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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#4081 Non-standard table height in percentage causes editor to flash Bug Normal General
#4109 Not possible to translate colors Bug Normal UI : Language
#4113 stylesheets for WSC plugin are broken Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#4126 [Chrome] Select form element gets lost after blur Bug Normal General
#4181 Text Direction Support for Text Blocks New Feature Normal General
#4205 MediaWiki Special:SpecialPages display blank page if FCKeditor extenstion is installed Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#4215 Setting up CKTester Garry Yao Task Normal QA
#4234 Adding CKEditor to hidden div on page-load results in no editing area Bug Normal General
#4247 CKFinder language file Wiktor Walc New Feature Normal UI : Language
#4255 Events aren't in the documentation Task Normal QA
#4265 Support for styles as string and not only external css file in panel plugin New Feature Normal UI : Floating Panel
#4360 Danish translation for CKFinder 3.X Wiktor Walc Task Normal General
#4375 Manual testing runner Garry Yao New Feature Normal QA
#4386 [IE] Source button label mispositioned when in toolbar group Bug Normal General
#4414 Sample Plugin New Feature Normal General
#4456 Language fix for the Hebrew language Bug Normal UI : Language
#4474 Hungarian translation for CKFinder 3.X Wiktor Walc Task Normal General
#4494 Add norwegian language file for CKFinder Wiktor Walc Task Normal File Browser
#4501 jQuery-UI dialog does not work with CKEditor Bug Normal General
#4507 Adding a new 'save' event Tobiasz Cudnik New Feature Normal Core : Output Data
#4510 Greek Translation for CKFinder Wiktor Walc New Feature Normal UI : Language
#4533 Opera: double-clicking undo/redo UI button can open "hotclick" context menu due to selection being restored by the editor Bug Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#4613 Corrections in documentation Garry Yao Task Normal General
#4646 Slovene language translation for CKFinder New Feature Normal UI : Language
#4666 IE - selection is not visible when context menu is opened Garry Yao Bug Normal General
#4692 CKPackager remove mandatory parenthsis Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal Project : CKPackager
#4695 CKPackager remove mandatory braces Garry Yao Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Project : CKPackager
#4701 Update old links to the CKEditor web site Task Normal General
#4740 CKLangTool does not recognize entries in single quotes Bug Normal General
#4744 Editing link with empty href causes a new link to be created and inserted into the existing anchor Bug Normal General
#4756 IE7: hover over button does not show tooltip Bug Normal General
#4757 typo in documentation Bug Normal General
#4765 FCKeditor + ColdFusion - potential function name clash Wiktor Walc New Feature Normal General
#4792 Unable to add anything after form element Bug Normal General
#4840 [FF2] Special character dialog SHIFT+TAB not fully working Bug Normal General
#4860 SpellChecker options not documented Task Normal UI : Spell Checker
#4861 unclosed tag on docs page Bug Normal General
#4864 [IE] Improper caret position after inserting HR at the very end Bug Normal General
#4866 [FF] Improper caret position after deleting horizontal line Bug Normal General
#4873 IE: Cannot edit content inside of a div with fixed width Bug Normal General
#4879 Dutch translation for CKFinder New Feature Normal UI : Language
#4885 Multiple file import in CKFinder New Feature Normal General
#4928 Putting each textarea in its own form in the skins sample fails in Chrome for more than 2 editor instances Bug Normal General
#4939 CKReleaser limits source and target directories too aggressively Wiktor Walc Bug Normal Project : CKReleaser
#4942 Image dialog buttons don't work in IE6 Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#4945 Paste: Outline Numbered list do not copy correctly v2 Paweł Horzela Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#4947 JavaScript errors when SCAYT is enabled and PRE tag is used Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#4949 Inserting table column results in wrong colspan Bug Normal Core : Tables
#4957 LangTool injects old copyright Wiktor Walc Bug Normal General
#4972 Pressing Shift+Enter at the end of <li> generates invalid HTML when shiftEnterMode != ENTER_BR Bug Normal UI : Enter Key
