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#14674 Adding '@' in word or a Sentence It is converted as a Hyperlink Bug Normal
#14677 CKEditor wraps double-byte characters to new line Bug Normal
#14678 TypeError: Cannot read property 'setAttribute' of undefined Bug Normal
#14679 TypeError: Cannot read property 'setAttribute' of undefined Bug Normal
#14680 Adding new tag (self-closing) Bug Normal
#14681 Buttons do not work properly when an attribute is added. Bug Normal
#14682 Does CKEditor for do auto sanitization? Task Normal
#14684 Use <button> rather than role="button" where possible Bug Normal
#14685 Restoring editor to the editable mode should respect command buttons state Bug Normal
#14686 [FF] Form elements do not work on firefox (checkbox and select) Bug Normal
#14687 CKEditor not working in IE11. Bug Normal
#14688 SCRIPT16389: Unspecified error in IE 11 IE11 Bug Normal
#14689 Empty anchor shown as red flag Bug Normal
#14690 Once the scroll bar is clicked, It is moving right in the window and unable to use it Bug Normal
#14691 Text Editor Disengages Bold/Underline/italic Prior to Typing Bug Normal
#14692 Remove format button doesn't remove styles copied from websites Bug Normal
#14695 CKEditor maximize plugin issue Bug Normal
#14696 BBCode Plugin doesn't preserve seperate paragraphs of text - Merges into 1x para Bug Normal
#14697 IE takes a long time to load SCAYT Bug Normal
#14700 Need to be able to configure colors to wrap links New Feature Normal
#14702 What plugin required to drag and drop a MathML formula into Ckeditor Window New Feature Normal
#14706 How to integrate ckfinder with yii Task Normal
#14708 autoembed is not working in ckeditors Bug Normal
#14710 Inline ckeditor image selection issue Task Normal
#14713 Unable to select combo box items in toolbar with keyboard Bug Normal
#14715 change default text color Bug Normal
#14716 Scrollbar in the Styles drop-down list disappears after initial display Chrome Support VendorFix Tade0 Bug Normal
#14718 Space entered at the end of Bold or Italicized text is entered as $nbsp; as opposed to a normal space Bug Normal
#14719 Add "name" attribute to iframe created by plugin "wysiwygarea" New Feature Normal
#14720 Paste event blocks change event Bug Normal
#14721 convertToPx function in RTL mode IBM Tade0 Bug Normal
#14728 No way to stop showing the red flag separately Bug Normal
#14730 Carriage return issue Bug Normal
#14731 Safari on MAC: Bullets are aligned vertically to bottom of text IBM Bug Normal
#14732 After adding Smiley text cursor position stays leftmost to string Bug Normal
#14734 URL copied in Chrome can't be paste in Safari Bug Normal
#14735 setData() method sometimes not displaying the data in the CkEditor Task Normal
#14736 It does not work insert images from the clipboard in chrome and yandex-browser Bug Normal
#14737 Replacing an image within CKFinder with the same name is not immediately updated in the Image Properties Window which also does not get updated in the CKEditor window. Bug Normal
#14738 remove backgroundcolor button Bug Normal
#14740 [IE] font-family quotes get replaced with entities Bug Normal
#14741 toolbarconfigurator is silent about missing "config.js" Bug Normal
#14742 [Edge] Editor scrolls down when trying to edit inline widget. Tade0 Bug Normal
#14743 getSelectedCells() function in table tools plugin returns incorrect cell when selection is in the header of a nested table Bug Normal
#14745 Cell Properties pixels and percentage dropdown not working (widthType) Bug Normal
#14746 Selecting a word with Firefox for Android Firefox Android Bug Normal
#14748 Functional hyperlinks in the document hyperlink, open New Feature Normal
#14750 npm benderjs-ckeditor plugin is out of date Bug Normal
#14751 if the p element is styled in a certain way, the paragraph cannot be deleted in IE and Edge Bug Normal
