
#7187 IE9: Insert template inserts content always at the beginning IE Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.2
#7188 IE9: impossible to move cursor below horizontal line IE9 Bug Normal
#7189 IE9: impossible to move cursor below horizontal line IE9 Bug Normal
#7190 IE9 - ability to edit text in placeholder, read only area IE9 Bug Normal
#7191 IE9 - Unable to insert anchor IE9 Bug Normal
#7200 [IE] Better RTL block editing IE Bug Normal
#7203 CKEditor Sample — Replace DIV Bug Normal
#7204 Reading from <param> does not work in IE IE Bug Normal
#7205 Flash Advanced - style params doesn't load Bug Normal
#7223 [FF] Colored links use default color FF CantFix Bug Normal
#7241 Select table adds <br> Bug Normal
#7276 CKEditor.NET does not work in medium trust Bug Normal
#7348 IE9: CKEDITOR.xml.selectSingleNode throws an error IE9 IE10 Bug Normal
#7349 Missing env.ie9 / env.ie9Compat variables IE Task Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7356 Style::removeObjectStyle something might be wrong Discussion Bug Normal
#7381 WebKit: Element styles are lost when preceding empty paragraph is removed WebKit Bug Normal
#7383 WebKit: an empty paragraph is added when pasting from Word WebKit Bug Normal
#7428 Dialog for managing list item properties New Feature Normal
#7431 Safari: Cursor stays in editing area after opening a dialog Safari Mac Bug Normal
#7434 [IE9] Inaccessible empty list item IE9 HasPatch Bug Normal
#7436 BIDI - after alligning text to right, rtl setting is not respected any more Bug Normal
#7438 [WebKit] Impossible to create new lists without focus WebKit Bug Normal
#7441 Changeing table properties when cursor inside <caption> failes Bug Normal
#7450 Scayt dropdown menu looks bad in IE8 Quirks Bug Normal
#7454 ui_languages sample - list of styles does not load properly Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7455 Extra line break is added automatically to the preformatted element Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7458 Line breaks inserted when toggling between "Decrease Indent" and "Increase Indent" in lists Firefox Bug Normal
#7468 Moving caret within RTL list, using keyboard Bug Normal
#7479 WebKit: Paragraph format not applied when editor is not focused WebKit IBM Bug Normal
#7495 IE7 - additional paragraph added before list pasted from word Bug Normal
#7496 [Opera] Text bold and unbold problems Opera Bug Normal
#7497 Broken HTML - the order of elements is changed in the editor New Feature Normal
#7502 Select elements are 'duplicated' in Opera Opera Bug Normal
#7504 [Opera] Accessibility shortcuts problem Opera Bug Normal
#7506 Cannot apply format to an empty editor using enterMode BR WebKit Bug Normal
#7508 Can't delete input form element after creating FF Bug Normal
#7515 Can't navigate to empty list item with arrow key IE9 Bug Normal
#7516 [IE] setData does not fire selectionChange IE Bug Normal
#7535 Toolbar items wrapping Bug Normal
#7538 [Chrome][Mac]: moving an image adds a meta tag Chrome Mac Bug Normal
#7539 [WebKit] Font size combo scrolls down the document to the bottom Bug Normal
#7543 Invalid handling of unclosed list items with link at the end Bug Normal
#7555 [Firefox] Minor glitch with drop-down list of Link dialog window for anchors Firefox Bug Normal
#7558 Asp.Net: Custom toolbar does not work Bug Normal
#7560 ASP.NET VB.NET inline configuration Bug Normal
#7617 [FF 3.6.16] Changes ' to &quot; in style Bug Normal
#7621 ASP.NET: Problem with ProtectedSource Bug Normal
#7684 Toolbar keyboard navigation doesn't work on RTL UI IBM Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.4
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