#4976 Change the Combo box Options in some Light Boxes when JAWS is On Bug Normal Accessibility
#5042 BaseHref Error Bug Normal General
#5061 In FF, Safari and Chrome, empty paste enters a new line where the cursor is pointing in the text editor. Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5073 $sUnsafeFileName in CKfinder New Feature Normal General
#5090 Cannot remove border on Image - when link is attached Bug Normal General
#5129 Editor toolbar perception with screen readers Bug Normal Accessibility
#5131 Horizontal scroll bar appears when horizontal line is inserted Bug Normal General
#5141 Unable to choose between percents and pixels in table height input Bug Normal General
#5158 JAWS not reading combo boxes properly in link dialog Bug Normal Accessibility
#5174 Context menu should select the first item in the list Bug Normal Accessibility
#5186 IE7 - setting a width results in editor jumping to top of screen on click Bug Normal General
#5188 fixlineends not working corectly Wiktor Walc New Feature Normal General
#5201 IE: Pasting may throw js error Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5241 Inserted tag <p>&nbps;</p> on format "normal" insead replacing tag Bug Normal General
#5244 Text & Background color float panels are partly hidden in RTL language and IE Bug Normal UI : Floating Panel
#5245 The range is not the same after applying commands Bug Normal General
#5257 Adding row to rowspaned table breaks layout Bug Normal Core : Tables
#5263 Cannot use Ctrl + A in some fields of Image dialog. Bug Normal General
#5267 There are some issues with PRE blocks which have any attributes Bug Normal Core : Styles
#5269 floatpanels for comboboxes are offset left of related combobox Bug Normal General
#5275 Unwanted br at first line on first keystroke in FF 3.x Bug Normal General
#5284 Formatting lost on new paragraph Bug Normal Core : Styles
#5296 [IE] In a pre tag, after hitting enter, the caret does not show up in a new line Bug Normal General
#5306 Feature alignment with v2 Task Normal General
#5309 Context sensitive insertHtml Garry Yao New Feature Normal Core : Pasting
#5318 Editor content appears blanc on empty cache Bug Normal General
#5323 Selecting font doesn't work for the first time Bug Normal General
#5325 Path becomes relative after a copy / paste Bug Normal General
#5327 Spellchecker takes focus Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#5333 In Air Select elements in dialogs display incorrectly Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5341 <br /> tag only in Firefox Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Core : Output Data
#5342 Editor always at least 300px wide on Webkit Bug Normal General
#5378 Paragraph inserted before table on document start Bug Normal General
#5388 [IE][Chrome] Strange behavior on copy & paste <span> Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5397 Chrome hangs when strange characters are in the source code Bug Normal General
#5399 Lists pasted from Word do not maintain their nesting Paweł Horzela Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#5403 JAWS not reading the Selected List item as Selected Bug Normal Accessibility
#5408 Style plugin not working as expected. Bug Normal General
#5413 Browser error after pasting html table in ckeditor Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5423 Add config option for DefaultLinkTarget New Feature Normal General
#5458 [[FF]]Formatting for Subscript and Superscript is removed when we copy and paste the word with Subscript and Superscript Formatting Bug Normal General
#5464 Chrome: it's not possible to drag-n-drop Bug Normal General
#5470 protocol field and url field doesn't update properly on change Bug Normal General
#5484 Finding text in CK Editor find function doesn't scroll to show found text Bug Normal General
#5493 [[IE]] Some smileys remain highlighted after selection Bug Normal General
#5502 The text previously highlighted after doing Insert/Edit link is replaced with path to file Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5508 Line disappear after context menu Bug Normal General
#5520 CKfinder 1.4.3 html security does not accept 'HTM' extensions Bug Normal General
#5529 CKFinder loose png transparency on thumbnails (PHP) Bug Normal Server : PHP
#5533 Bug: [IE] Copy / paste of unsigned lists adds extra p tags, which leads to data loss. Bug Normal Core : Lists
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