#14753 paste from word not working in chrome Bug Normal
#14756 Separators after combo buttons Bug Normal
#14757 CKEditor loads whole HTML code Bug Normal
#14758 Form tags always filtered Bug Normal
#14764 Not able to preview image in chrome Bug Normal
#14768 Widget Error when CKEditor was not focused before: Cannot read property 'checkReadOnly' of undefined Bug Normal
#14770 Pasting a url converting to simple text in chrome & firefox Bug Normal
#14771 ev.editor.setKeystroke(CKEDITOR.CTRL + 86, 'pastetext') pasting text into window BEFORE dialog has opened. Bug Normal
#14772 IE: Image resize marker placed out of the CKEditor area IBM VendorFix Bug Normal
#14773 [FF: ] style button switching on and off when user repeatedly click on an empty editor IBM Bug Normal
#14774 newline <br/> becomes &nbsp; when invoking getData() IBM Bug Normal
#14777 Text is truncated when 'Less Than' symbol is used in table cell Bug Normal
#14778 Lists and widgets Bug Normal
#14779 curson jumping to back when spellcheck is enabled Bug Normal
#14780 browser is unresponsive when single page has large iframed ckEditor instances Bug Normal
#14781 browser is unresponsive when single page has too many iframed ckEditor instances Bug Normal
#14783 Nanospell not working on Production Bug Normal
#14784 Tag issue Bug Normal
#14785 Cursor jumps to start of the page while switching to source mode Bug Normal
#14786 CK Editor 4.3 Instance Hang on IE Bug Normal
#14787 Permission denied to access property 'nodeType' Bug Normal
#14788 Problem with Joomla component "Save"! joomla Bug Normal
#14789 Paste option is not working properly Bug Normal
#14791 Link plugin links both the word and space following it when you double click on a word and hyperlink it Bug Normal
#14792 Font size does not reset in Chrome when content is deleted Bug Normal
#14793 Justify Plugin not included in full and full customisable build Bug Normal
#14794 Custom Font Styles not showing in fonts drop down Bug Normal
#14796 multiple pictures selected Bug Normal
#14798 Page is scrolled when opening dropdown Bug Normal
#14801 ACF filtering doesn't get applied upon Form Submit while Source mode is active Bug Normal
#14802 Pressing backspace and space on Chrome at the beginning of a line wraps words wrongly Backspace, Wrapping Bug Normal
#14803 The default package has bad some bad css files Bug Normal
#14805 Help with replacement of existing TinyMCE using CKEditor Bug Normal
#14809 Divarea: Calling insertElement() in Edge before clicking into editor gives error Edge Bug Normal
#14810 Replaced Editing Area does not appear Bug Normal
#14811 Reference to member of undefined object Bug Normal
#14813 Firefox fails to apply contentsCss to later editors in a rapid series Bug Normal
#14814 Using Firefox Nightly and switching between source / normal mode adds a newline to <pre> blocks Bug Normal
#14815 SCSS Support scss sass css New Feature Normal
#14816 Resize selection box going out of editor area Bug Normal
#14817 fck editor on Big Medium Bug Normal
#14819 [Edge] Multiple unit tests failing Bug Normal
#14820 jQuery load ckeditor, the second time toolbar was disabled and content windows invisible Bug Normal
#14821 Default font family and size not set for body tag in ckeditor . Bug Normal
#14822 Default font family and size not set for body tag in ckeditor . Bug Normal
#14823 IE11 Image Insert IE11 Bug Normal
#14826 [Edge] Cannot focus widget programmatically at the first try. Bug Normal
#14828 Copy and paste from word or excel in ckeditor, the formating is losing Bug Normal
#14830 Sourcearea: Keep buttons available while activated New Feature Normal
#14832 CKeditor's toolbar language to be detected from browser settings Bug Normal
#14834 Setting to retain br tags before block elements when switching to source mode New Feature Normal
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