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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#10307 Ability to specify where to append the toolbar's menus element New Feature Normal UI : Toolbar
#518 Ability to use colours by user logged on when typing text New Feature Normal General
#10902 ACF is not applied when getting data while in source mode Bug Normal General
#11045 Activate Button in Source code New Feature Normal Accessibility
#4639 Active Checkbox Tool New Feature Normal General
#5870 Add ability to hide anchors in editor content (patch) New Feature Normal General
#1960 Add dynamical caching of CSS New Feature Normal General
#2620 Add emoticons New Feature Normal General
#10456 Adding backround url() with a relative path in the body replace to fullpath Bug Normal Core : Styles
#4915 Adding document stylesheet in fullpage sample Task Normal General
#2870 Adding style to existing text does not work. Bug Normal General
#2037 Additional debug function Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal General
#2866 Add OS Detection for Spellcheck and PHP 5 Support Bug Normal General
#3063 Add textarea id fckeditor.js - code fix included in description! New Feature Normal General
#13498 Add Toolbar Configurator to CKBuilder New Feature Normal UI : Toolbar
#2153 add web.config to avoid errors in themed aspnet pages New Feature Normal Server : ASP.Net
#2545 add write rights to tgz archiv Bug Normal General
#3586 Adjust the default formatting to match v2 Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#6611 Align to center or right in lists - text is moved, bullet or number stays Bug Normal Core : Lists
#2599 Allow an arbitrary query string, and propagate it to dialog boxes New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#10747 allowedContent, i can still add images Bug Normal General
#2048 Allow to split cells only if they have been merged Bug Normal General
#12845 Alternate Text of the movie is not visible Bug Normal General
#698 Anchors do not work in Firefox preview window Bug Normal General
#13727 [Android][Firefox] Preview command opens empty document Bug Normal General
#170 An easy way to add our own links to the toolbar, insert text where the caret is positioned Frederico Caldeira Knabben New Feature Normal General
#8611 An extra blank space inserted after br tag within li tag is exposed when using <shift+enter> to insert a new line Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#956 Animated gifs don't work in Firefox for Mac Bug Normal General
#325 API: GetXHTML() temporarily distorts rendering Bug Normal General
#980 API - I want a value to be able to tell me if the SpellChecker has been run or not. New Feature Normal General
#619 Append to comment Task Normal General
#5052 Apple-style-span added in Chrome when joining two lines with different styles Bug Normal Core : Styles
#1499 Applying format H2 or similar to a word in a line makes whole line H2 Bug Normal General
#666 ASP.Net 2.0: Not working on FormView Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#2268 ASP.NET integration: FCKeditor.IsDirty() can return incorrect results when UpdatePanels are used Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#1002 ! at the beginning in table cell Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#824 Automatically resize images over a configurable dimensions New Feature Normal General
#2623 'Automatic' Button in the color picker for text and background color New Feature Normal General
#1789 Avoid using IE6 dialog js file in skins New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#2560 Background color applied to Text in IE when I select all Bug Normal General
#16838 Base path automatic detection fail Bug Normal General
#4876 Better support for pasting text with tabs New Feature Normal Core : Pasting
#7589 BIDI: IE8: Difficulties using backspace to delete RTL paragraphs. Bug Normal Core : BiDi
#5918 BIDI: [IE8] Paragraphs with dir="rtl" display with resize handles Bug Normal General
#13624 Bidi: Image coordinates displayed incorrectly in RTL editor Bug Normal General
#10449 BIDI: Incorrect cursor position in RTL mode (Chrome) Bug Normal General
#6592 BIDI: Show block tag name mirroring New Feature Normal General
#11685 Bidi support for block quote. New Feature Normal General
#6028 BIDI: Tables should align to corresponding direction when base language direction is set New Feature Normal General
#14320 BIDI: When locale is set to Arabic, NumberedList icon in toolbar menu displays Arabic-European digits Bug Normal General
#9562 blur and focus fired when opening/closing dialogs Bug Normal General
