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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3892 Resizing tables in Safari doesn't work with mouse Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#3899 Navigating problem in IE8 after image added Bug Normal General
#3901 Find scrollIntoView incorrect Bug Normal General
#3914 Drag elements with position:absolute Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#3936 SCAYT customer ID Artur Formella Task Normal CKEditor 3.0 UI : Spell Checker
#3970 Source mode textarea issue on IE7 strict with scrollbars Bug Normal General
#3997 Undo test case New Feature Normal QA
#4029 [IE6] Format combo background-color incorrect Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#4036 [IE] Insert select control is causing error Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 Core : Styles
#4099 Paste from word is not detected (Firefox & Safari) Bug Normal General
#4110 Source mode font size Bug Normal UI : Source View
#4148 Update CKEDITOR.test.getAttribute Bug Normal QA
#4153 CKeditor objects rename proposal New Feature Normal General
#4187 [IE6] Find a better solution for horizontal document scroll Bug Normal General
#4214 Maximize bugs Bug Normal General
#4249 field.defaultValue is set Bug Normal General
#4256 Enable impersonation in aspx file browser connector New Feature Normal Server : ASP.Net
#4263 XSS Attack Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6.5 General
#4266 "New Page" button is not working when cursor is inside "Show Blocks" area Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal General
#4268 Table is not getting deleted after selecting it and pressing Delete button in Firefox Bug Normal General
#4354 Using TAB key on toolbar focus disabled buttons Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1 Accessibility
#4366 Menu icon for Split Cell Vertically should have a different image from Split Cell Horizontally Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#4367 TAB / arrow keys focus disabled items in context menu Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1 Accessibility
#4381 Show style in dropdown as blank when selecting multiple styles in editor New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#4447 Strange Happenings(Embed Tags) Bug Normal General
#4449 Bug in IE: <P> inside <P> Bug Normal General
#4486 Please Change Bold and Italic to STRONG and EM New Feature Normal General
#4535 Opera: Check Spelling button is disabled Bug Normal General
#4541 Maximize adds extra space on non-Kama skins Bug Normal General
#4592 [IE6 IE7] Can not delete selected table cell contents. Bug Normal General
#4627 dropdown menu as you type in the editor Garry Yao New Feature Normal General
#4635 Unable to open property dialog for existing table from toolbar Bug Normal General
#4639 Active Checkbox Tool New Feature Normal General
#4667 SCAYT autoloading with multiple editors fails Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#4669 Text colour and background colour are not visible in high contrast mode. Bug Normal Accessibility
#4670 Can not navigate to next row with down arrow key if table has a header row. Bug Normal General
#4684 Cursor does not blink on new line when Enter key hit is done after applying background color. Bug Normal General
#4689 Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough lose focus after external javascript function call. Bug Normal General
#4696 Insert Page break not splitting table and list Bug Normal General
#4698 galeon should be treated like konqueror Bug Normal General
#4720 CKEDITOR.dom.element.createFromHtml fails on style element in IE Bug Normal General
#4801 FF2 dialog drag-drop broken Bug Normal General
#4803 [FF2] Toolbar icons flicker Bug Normal General
#4838 [FF2] Image dialog, link tab layout issue Bug Normal General
#4839 [FF2] Combobox not focusable Bug Normal General
#4849 Opera: right-clicking with a mouse does not select an object Bug Normal General
#4876 Better support for pasting text with tabs New Feature Normal Core : Pasting
#4888 FF2: Horizontal line breaks caret movement Bug Normal General
#4894 Paste: problems with custom styles Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#4907 Shared status bar grip layout Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1 General
#4908 FF2: Shared toolbar sample broken Bug Normal General
#4915 Adding document stylesheet in fullpage sample Task Normal General
#4966 Make the anchor image configurable New Feature Normal General
#4984 Some statements are comma separated Task Normal General
#4990 fckdtd2js failing Bug Normal General
#5004 Create accessibility plugin Garry Yao New Feature Normal Accessibility
#5011 CKEditor should provide a common way to registry/config the lang file Garry Yao Bug Normal General
#5013 Need a way for CKEditor to configure name format of language files New Feature Normal General
#5022 Suggestion: Move functions "is()" and "getName()" to node.js Task Normal General
#5035 openTag method doesn't use the attributes arg Task Normal Core : Output Data
#5038 Impossible to add new format tag using configuration settings Bug Normal General
#5052 Apple-style-span added in Chrome when joining two lines with different styles Bug Normal Core : Styles
#5065 JAWS is not reading the editor in Safari Bug Normal Accessibility
#5078 [FF]Unicode extension-B characters requires two backspaces to delete. Bug Normal General
#5102 Redimension New Feature Normal Server : ASP
#5107 Empty divs and spans with attributes should not be removed Bug Normal General
#5110 Not able to Cut and Paste bullet item Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5138 Naming convention mistakes in dialogs' tabs Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5185 FF—Styles, Font Name and Font Size are not sticky Bug Normal General
#5195 The dialog content heights are a bit bigger Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5235 IE is splitting global css definitions into 4 parts Bug Normal General
#5247 Context menu resizing not works properly on IE8 Quirks Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#5258 Removing underlines of links? (text-decoration: none) New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#5299 Page Up/Down jumping to last/first line Bug Normal General
#5311 Scroll bar is displaying on right hand side instead of left hand side for RTL pages. Bug Normal General
#5312 When selected content has more than one paragraph format, paragraph format list box always showing the paragraph format option of the first selected line of text Bug Normal General
#5340 Feature request - Paged documents - WYSIWYP? New Feature Normal General
#5362 Non existent language files causes JavaScript errors Bug Normal General
#5365 Undocumented options for the link dialog Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Task Normal QA
#5384 java: create userfilepath according to chosen directory New Feature Normal Server : Java
#5386 Google Chrome for Mac, error on form.submit override Bug Normal General
#5407 Introduce a setting to keep using deprecated attributes New Feature Normal General
#5468 Toolbar not showing properly on IE 8 Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#5473 Dragging and dropping content from Word onto editor bypasses 'on paste' filters Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5476 Enter key before sub list not right Bug Normal General
#5507 Help dialog button auto set "active" state when open. Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5615 IE6 IE7: CKEditor scrolls up when clicked outside editor and config.docType is set Bug Normal General
#5681 'menubutton' force focus Garry Yao Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#5694 When config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR & config.forceEnterMode = false, pressing enter inside a <p> (or <div>) should insert a new <p> New Feature Normal UI : Enter Key
#5720 SCAYT set focus on mode switch Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#5722 [IE7] Paste into content RTL editor appears scrollbar Bug Normal General
#5774 [IE6] Memory Leak revisited Garry Yao Bug Normal General
#5793 Multi-Cell selection in IE New Feature Normal General
#5852 Image is not pasted in the FCK ediotr 2.6 when copied from word Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#5857 CKEditor very slow with large content; crashes as well if SCAYT is enabled. Bug Normal General
#5866 IE Cursor positioning for Language:RTL style behaves differently to other browsers Bug Normal General
#5868 Turning bullets on and off adds new lines to the text Bug Normal Core : Lists
#5870 Add ability to hide anchors in editor content (patch) New Feature Normal General
#5872 Scrollbars on color pallet in Office 2003 skin Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#5900 [IE7] CKEditor looses content when Google toolbar spell check button used. Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4 General
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