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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#10270 Drop-down menus broken when CKeditor is in a jQuery modal. Bug Normal
#10271 Tab doesn't work Bug Normal
#10272 Add functionality - formatting in Editor Task Normal
#10274 Changing CKEditor container renders CKEditor unusable Bug Normal
#10275 Paste not working on IE10 Bug Normal
#10277 Clean URL image upload Task Normal
#10278 CKEditor 4 conflicts with PureText add-on Bug Normal
#10282 Spans stripped from source Bug Normal
#10283 CKEditor dropdowns fail after call to JQuery UI Bug Normal
#10284 Why the hell ckeditor remove the ID attribute? Bug Normal
#10286 [IE 7-10] Adding link to an image causes a blue border Bug Normal
#10287 Ck Editor - Issues Bug Normal
#10288 File Upload missing Bug Normal
#10292 Styles missing from right click menus when in intranet mode in IE8 Bug Normal
#10294 Incorrect line breaks using paste as plain text and div as enter mode Bug Normal
#10295 CKEditor renders with empty text in Firefox Bug Normal
#10296 On mouse over tool tip is getting displayed at the leftmost corner of footer. Bug Normal
#10297 Context menu layout is skewed IE9 Bug Normal
#10299 span striped inside p element span, strip Bug Normal
#10300 JS error when I click on a button in the toolbar before the editor has focus Bug Normal
#10302 IE9 - H1 text copied from CKE cannot be pasted in CKE - JS Error. Bug Normal
#10303 Font-size li Bug Normal
#10307 Ability to specify where to append the toolbar's menus element menu, toolbar, overlay, iframe New Feature Normal
#10309 JS exception on read-only editor when there is no text IE Bug Normal
#10310 which last Fckeditor version is supported by IE10 Bug Normal
#10311 Scrolling on the iPad iOS Bug Normal
#10313 Hitting Backspace key in Internet Explorer with control selected causes backward navigation IE Bug Normal
#10314 CKEditor in Dojo Dialog does not work Bug Normal
#10316 Inline edit mode looks for contents.css Bug Normal
#10318 ipad can not insert text after changing the cursor point in the ckeditor iOS Bug Normal
#10324 Space text disappear when one image is moved around the text Bug Normal
#10325 Prevent removing empty anchors Bug Normal
#10328 Inconsistency in paste as plain text Webkit Bug Normal
#10329 CKEditor & GravityForms Bug Normal
#10333 Paste not working for content with leading or trailing whitespace IBM Bug Normal
#10341 Add classes dynamically on elements Bug Normal
#10342 CKEditor is automatically add " char around the URL when using background image in IE9 Bug Normal
#10343 Chrome & opera - trailing white space lost on paste IBM Chrome Opera Bug Normal
#10345 focus event is not always fired in chrome Webkit Opera Bug Normal
#10346 IE10 Paste Data URI Image New Feature Normal
#10349 show('blind') problem Bug Normal
#10350 Issue with context menu's location when triggered by Ctrl+Shift+F10 IBM Bug Normal
#10352 double quote (") in element attributes are lost when replacing the textArea by the editor Bug Normal
#10353 CKEditor clears attributes when switching from source to design view Bug Normal
#10354 Javascript error Bug Normal
#10363 [Chrome] Unable to remove all contents with SCAYT in some cases Webkit Bug Normal
#10364 Paste from word doesn't do background color Bug Normal
#10374 Doesn't show tool bar icons if loaded in hidden box Firefox Bug Normal
#10376 Source Buttton Bug Normal
#10377 nested custom config not loading properly in IE IE Bug Normal
#10379 "unescape" undefined. Bug Normal
#10380 CKEditor not showing up, Issues in opening CKEditor in tablet\chromebook\iphone Bug Normal
#10381 View Source replacing <br> with &nbsp; Bug Normal
#10382 CKEDITOR.currentInstance returns null on focus Bug Normal
#10384 New version for my plugin is not displayed. Bug Normal
#10385 .cke_combos width are hardcoded Bug Normal
#10386 After Inserting a div it ignores the entermode Bug Normal
#10387 Pasting in CKEditor with Crtl + Shift + V or Shift + Insert Bug Normal
#10394 Red Boxes showing on spell-check Bug Normal
#10396 Cursor focus in DIV Bug Normal
#10397 Bug when document.domain touched but not changed Oracle Bug Normal
#10398 ckeditor not working in Mobile safari 1.1.3 - IPhone and ipod touch Bug Normal
#10399 ckeditor not working in Mobile safari 1.1.3 - IPhone and ipod touch Bug Normal
#10401 [SCAYT] Lag on pressing enter Bug Normal
#10403 Problem of FCKeditor in IE10 Bug Normal
#10405 CKEditor backgroundcolor selection bug Bug Normal
#10408 bbcode plugin: incorrect output for quote tag Bug Normal
#10409 Inline editor leaves border on div after calling destroy. Bug Normal
#10410 Toolbar stops functioning inside JqueryUI dialog Bug Normal
#10415 Bold and italic letters Bug Normal
#10416 Tags within iframe-tag gets stripped Bug Normal
#10417 What to do when IE's version 8 gives an Invalid Argument exception on 'moveToElementText ' Bug Normal
#10418 Right click not caught Bug Normal
#10419 Hackers trying to hack my websites using CKEditor Task Normal
#10420 class and style properties not reset when editor.destroy() is called Bug Normal
#10421 calling editor.destroy( true ) does not undo editing in DIV Bug Normal
#10423 Japanese and Chinese text-align justify not working IBM Bug Normal
#10424 IE: Pasted block content into an inline style creates invalid HTML IBM Bug Normal
#10425 multiple contents.css loaded for multiple instance of ckeditor on same page Bug Normal
#10426 bug reading style class, Reserved keyword IE8 Bug Normal
#10428 Element properties does not show up in IE10 Bug Normal
#10429 Spawning &nbsp; Bug Normal
#10433 editor.insertHtml and contenteditable bug Bug Normal
#10434 CKEditor 4.1.1 - IE.8 cursor issue after adding image/flash/media Bug Normal
#10435 Formatting fails on new lines with CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR Bug Normal
#10437 Toolbar button doesn't show up (Font, FontSize, TextColor, BGColor) Bug Normal
#10440 <a> tag is not allowed when ACF is set to "automatic mode" IBM Bug Normal
#10441 Width attribute is not allowed by Custom configuration for ACF but can be set via table context menu IBM Bug Normal
#10443 Paste excel table in ckeditor Bug Normal
#10446 CK Editor 4.0 not displaying the content in safari 5.0 Bug Normal
#10447 mouse-moving an image fails in chrome, works in safari Mac Chrome Bug Normal
#10449 BIDI: Incorrect cursor position in RTL mode (Chrome) IBM Chrome Bug Normal
#10450 IE10 QM problem IE10 Bug Normal
#10451 Selection box doesn't show choiches Bug Normal
#10454 CKEditor 3.3 does not work in IE 10 Bug Normal
#10455 New FocusManager method Exclude( element ) New Feature Normal
#10456 Adding backround url() with a relative path in the body replace to fullpath Bug Normal
#10457 how to upload image with hidden field ( ) New Feature Normal
#10458 Editor Tools won't show up Tools Bug Normal
#10460 Inline mode replaces Iframe properties Bug Normal
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