#4689 Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough lose focus after external javascript function call. Bug Normal General
#337 Bring back FCKConfig.EnableXHTML and FCKConfig.EnableSourceXHTML New Feature Normal General
#936 Bug fix for ie xml cacheing Bug Normal General
#2615 Bug in FF when FCKConfig.StartupShowBlocks=true on a hidden FCKEditor instance Bug Normal General
#4449 Bug in IE: <P> inside <P> Bug Normal General
#3525 Bug with link dialog box not showing up Bug Normal General
#14448 Bulleted list and Numbered list are not aligned Bug Normal General
#11925 Calling getUniqueId on a container fails in IE8 Bug Normal General
#9087 Can any one please suggest the solution in removing the corrupted text when copied from word pad to ck editor for the version 3.6.1 Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#11251 Cannot cut a list properly if it's selected by mouse. Bug Normal General
#11599 Cannot decrease indent of single list item. Bug Normal General
#4670 Can not navigate to next row with down arrow key if table has a header row. Bug Normal General
#7160 Cannot "paste" the form element on top of the page Garry Yao Bug Normal Core : Selection
#16473 Cannot position cursor with mouse using Edge browser if CKEdit instance is contained inside a draggable DIV Bug Normal Core : Focus
#4693 Cannot run CKPackager jar on JDK 6 on Linux Wiktor Walc Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Project : CKPackager
#13761 Cannot select Widget & other content, if Widget is the first thing in editor Bug Normal General
#9749 Cannot type Japanese Characters into the editor Bug Normal General
#14596 Can't drag a widget between horizontal locations Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#10713 Capitalization of "true" in contenteditable makes CKEditor to not load. Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal General
#1065 capture cursor position New Feature Normal General
#1340 Caret disappeares deleting a styled char Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6.1 General
#12192 Caret disappears in Firefox Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal General
#2192 Change Default to "Disable rich editor" New Feature Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#11782 Change POST request sent to backend in codesnippetgeshi New Feature Normal General
#230 Change the default <br> when pasting plain txt with CRLF New Feature Normal General
#2207 check discontinous selections in Firefox3 Task Normal General
#24 Check if the proposed fix is valid Task Normal General
#3850 [chrome] Combo inline labels are invisible in RTL Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal General
#6436 Chrome: CTRL+V Paste with forcePasteAsPlainText=false inserts broken nested <div>s and sometimes <p>s Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#10546 Chrome: headings crashes page on copy/paste (inline editor) Bug Normal General
#12802 Chrome: Pasting text by Ctrl+V to inline instance brake other instance view Bug Normal General
#9147 Chrome: RTL on a list bullet has no visual effect Bug Normal General
#6069 [Chrome] Ugly yellow form outline around editor Bug Normal General
#13499 CKBuilder Improvements New Feature Normal Project : CKBuilder
#13873 CKEditor 3.6.6 Paste buttons behaviour broken in latest Firefox version 41 Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#10563 CKeditor 4.1.2: Access denied error in IE7 Bug Normal General
#10058 CKEDitor 4 inline editor firefox and IE bug Bug Normal General
#14355 CKEditor adds div tag in between caption tag of table when left aligned. Bug Normal General
#4720 CKEDITOR.dom.element.createFromHtml fails on style element in IE Bug Normal General
#8789 CKEditor for ASP.NET. UpdatePanel and problem partial page updates Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#12342 CKEditor in IE 11 Enterprise Mode with Compatibility Mode not working Bug Normal General
#8190 Ckeditor in Small IFrame Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#10528 ckeditor.js adds a "cursor:col-resize" style to the body tag Bug Normal General
#11319 ckeditor.js is throwing Not supported error in IE12 Bug Normal General
#12061 CKEditor loses event handlers attached to DOM nodes when performing an Undo/Redo operation Bug Normal General
#8328 CKEDITOR not consequent when entering something after a link Bug Normal General
#4153 CKeditor objects rename proposal New Feature Normal General
#9874 CKEditor / PHPMySqL : The HTML code is not correcltly transmitted to my Data Base Bug Normal General
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